Episode 3

Episode 4

「何者? / 今夜」 (Nanimono? / Kon’ya)
“What Are You? / Tonight”

Episode 3 Summary

Tanjirou, Zenitsu, and Inosuke are each going down different paths trying to uncover more about the disappearances of Uzui’s wives. Tanjirou has been stationed in the house with Koinatsu Oiran, who seems to be kind-hearted and generous for being the highest-ranking Oiran of the Tokito house. Inosuke is getting closer to uncovering the disappearance of Makio at the Ogimoto house he, weirdly enough, successfully infiltrated. And Zenitsu is completely unaware that he’s closer to the demon than he thinks. But the main point of this episode was to reveal and introduce the demon that has been plaguing the Entertainment District since the Edo – Yoshiwara period, the Upper Rank Six Demon, Daki. Her Blood Demon Art, as we’ve seen from time to time, is the sash she carried around her waist. It somehow can enter various rooms and areas without anyone noticing and vanish without leaving a trace or any gruesome leftovers. It’s unclear yet whether she’s draining energy from the humans she captures (for example, Uzui’s wives) or if she’s killing them entirely (like many of the Oiran who have gone missing). She’s a cutthroat demon who has no patience for anyone who oversteps their position and she acts swiftly when it comes to concealing her identity as the Warabihime Oiran, top-ranking oiran of her house. Of all three boys, Zenitsu was placed in her house and was put in a situation where he unknowingly revealed his identity as a Demon Slayer, putting himself in immediate danger. Muzan also makes an appearance in this episode which confuses me quite a bit but I’ll touch on that a little later.

Episode 4 Summary

We get a little closer to Koinatsu Oiran in the opening of this episode. We learn that she’s leaving the Entertainment District the following morning to become someone’s wife but that dream is immediately thwarted when Daki captures her. The sequence of events in this episode is less about investigating and eavesdropping on conversations between the housemaids and much more about taking action. As soon as the Sound Hashira Uzui discovers that Zenitsu is missing, he orders his younger comrades to leave the Entertainment District and survive, regretting his decision to have involved them in the first place. He goes after the master of Warabihime house, pressuring him to reveal the identity and location of the Oiran who has been causing the disappearances (or bullying her juniors to suicide or to run away). Meanwhile, Tanjirou and Inosuke come up with their own plan to continue the mission and save their friend. He saddles up for battle, says goodbye to Koinatsu who was unphased by Tanjrou’s revelation of being a boy, and sets off to meet with Inosuke. But it’s the demon’s scent tickles his senses drawing him right to her. He finds Daki with Koinatsu trapped in her sash, and they go head to head in battle. Tanjirou is young and might not be a higher-ranked Demon Slayer but his determination and power are what guide him through this battle. I’d also like to note that this battle is the first time we’ve seen Nezuko since the first episode (annoyingly, ha).

General Impressions

I had no idea we’d come face to face with Daki this early on in the Entertainment District arc. I thought it would take more to discover who and where the demon lived but I’m not complaining. I’m pleased that we’re this far into the story with key characters already out in the open and Tanjirou now face to face with the Upper Rank Six demon. She’s a feisty one, obsessed with devouring the young and beautiful and has been doing so for quite some time. I think she’s a great Demon and it will be difficult to watch her fall (if she does). I really enjoy the way in which Upper Rank Demons are introduced. Their quirks, their mannerisms, their design, and even the voice acting all draw me further into the characters themselves. But I also like the pacing of the show. The longer drawn-out battles and the anticipation really give me time to digest the antagonists and intricacies of the story. I do hope we get a little bit more of Daki’s backstory. She’s been an Upper Rank demon for quite a long time it seems and she’s well-liked by Muzan. Unlike Akaza (Upper Rank Three) who seems to have a strained relationship with Muzan, she seems to be completely enamored and taken by him.

On that note, I’m at a loss when it comes to Muzan. What was the point of him being introduced in the first episode as the sickly child of a pharmaceutical company head if he’s now strolling around using his previous human identity? Are we meant to understand that he’s accomplished what he needed to so he’s moved on? Or did I misunderstand the timing between him and Daki (was that before the events of the Demon Slayers’ infiltration)? Feel free to provide any insight on this or theories if there’s room for it. But no spoilers, please (for those of you who’ve read past this episode in the source content).

I noted that some of you aren’t fans of the comedy in the series but I honestly think things have toned down when compared to the first season. Things seem much more grounded and the tone hits much better than it used to. I think the reason the show has shifted in this way is to make space for some serious character growth with our main characters, primarily Zenitsu and Inosuke. For example, the moment Zenitsu felt the demon’s presence, his normal reaction is to cower, pass out, cry, or run away. But he froze for a moment, assessed the situation, even crossing the line into the Demon’s personal space to protect someone. And he did it all without having to tap into his ‘alter ego’, or whoever that was that emerged whenever he passed out. And as for Inosuke, rather than getting angry, hot-tempered, and diving headfirst into a battle without taking into account his peers, he sat and worked alongside Tanjirou to figure out the best approach and strategy to save their friend. He’s much more level-headed even teaching Tanjirou something new and Zenitsu has found a lot of courage all on his own. In my opinion, there’s a lot to start liking about the two characters if some of you are still on the fence. I would suggest letting go of who they were and embracing who they are becoming.

Tanjirou on the other hand isn’t showing more maturity in character. He’s always had that on his side as the eldest of the family but he’s showing much more confidence in his strength and abilities. He’s not second guessing his movements or his techniques, mastering them quite skillfully to the surprise of an Upper Rank demon.

You can be sure there are great things that await on in this season of Demon Slayer and I’m here for it, especially those little Ninju.


  1. Muzan can just change between form and move around. Remember he got a female form at the end of the Season 1 too. Travel time isn’t an issue for him if you recall one of his underling is a female demon who use the Biwa who can control the place where he killed the Lower Moon. That place act like a hub that allow him to come and go anywhere.

  2. > Tanjirou now face to face with the Upper Rank Six demon. She’s a feisty one, obsessed
    > with devouring the young and beautiful and has been doing so for quite some time. I
    > think she’s a great Demon and it will be difficult to watch her fall (if she does).

    Hahaha, I am more into Spider Demon (Mother) and while none of the demons are redeemable, I feel like Spider Demon (Mother) is a gentler being than Daki is. Daki is too aggressive for my stomach I have a mild pallet.

    > I noted that some of you aren’t fans of the comedy in the series but I honestly think
    > things have toned down when compared to the first season.

    I believe these amount of shenanigan are necessary to allow the audience to get breathers in between each serious scenario; otherwise, each important scene will have a mild response from each audience.


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