「ようこそ」 (Youkoso)

You know, at one time I thought it would be a wait for 86’s second season. Split cours always seem to feel like something out of Re:Zero’s release schedule (heh), but damn if summer didn’t fly by. The curse of getting old – and if you don’t already know the feeling, best enjoy the experience while it lasts! On the plus side at least it means 86 is here once again and damn it’s like it never left. Starting off with twists and hinting towards foreboding experiences: darling, I’m already (back) in love.

Given how this season is a direct continuation of the last, I won’t waste too much time on refreshers here – you want to know what 86 is about, what happened previously, or avoid any spoilers best get on that first season pronto. It’s not like this new one is wasting much time either, as we’ve jumped directly from the charge of the Spearhead brigade and Shin’s attempted death by machine assimilated brother into Lena becoming an effective pariah while Spearhead find out that there’s more beyond the lands of Legion. Yes, San Magnolia aren’t the only people left in this world.

While I imagine some are surprised by the twist laid out this episode (for those who didn’t spoiler themselves over the summer at least!), it was, to be fair, a pretty obvious one. There was no way this story would continue by writing off a good chunk of its pathos or taking away what primarily drove (and still drives) Lena’s actions, as no subsequent character could easily match up to Shin or his past. Likewise the Empire itself; Giad may have lost to its creation, but if San Magnolia could keep them at bay, there’s no way other states couldn’t do the same. Indeed we got that in spades here, as the new Giad Federation has clearly shown it has the tools and the personnel required to do the necessary fighting – and without the dehumanization aspect to boot. There will be more revealed on this part given the perpetual deception of outward appearances, but without a doubt Spearhead’s future battles won’t emulate the past.

Case in point of matters being more than skin deep, we’ve got the very personal issues of both Lena and one President Zimmerman – goddammit Crunchyroll learn your German names – to consider. Lena’s predicament is fairly obvious: her insubordination has demoted her, yet her family connections and battlefield success keep her in a command position to many a chagrin. You can see how jaded the poor girl has become (and not like the show is making an effort to hide the reasons why), however it’s development I’m really enjoying. The old Lena for example would’ve never hit back against her commanders like this before, or just outright ignored them in pursuit of her assigned directive – i.e. defending San Magnolia. It’s the sort of spine she needs to have to help her charges, and also the spine that would not grow without the trials and tribulations she went through last season. I’m quite looking forward to seeing just how far she goes with her new gritty determination.

On the other hand is Ernst and one Princess Frederica who will have plenty to say in regards to the Spearhead side of the equation. The potential here is obvious – Frederica representing the thinking which gave rise to the Legion and Ernst keeping her safe for some reason – but how it’s used will be something to watch. Ernst after all has survival on his mind first and foremost, yet he clearly has some personal regrets which Frederica and Spearhead help him overcome. How this factors into what Spearhead does next will be interesting to see, because while Ernst may wish to show them peace, Shin and company have their own wants and desires almost certain to lead them back to war.

Speaking of war, rest assured that’s not far off either, for if there’s one thing you can be sure of the Legion it’s that moments of calm aren’t indicative of success. There’s a storm brewing on San Magnolia’s horizon – and far too many of its defenders are in no shape ready to deal with it. Best sit down and buckle up boys and girls, this season is going to be a blast.


OP2 Sequence

OP: 「境界線」 (Kyoukaisen) by amazarashi



  1. They fixed the dull opening problem which was one of my main gripe with the first season/cour! They also coupled the song with quite spectacular animations which is always appreciated. Overall a good start that keeps away the specter of another Promised Neverland S2 which is still my worst nightmare every time i heard of a sequel or a continuation of things i like…

    1. I wouldn’t think we have to worry about this turning into Promised Neverland considering 86 was planned to be a two cour show from the start. Plus it clearly has a larger budget to ensure things are faithfully adapted, thankfully 😛

  2. While this is still not the Sawano produced song I‘d have liked to hear, I agree with Lambdalith that this OP is definitely an improvement over the 1st one and sounds pretty good.
    Good 1st episode with quite a lot of new information about the whereabouts of team Spearhead and what Lena is now up to. How trustworthy is that President and how long until Lena has to flee from her country? btw. did I miss something or what happened to her hair? Why that red strand?

