「置き去りの幻」 (Okizari no Maboroshi)
“Abandoned Illusions”

I personally don’t fault Kukuru for her desperation when she used the miracle ploy to try and save Gama Gama. There was once a wise man, if you ignore the fact I’m saying this while looking in a mirror, who would tell his friends ‘You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take’ and ‘If you don’t try you don’t know’. Well, that’s exactly the point. If Kukuru doesn’t try how would she ever know if something wouldn’t work? Honestly, it’s things like courage and love which are driving her forwards relentlessly, even causing her to behave in undignified ways. It’s easy to laugh at her. Nevertheless, I can tell you, that stuff isn’t easy. Yes, it was cringeworthy. But I cannot fault Kukuru and she has definitely won my respect through her sheer grit and determination.

Readers will remember how I never give Kai any benefit of the doubt. I’ve been intermittently trashing him for being such a boring and unengaging character. Well, this week has kind of shifted that perception. I won’t say he knocked my socks off or hit a home run out of the park. However, we’re definitely shown where he’s coming from. Specifically that he’s always struggled with being more assertive and forthright with his feelings. And it doesn’t help that Kukuru is so single-minded to the point where she typically steamrolls him whenever he makes a timid attempt to speak up.

The Aquatic deluge shows him that if he wants Kukuru to rely on him, he shouldn’t wait for her to come to him. He should be the one to take the first step more often. And that’s exactly what he does, taking the initiative in asking Kukuru to relieve her negative emotions by boxing his hands. Kai still has a long way to go. For example, I understand that he didn’t want to give her false hope. But I don’t approve of the way he lied to Kukuru about not having an out of body, miracle experience. I say this as the boyfriend who’s been in that position where I honestly thought a white lie would be the utilitarian choice to spare feelings. What she doesn’t know wouldn’t hurt her. Only for the whole house to come crashing down later on. Relationships are built on openness and trust. Without those two things, where does that leave them? I suppose on the flipside, progress is being made and Kai’s dedicated and earnest.

To add to Kukuru’s pains, her singular support system that she’s grown to depend upon has stated that she plans to return to the idol life. Her older sister figure that she’d always yearned for in Fuuka will soon be gone from her life, just like that. If you ask me, it’s extremely sketchy when a new director on the scene requests a failed actress. If not for the fact this seems like one of PA Works wholesome slice of life shows, say if it was real life, I would have been extremely concerned and skeptical. I do feel for Kukuru and hope that she’s able to weather through this emotional crisis where everything just seems to be crumbling all around her. But I think if she truly cares for Fuuka, she should understand how down Fuuka was in terms of being unable to live up to her dream, and that this opportunity is an unmissable chance from the heavens.

If Fuuka turns down the opportunity and chooses to stay, I would definitely expect it from her meek and selfless character. But I would be disappointed too because Fuuka stepping up to the plate filled with determination would signify excellent growth from the situation she previously came from. In my opinion, making the same mistake twice would be the height of folly. My hope is that Fuuka follows up on that opportunity and makes it big time – though I wonder how the series would progress in terms of having two separate focuses when it’s already struggling so much with a singular one based around Gama Gama Aquarium.

Anyway, that’s about everything I wanted to discuss. As always, thanks for reading this post and see you all next week!


  1. He may have assumed this was her own inner problems, but yeah, I found no sensible reason why Kai lied about seeing an illusion to her. Sure, it would nurse her single-minded and almost unhealthy fixation even more, but then the audience would probably be on their way to get an answer as to WHAT IS EVEN GOING ON with those illusions in the first place, and anime in general is usually very vague about explaining metaphorical things like that. With saving the aquarium being out of the cards, it is a fitting way to end the first cour, because it was never the point. I feel so bad for Kukuru though.

  2. Interesting take on Kai’s actions. Another review made it seem more understanding. A miracle as though it may be, it is just a memory of the past, an illusion of a time that has already passed. It’s one thing to keep secrets, but this feels like a very, VERY intimate thing, something that you shouldn’t share with anyone else, though I suppose you could say it’s fine to share it with your best friend.

    Man…episode 10…we’re almost to the halfway point (if anything, there’s gonna be a time-skip like Nagi no Asukara), and I’m both anxious and excited about what to come. It would be nice to see Fuuka and Kukuru stick together for longer, but if watching NagiAsu has taught me anything, life really likes to throw wrenches at you.

    “Nostalgia’s fine, but I’d rather deal with reality.” –Agent Coulson

    1. I guess my perspective is this. It’s okay not to share with other people, even your best friend. Some secrets you don’t want to share and will take to the grave with you.

      But say you’re in love with a girl and seek to develop a relationship with her, it pays to be open and honest in lines of communication, even if the truth will hurt or cause false hope at times. Because you should trust in your partner’s ability/autonomy to be able to do what’s right for themselves or give it a try if they really want to, rather than assume you’re protecting them and letting them down gently – which is arguably quite chauvinistic. Those are my two cents.

      1. That’s fair…but with that honesty, perhaps it would have been even better if he tried to dissuade Kukuru from pursuing such an idea. Messing with supernatural events never leads to a good thing.

  3. This “Illusion” Kukuru had been pitching to bring in more patrons, it resembles the “The Mirror of Erised” that Harry Potter found when he was running from Cerberus in the “Sorcerer Stone” incident. Both offers the the person a vision of what they deeply want. Dumbledore said the mirror offered not knowledge or wisdom and is dangerous if people become addicted to it. The same can be said with this “Illusion”, it’s not helping Kukuru move on. This “Illusion” thingy is just making Kukuru sadder.

          1. Oh…so I I didn’t copy anyone here, I was having heart palpitations. (I should cut out bacon and chips from my diet.)

            But it’s true though, you see similarities, except this “Illusion” is like coffee it works for some people and for others they might as well be drinking hot black water.

  4. Kukuru’s being kind of a jerk by acting that way after hearing about Fuuka’s opportunity. I understand she doesn’t want to see her go, but that’s being selfish as all out. If they were truly friends she would be more supportive i think.


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