Finally! An episode where Gagumber was honest to Memenpuu and listened to what she had to say! And an episode where Memenpuu’s intelligence hit several roadblocks for her to overcome. In one single episode we saw our characters fail, and at the same time grow in a personal sense. Yet I wonder, why did it take 9 episodes to get here? To me, it seems the source is at fault here. I have to wonder, did the original author intend for this story to feel like a grand adventure, and all but forgot to include the two elements that make the story as a whole. Sometimes it’s a thing of feeling the story out, writing sometimes can be like riding a wave, seldom you enter a trance state, and are welcomed into the zone. A flow state where a story pours out of you and into the white paper. If that’s the case, then the inexperienced, yet sometimes emotionally raw storytelling of Sakugan would make a lot more sense.

However, I am not one to say if such a statement is true as I’m not privy to the source material as I have stated one too many times during this coverage. And I’m not personally interested in picking up the source, like say I’m interested to read the manga of Mieruko-chan. I hate to compare the two as they literally have nothing in common. And it wouldn’t feel fair, as Mieruko comes out on top, despite the heavy dish-out of fanservice. Miko’s constant struggle to not react to the ghost’s around her, plus the overly gross monster design’s make Mieruko stand out for me. And the show itself leaves me wanting more, that’s why I’m interested in picking up the manga. Meanwhile, Sakugan is a sub-par anime in comparison. My overall harshness is about to come out. Watch out, ye who enter here!

The episode starts by giving us some clues into who the cloaked person we saw a couple of episodes back during the Wind Temple sequence. Now back at it again, doing what rebel groups do, and in turn becoming the antagonists of the series, at least until Sakugan tries to play it off as not so. For now, these mask group of people, who we know nothing about, are causing terror among the personages, after the credits roll, we come back for one final scene, it’s the masked person, overlooking a colony, slowly the lights start to go out, leaving the people without electricity, was this their plan all along? A couple of questions arise, yet with 3 episodes left, I wonder why did the production team desperately try to include them as the antagonist of the series. It feels rushed and uncooked. Formally introducing the villain in the third act is a very bad sign. You could say these masked characters were teased back in the wind temple, but they have been formally introduced in this episode as the villains of the series. That’s the important bit. Yes you could assume they were the bad guys, masked people in hooded robs are never a good sign. But this episode was the one to set up the mystery, and formally introduce them as the evil guys.

An ominous shot of the masked guy’s overlooking the scenery, saying some cryptic stuff is not enough to set up a mystery. Mystery has to be fair. However, with the harsh, umm … praise, I’ve been giving Sakugan. I’m not exactly tantalized at deep diving into what exactly makes a compelling mystery. Although, introducing it in the final act of the story, seems all but a cheap cop-out into tricking the audience into conceiving a villain was always present. They were just hiding in the shadows, behind the scenes, planning their next move. A terror group that does terror just for the sake of doing said terror and evil deeds, is not exactly compelling or smart. It’s not profound, or interesting to say the least. It once again falls flat in its own hyperbole of convoluted storytelling.

If anything this episode served as the beach episode we never got with Sakugan, Zack gets to wear a bikini, the flower guy and Gagumber get to take a dive in the cold water, refreshing! Because even though we in the northern hemisphere are currently experiencing winter, and the thought of diving into deep cold water is complete nonsense. Sakugan decides it’s a good idea, so I hope it inspires some good Summer memories for our friends down below in the southern hemisphere!

The rest of the episode played Castaway with our cast, as they were stuck on an island with no electricity and no internet after being cast away by a massive cave-in. Hopefully, they all made it out alive, I wasn’t worried. Some stuff happens, character development (finally!) whatever, plot happens, and at the end, they manage to use papaya’s to generate electricity, good for them I guess? As they were able to call for SOS, and the dandy dude comes to their rescue!

But besides that, Sakugan tried to explain why the papayas can generate electricity, but it glosses over it, in a quick fashion, and does not even explain it in depth. Move over Sakugan, and stop forcing your science down my throat, this isn’t Star Trek! (I love Star Trek, it’s just a joke…)

Nevertheless, that was the episode, thanks for reading, and see you next week!  

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  1. The father and daughter relationship I see between Gagumber and Memenpuu is good and unusual for me. Gagumber and Memenpuu together many times feel like a partnership more than anything else.


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