    1. For all the foreboding hints about Ernst I think he’ll likely wind up trustworthy. The info revealed is enough to indicate Giad doesn’t hold San Magnolia in high regard, so I suspect he’ll become a good ally once the spectre of Spearhead being a plant disappears. As for Lena no way she runs, for all she’s denigrated her connections are too important and she does well at her job, it would be troublesome trying to eliminate her.

      1. Pretty much. They still have to put what actually happened (we saw only the second part of Shin oniric sequence) and how that recovered Dinosauria (which wasn’t the original one used by Shin brother because it was completely destroyed and torched) factor in the equation.

    1. Not that surprising IMO! As mentioned in the post just having all of Spearhead die would’ve essentially required this season to start from the beginning again given the lack of familiar faces. There is an explanation for how they survived and I expect the show will provide it soon (given how well it’s been in answering other questions to date).

  3. They went from someone they called princess to a real princess. Can’t tell if that’s good or bad. Also, their previous princess a queen now.

    Annette seem to have it good. Still on good terms and this is probably as close as Lena can be to joining research. Apparently they are now the same rank too. Just need to see if they can still share cakes together.

    Something I noticed in the background. I really thought the countries are small, especially when looking at the maps. But then I saw a trijet airliner taxing in the background. Would they really need that? They even said that they’ve had no contact with any other country.

    1. The author provided in the commentary that the combined 85 fortified districts of the Republic are more or less of same size of the modern Kantou area. It’s never actually stated by her how big the Federacy actually is, but the distances indicates something bigger than modern day Germany. It makes sense because they retained most of the core territory of Empire after the coup d’etat, while Legion, which was mostly stationed in foreign land, made a dent on their old borders and then the countryside in their failed rush to help their imperial masters.

      1. Seems the Federacy is both quite large and not large enough. XD Would’ve actually expected a country the size of Algieria really. Though have to admit, high altitude airports might justify the aircraft. A country that size would certainly have a more diverse range of environments.

        1. Those airports are pre war civilian terminals for international flights. Now they are operated almost exclusively by the military for transferring quickly key personnel and supplies to the ever moving front line.

  4. On the one hand, experiences from San Magnolia have made me wary of mankind in general, on the other hand this “provisional president” seems to actually have a conscience, truly rare sight in politician. That he adopted a kid from former imperial family is astonishing in itself…
    I would love to get more info on how the Imperial rule came to end, and what role Legion played in it. And how Giliad is fighting the Legion now – is it mass conscript army, volunteer force, or maybe another versionof AI fighting in those vehicles?
    Meanwhile on San Magnolia side, about the only characters I do care about are Lena and Anette, who seem to have rescued their friendship amongst the fallout of Lena breaking almost all regulations to help 86….
    Legion is out there and preparing to crush San Magnolia whose defences are becoming slowly but surely thinned down. Only 20 percent of long rnage artillery still in fighting condition, thats bad….

    1. Going to be interesting on when this season starts exploring Ernst’s past because it’s not all sunshine and rainbows on his part. He may have a conscience, but as shown here it certainly comes second to the survival of his country.

    2. As you should already realize by now, Ernst is not a regular person, he’s the provisional president for a reason. This was all explained in the LN and I’m sure the anime will touch that subject too, it will include how the Empire ended, the rise of the Federacy, and Frederica’s adoption by Ernst.

  5. I don’t know if the story will explore how Shin and the others survived almost certain doom, but what if, judging by the imagery of his brother letting him go, some part of his consciousness lingered and prevented the Legion from claiming him. Also I recently rewatched the 1st season in English dub (a really good dub I must say), and a Shepard on that Legion called out to Frederica. I hope that connection gets explored.

    I’m loving Lena now more than ever!

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