「臣をして忠臣たらしむことなかれ」 (Shin o Shite Chuushin Tara Shimu Koto Nakare)
“Let Not Me Be a Loyal Minister”

The one critical component for any tale of adventure is the need for good subordinates. You need brawn, you require brain – and by hell you might as well take some beauty while you’re at it since the nights can get long. Every loyal compatriot serves a purpose in securing the greater good, and Kazuya certainly was out to prove the point here.

While Genjtisu is unlikely to venture too deep into the reeds of knowledge or rich character development (if these past few weeks are any indication), it’s nice seeing the series willing to explore the potential of variation. Cookie cutter characters are part in parcel of isekai, but few would be willing to throw singing mermaid descendants, peregrinating gourmands, proud (and totally not evil) dark elves, and itsy bitsy wolf girls together into one eclectic mix. Kazuya after all is right that all talent has a use; dark elf Aisha might have the obvious skill in fighting off the big bads, but Poncho’s knowledge in food can come in incredibly useful should one need to quickly identify plentiful, nutritious, and tasty products to sustain a restless populace. Likewise animal communication courtesy of Tomoe has a whole host of benefits such as improved care and unorthodox communication channels (hint hint) while Juna’s idol-ish singing does what you can expect any idol-ish singing to do. It’s your well-rounded RPG party, just now in an administrative format.

Rounding out the group though is Hakuya whose use will likely be more in line with Genjitsu’s overall premise. Much like Kazuya the guy is a knowledge-base, however it remains to be seen just how knowledgeable he actually is; yes, his role as the shady right-hand man has already been confirmed, but dammit Genjitsu, I think you can reveal a bit more than that – if you’re going to tease a Lin Zexu or Martin Bormann I think you can do more than simply flaunt the title! To be fair though I expect we’ll get plenty on Hakuya sooner rather than later given his skillset and role largely confirms what’s coming down the pipeline in terms of conflict and intrigue. All those smirking faces doing research across the lands and seas aren’t going to stay quiet for long after all, and when they make their move (which will be soon) it’ll be up to the brains to direct the brawn in defense.

And maybe, just maybe, beauty might find a way to also utilize the circumstances to their utmost. Well, at least if Liscia is determined enough.


  1. So I’m guessing she’s going to tell him that she can talk to monsters. Really hoping that it won’t turn into some false cliffhanger joke though where she just says that she’s hungry or needs to use the restroom.

    1. I don’t think so, or at least I sure as hell hope not. Having to do with monsters would make sense and explain why she’s being so hesitant – she could be afraid of getting branded one herself given I get the impression her homeland was fully overrun by the enemy.

  2. Didn’t expect Liscia to be the kind of woman that would consider using her charms to tie Kazuya to her world. Probably got that from her mother, heh.
    But she might have to seeing the competition.
    Random observations:
    Kazuya’s phone battery still not dead, unless he found a way to charge it
    Also, Reina Ueda singing “Give a reason” (Slayers Next OP).

  3. A tiny bit drawn out but a solid watch nonetheless.
    A little over-the-top reaction to the glutton (really, for a “food taster”),
    and someone who’s lived in the forest, like forever, doesn’t understand

    But – it’s an interesting and engaging set of personalities with a lot of
    potential. I think this series great shortcoming may be that 13 episodes
    isn’t going to be enough to really develop all of the characters beyond
    what we’ve already been told – yup, I think that’s all of the background
    we’re going to get.

    Still one of my favs, though.

    1. The lack of knowledge regarding tree thinning isn’t that inconceivable IMO. Take the base environmentalism commonly associated with elves, factor in religious reasons, and top with isolation and not that hard seeing where this situation could’ve come from. It’s easy to overlook as well that forest management (especially conservation) for hasn’t really been a thing for us until the 1700s.

  4. The cutest one has the least interesting talent. Unless she can do a Lynn Minmey. But quite impressed they put that chubby guy in. Instantly saw the value of his experience and it was quite believable too. I think I did the same thing as Hakuya in figuring out whether to follow this show or not.

    Speaking of Hakuya, is that an Utawarerumono reference? (Haku)-ya (Kuon)-something? Can’t help but imagine him being their kid or something.

  5. With this conference identifying the unique abilities of different people I wonder how Kazuya will make use of everyone’s skill set. I am just saying everyone in that meeting were all kind of lackluster right down to the songstress with the great figure.

    1. That Monster talking Girl could be the Eyes for the King. The Birds and other Monster can talk to her, if they see something strange. So i guess, shes in the “Spying” section

  6. My god, Realist Hero just made ton of old otaku like me happy by reminding awesome Slayers opening song.
    That aside, our RPG-ish crew of talents might be eclectic to say the least, but I see big promise in them.
    Warrior, like the Dark elf girl will definitely be handy as enemies will eventually try to eliminate threat posed by Hero himself.
    Bard, Songstress, call her whatever name is PR face for the kingdom. And pretty one too. You can underestimate the soft power of song untill you consider how much power of rock helped to bring down the Iron Curtain.
    Eater King – I almost presumed him to be halfling – is crucial for making the nation fed. Identify edible, nutritious plants, animals and anything in-between. Find a ways to make easy-made and tasty meals. Throw in some our-world tricks like pasteurisation. And you have not only well fed nation but army well fed and less prone to disease. Considering medieval-like setting, this is priceless,
    Black Clad Prime Minister is a bit of enigma for now, but is probably go as invaluable right-hand man, the one in the charge of gathering info for king, advising him with his knowledge of local realities, and providing much needed contrarian viewpoint.
    Basically, Colbert to Louis the XIV.
    Last but not least is the wolfgirl. I wonder what is her dark secret. Maybe she is runaway slave?
    One more thing, abot forest-thinning, it seems like elves were doing the “do not touch the sacred forest in any way” policy which leads eventually to exactly what Kazuya described.

  7. It is still “Talking no Jutsu”. But for older Fans it is alright. But i assume younger ones get boring.

    This Anime can catch some Tenshi Slime Fans of Rimuru sama and other Isekai World building Animes. But i hope we soon see more then just only “Talk no Jutsu”. Even the old ones need Action or progression from time to time. until now we are in the “Starting section”, please be excited! Phase

    Oh well,

    Anime passed my test, but it is still a slow burner. I hope the flame do not goes out

    1. It will definitely be interesting how this title will stack against “Tensei shitara Slime Datta Ken“, despite my opinion on the conference. (more like a routine team meeting.)

      1. Outside of the strategizing I don’t think it’ll be fair to really compare them, their focuses are too different. Tensura is all about Rimuru and what he gets up to personally, but Genjitsu is all about the systems Kazuya constructs to sustain the kingdom. It’s why IMO the only really suitable comparison is with Maouyuu Maou Yuusha.

        1. “Maouyuu Maou Yuusha” I completely forgot about that Anime. Thinking back, I do recall Maou trying to improve society and living standards with Yuusha. But, the circumstances in Maouyuu were portrayed as much dire than Genjitsu Shugi Yuusha no Oukoku Saikenki.

  8. While I enjoyed the ep, I was waiting for the narrator giving an “in the future” narration of how Poncho’s assignment became a life lesson after. His story was very moving, really.

    Poncho was deemed a “failure” by society, until Kazuya was able to see his true potential, and was given a new life & purpose. There are many of these “stories” in Genjitsu, which was the “hook” that really made me a fan on the series. While it wasn’t fully ignored here, I was a bit disappointed that it wasn’t as “awesome” as I expected it to be.

    Oh well, tbh I’m just happy that they gave this series an anime…


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