Episode 07

“Ah! Vous dirai-je, Mer”

Episode 08

「埋められた追憶」 (Umerareta Tsuioku)
“Buried Memories”

Build Divide continues to be that elusive anime that I’m not really sure if I’m enjoying. The pacing itself is really good, the episode goes by in a jiffy, and I’m left confused and bothered by the end of it. Its goodness factor definitely comes from the ever-growing drama-conflict between Teruto and Kikka. Still, why Teruto lost his memories is still a mystery. I personally did like how they showed off Teruto’s memories, the play-cheque scenery complete with folding curtains that revealed set pieces behind was memorable, to say the least. Personally, I thought it was really creative.

Let’s say the rest of these two episodes, were suffering. Episode 07 provided the much-needed (anyone really needed it?) beach episode. Where the gang visit’s a man-made beach, with a waterpark and all. Fanservice at its finest, at least as much as they could get away with without angering the midtown parents of CARA. That’s another thing; Build Divide might have weird monsters hidden in its decks, but it never crosses the line, it stays’ within that safe PG-13 territory. The plot itself is not too convoluted as well, easy to understand for someone who might just be getting into TCG, the main market for card battle anime has always been teens, let’s not forget the impact Yu-Gi-Oh had on the west.

Episode 07 introduces a new character, but who gives two effs? Right? A stuck-up idol, pretending that she’s hiding by using sunglasses, comes up to Sakura and starts a fight for absolutely no reason, but the mere fact that Sakura is looking down on her for some weird reason, other than expressing what she thinks. Whatever – The Idol then confronts Sakura in a Build Divide battle, Sakura takes the win, thanks to some of Teruto’s teachings. And imparts some valuable life lessons on the idol, which she later uses to make one of her haters go away, an immature little prick if you ask me. He secretly wants attention from the idol and uses his mean words to try and catch it. Absolutely retching.

Of course, all of this didn’t happen before she actually sang a song, which the translators were taking the anime production gods that they didn’t have to translate one more insipid line from this terrible anime. This isn’t Love Live so I understand. Anyway, the hater guy later just swims away because he’s escaping any trouble his actions might have caused. What a spoiled bastard. People were actually enjoying the show, and you have to go and ruin it for everyone, thankfully the idol in the latter half of the episode is able to come back this little prick with some sweet words, which seem like that’s all he wanted, actually, attention from the idol, to which he promptly gets a nose bleed and faints with his virgin ass.

Anyway, it’s whatever, the second episode revealed a lot more about Teruto and his past, it was fun to watch and get some answers, I really enjoyed watching this second, however, most of the fighting in card battles happened behind the scenes in order to give room for the story to breath. It’s okay, we needed some answers to clear up this mystery with Teruto and Kikka, I’m still curious how exactly Teruto lost his memory, but I’m sure that’s something they’re saving for the final episodes. To how things are going, it seems the final third upcoming act will end in a cliffhanger, that’s why the trickle of information has been slowly dripping. And it seems they’re setting up the third act to end with a bang, will Teruto become the new king, or will Sakura or Hiyori take that role? This other guy who is not the one with the hood, explains that all of this is part of his plan, so I wonder what exactly he’s planning for the final act. It also makes me wonder if all the cables Kikka is constantly connected to have something to do with why Teruto lost his memory, that is something we will have to wait and see. I don’t know, and my capacity to care is slowly dwindling with this show.

However, that doesn’t mean I’m not interested, I really wish to see this to the end. How can I not, now that we’re here. Let not my words demotivate you at enjoying Build Divide it’s just my usual harshness to show’s that don’t push past the mediocre line. So yeah, thanks for reading and let’s look forward and see what the final act of Build Divide has to offer.

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