OP 02 Sequence

OP 02: Seikatsu Konkyuu Dame Dinero 「生活こんきゅーダメディネロ」by Uesaka Sumire

「大家は帰れない…」 (Ooya wa Kaerenai…)
“The Landlord Can’t Come Home…”

This week’s Jahy-sama wa Kujikenai! sets its course for the second cour as we roll out hints for the future of Jahy’s ventures. But in the meantime, as the pieces are set for new conflicts, Jahy must wrangle with a number of different obstacles with both positive and negative outcomes.


One of Jahy’s bigger breakthroughs this time around is placing responsibilities on herself to take care of others. The first segment goes into her journeys as a plant mom where she endears herself to a plant whom she named “Tomarou”.

But even though what she thought were tomatoes ended up being habanero peppers, Jahy put her all into making sure that it got proper help as it grew. From taking care of bugs and providing it with rich fertilizer to taking it on walks and treating it like a pet, Jahy learned quickly how to take better care of it. I would’ve thought the segment would’ve ended with the plant’s death, but they were gracious enough to make Jahy a surprisingly competent plan mom.

Because of the rift between Ryou and the Barkeep, it also forced Jahy to think about the significance of having a home to return to with people that love you waiting for your return. I might be overthinking it, but when she lectured Ryou about returning to the Berkeep’s home, it did make me think Jahy’s words came from her own struggles being unable to return to her home in the Demon Kingdom.

For as much as she hated Ryou for being a menacing landlord and an even worse roommate, Jahy was much more irritated that Ryou wouldn’t hear her sister out when she apologized and asked her to come back. For all the pride Jahy has about not asking competent friends around her for help, she’s become more introspective about their feelings, and seeing Ryou reject the home and sister she has immediate access to turned out to be a deeper thorn in her side.


Her empathy can also be said for how she handles her moments of weakness. Throughout her interactions with Druj, many of her dumb embellishments have started to be done for the express purpose of satisfying Druj. Where instead of relishing in having her ego stroked, she’s now just trying to lie as to not let Druj know she’s been putting up a front this whole time. And while Jahy’s no stranger to role-playing her old title at Druj’s place, her insults to Druj definitely felt more like an expectation than for her own satisfaction.

On top of this, her survival instincts approach to their conversation caused her to angle Kyouko as both a magical girl she quickly defeated and an unrelated accomplice who helps her gather crystals. It’s funny to see Druj seething with jealousy, but based on the OP, it looks like this misunderstanding will go on to fuel an ongoing feud between the two.

In fact, the OP, ED, and last few minutes of the episode also imply the Demon Lord will have more of a presence during this second cour. But from the looks of it, the Demon Lord could end up being even worse than Jahy with how she takes the food and resources she does have access to. On one hand, the Itadaki Street parody in the ED shows that there is plenty of compassion on the Demon Lord’s hand. But on the other hand, the OP shows that their relationship might end up being similar to Jahy’s relationship with Druj where her misplaced faith as an underlying might make her susceptible to being used by the Demon Lord while she takes advantage of her devotion.

ED 02 Sequence

ED 02: Petals「ペタルズ」by Okasaki Miho

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