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First, off let me apologize for the late coverage of episode 07, I was on vacation and just recently returned, I was unable to take my laptop with me because of security issues. Glossing over that, let me start off by saying, I’ll be talking over the main points in character development and the recent events that have transpired within the series of Sakugan. But if it isn’t already telling, my hopes have been restored with this series. Sakugan managed to impress me with these two couple of episodes, and at the same time intrigue me to keep on watching. Not only did they keep me entertained throughout their runtime, but I also started to genuinely care for the characters and for its world, too bad it took seven episodes to get here.

Sakugan got good again

That’s right ladies and gentlemen Sakugan takes a stride and delivers on some of the qualms that brought this series down in the first place. It seems finally Gagumber is taking a note from our comments and is assuredly starting to listen to Memenpuu, however, as shown by how he handled the situation that struck a cord between him and his daughter. When he wants something and makes Memenpuu follow any orders, he lays it on thick and doesn’t really pay attention to his words, he’s a simple man and a pragmatic one at that. He doesn’t really care how his words come out if he needs to say something if he requires to achieve something, he’s going to be blunt about it, he’s going to be harsh, and in the process, he’s gonna shoot his own foot and make things awkward with his daughter. It’s almost endearing, he managed to achieve a full-fledged persona within the span of a scene. But to do that, he needed alcohol (or a weird plant scent) in his blood and a sort of deja vu feeling. Yuri picks up some flowers that when placed in tea bags and hung around their necks, produced an intoxicating aroma that produced psychological effects on them. Memenpuu tosses the flowers because they don’t sit well with her, so it just so happens Memenpuu to be the only one that’s sober. Zackletu asks her to take care of them in the meantime.

A weird dream.

Throughout the episode Memenpuu gets this weird dream, she sees what she thinks is Urorop and her father, the dream is later revealed to be a memory, as the flowers induce her into seeing more of the dream, they let her dive deeper into it, many of things may foretell for what’s going to happen in the future, even though Memenpuu sees some really bad stuff, she still adamant about going to the place of her dreams, she has to get there and know the truth, something in her just pushes her to get there.

Things get a little awkward. 

After burring the flowers and the cactus flower as well, everyone is able to sober up and Memenpuu gets her earshot. By Gagumber that is, of course not literally, but with his word, this causes discord between them, Gagumber literally calls her out, no mercy, straight headshot, he calls her selfish and that she’s not thinking for the whole group. He doesn’t resort to violence, he never hits her, but he does tug on her satchel making her fall and hit her knees.  Everything coming out of Gagumber, of course, turns out to be true, but he didn’t have to say it like that. The worst part he’s adamant about not apologizing. So for the rest of the time, Memenpuu goes back into her shell and is just forced to tag along, and like any good father, Gagumber ignores the awkward tension between them. What can I say the symbolism is there, but the writers are not willing to make Gagumber a straight-up scum, just a jerk who is too much of a simpleton to know better. It took two other characters to make Gagumber realize he’s maybe in the wrong. Urorop appears in the background of the final shot, stalking the group from afar.

A big reveal happens.  

After entering the colony, which just so happens to be Gagumber’s home colony, Zackletu and Yuri take some rest because they are still intoxicated, at least Yuri is, once he gets a little better, Yuri invites Gagumber to drink with him, to which he accepts on the terms that Gagumber could vent. However, Yuri is the one who pulls on Gagumber’s ear this time. Before that though, we get some backstory into Rufus. There wasn’t really an explanation as to how exactly Rufus died, but,  just that we’re supposed to feel for Gagumber and I guess it does explain some of his actions. Later Gagumber meets up with an old friend and Zackletu prepares her plan with Memenpuu, pretending to be a friend, when in reality she drugged her tea. It is also revealed that Zackletu is actually Zack and is Rufus’ son. I don’t really understand the sex change thing or if Zack was a girl from the beginning, or what is going on, I don’t really want to think too hard about it, probably next episode we’ll get some explanation, or maybe none, as Zackletu was allowed to continue traveling with the group. It’s a big question. But whatever, I guess…

Oh! And Gagumber has a special power, yay?! Non the less once again they pull at our heartstrings with a big sad ending, expecting us to follow along, but this show is just doing whatever it wants, And that’s a gamble if it wants to do whatever it wants let it be, but sometimes it doesn’t stick the landing, once again being the case here for me with the final emotional scene, everything else kept me intrigued because I felt finally we were getting some insight into who these people are, the masks are being peeled off and we’re seeing the layer’s underneath.

Once again apologizes for the double post, however, these two episodes have served and kept me enticed. Let’s hope it continues with a positive and intriguing narrative towards a worthwhile ending!



    1. Zack wasn’t Rufus’s son but “brother”–Gagumber stated that the bullies would’ve been worse if Zack was a girl so I’m guessing “he” dressed as a boy to avoid such worse encounters.


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