「課外活動(もちろん普通じゃありません」 (Kagai Katsudou (Mochiron Futsuu ja Arimasen))
“Extracurricular Activities (Of Course They’re Not Normal)”

Monopoly Ruins Friendships

Watching Saikawa unfairly assist Kanna to victory in Monopoly triggered some Vietnam flashbacks to times where I have been a victim of my friend’s collusions. Like Shouta, I’d often suffer from too much success. At least Kanna’s victory pose made for adequate compensation. I might have my qualms about moe at times. But I will admit KyoAni know how to hit us with moe hard and good. I think you would be hard pressed to find anyone who wouldn’t want to give someone like Kanna a headpat or belly rub.

Kobayashi-san’s Maid Costume Trauma

Kobayashi faces her trauma with resolution and elects to don a maid outfit. I reckon her family are a bunch of jerkwads for suggesting she looked awful in one. Asian parents can be such negative nancies. It’s no wonder Kobayashi can seem so emotionally repressed and stunted. But she never loses sight of her own values and continually exhibits remarkable kindness regardless of circumstances. First to Tohru, then to Kanna and now to Iruru. With three powerful dragons backing her, I think anyone would be foolish to try and mess with Kobayashi. Which only adds to the feeling of security within this slice of life premise. Despite the existence of supernatural beings that can level cities, knowing they’re on Kobayashi’s side offers a firm sense of security, reassuring us that nothing truly bad will ever happen to the cast.

Finally, Kobayashi could only arrive at such conviction by being sufficiently moved by Tohru’s dedication towards her, acknowledging the maid dragon’s earnestly. Although she may palm off Tohru on a consistent basis, this action makes it abundantly clear how highly she cherishes their relationship. Even if it‘s something of a one way love affair.

Iruru’s Truthful Feelings

Iruru just wants to be friends. She’s actually very childish for a dragon of her age, fighting with Kanna over donuts while struggling to express her true feelings. While Kobayashi opens her mind up away from radicalised sentiments, she still harbours guilty feelings over wanting to destroy the city, believing her past actions disqualify her from being worthy enough to mingle with humans. Though some might raise objections to her unreasonably sized badongers, this socially awkward dragon is really growing on me and I look forwards to seeing how she continues to develop through the course of Maid Dragon S.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!

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  1. The scene where Tooru was singing with a bunch of self made Kobayashi merch was priceless. Then hearing Kobayashi go “That’s me when drunk…” I was laughing my butt off.

    Rena Sayers
    1. Reminded me of the time Kobayashi returned when she had a penis, and Tohru tried to get her intoxicated so that she could do the things men and women do. Seeing those detailed paintings, I’d rather not think about the other stuff Tohru might have attempted when Kobayashi was drunk…

  2. Like Shouta – more often than not myself managed to get ahead of coalitions of friends. and.or family desperately trying to prevent me from bankrupting yhem all…
    Lucoa might be most mature of all dragons here, in more than one way. Look how she skillfully handled Iruru.
    Also, loved how Kobayashi manged to accept Tohru’s costume. And Georgie is truly voice of wisdom, it is maid inside that makes costume!

    1. Lucoa is definitely the most mature. She can be quite whimsical and lackadaisical, but her maturity in approaching prickly situations and defusing them cannot be understated.

      And it could explain why Kobayashi never felt like she could wear maid costumes well. Georgie gives her the final epiphany she needed as you mentioned – that the maid doesn’t come from putting on the costume, but from within the soul!

  3. I recognize the irony in being an immediate ace at any hobby you take up only you choose to be a maid for one person. This comes with the message that even though you may be great at something, it isn’t your passion.

    1. It’s easier to become passionate about something someone is good at. But skill without passion is probably one of those situations that lead to big what-if questions. Like how much greater a talented person could have been if they had actually cared. It happens a lot in disciplines like sports and music.

  4. (*Sees Riko in the opening scene*) Incoming bohegao? And there it is! (Plenty of them this episode, too.) On a different note, Ilulu has proper human hands now?

    Random thoughts:
    “♪ Chichi chichi oppaiBoing boing! (Boing boing!) ♬”
    – Still pretty nice of Lucoa to act like an actual onee-san and get Ilulu to open up to Kanna and Riko.
    Fafnir: “You [Tohru] have a bad habit of hiding your embarrassment with fake anger and hostility.”
    Me: “So basically, Tohru’s a tsundere? Reminds me of a certain buxom blonde tsundere kansen with twintails also voiced by Kuwahara Yuuki.”
    – Kobayashi not looking good in a maid outfit because she isn’t a maid… Guess that makes sense, in a way. Hair-down Kobayashi’s still pretty passable as a maid, though. That said, I do wonder what Kobayashi would look like sharply dressed in a suit (think the demon girls from Helltaker) besides her usual work getup.
    – Ooh, that cameo from Season 1’s opening song… And on a somewhat related musical note, am I the only one who had the urge to scream “Kei-On!” after Tohru’s epic guitar riff?
    Tohru: “I’d just need Miss Kobayashi to become an idol!”
    Me: “Or a VTuber, TBH… Though you might be better as a VTuber being a dragon girl and all.”
    – They made Tohru’s love song to Kobayashi an actual ending song?! Big 草

    1. Only uncultured people cannot apppreciate the Chichi Boing Boing.

      In my opinion, Tohru should probably work on being less of a simp if she’s truly serious about Kobayashi. While she holds Kobayashi in high regard, a pretty healthy relationship should be a two way street as far as these kinds of things go.

  5. Some people may have missed it but, lucoa actually asked iruru if she wanted her to reverse time and make it so that she never tried to destroy the city. Seriously how overpowered is lucoa to pull that off.

    Joel Jason Josiah

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