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Boku no Hero Academia 338, 339 & 340 – The Story of How We All Became Heroes, Part. 1, 2 & 3

This review will be a little different than my previous compiled reviews, hope that’s alright–I thought that this format would be more enjoyable for everyone (myself included).
So, what we’re dealing with right now is a preparation arc. Much like in Avengers: Endgame when they all band together to come up with the time heist plan to get their hands on all Infinity Stones before Thanos did back in the past. Now, past Aoyama’s turbulent traitor reveal and the painful tears of his friends and classmates, Mr. Can’t Stop Twinkling is more or less back in the game as U.A. ‘s trump card in their chess game against AFO. With that out of the way, our heroes get to upgrade their gears and we also catch a glimpse at U.A. BTS–being led by one and only: Hatsume Mei–Heroaca’s own Tony Stark. Hear me first though, in levels of engineering genius, I really believe these two are equals, think about it, Hatsume is 15-16 years old right now, imagine what she’d be up to if she had access to unlimited funds, cutting edge technology and what she’ll be up to once she’s older. Jeez, someone get this child what she deserves! And don’t be surprised if she’s piloting an iron suit somewhere off in the future!
Chapter 339 also gives us a bigger look into how U.A. ‘s crazy barrier came to be (again, thanks Hatsume-san) and it also serves as an opportunity to catch a glimpse into what other heroes have been up to aside from the kids at 1A, thanks to the quick cameo of Fat Gum, Suneater, Ryukyu, a short-haired Nejire-chan and a couple of heroes I think we’ve not been introduced as of yet.
Chapter 340 picks up where we left off on chapter 338 with the whole Aoyama issue. Toshinori and a select group of adults are discussing the more intricate part of the plans of their upcoming war. The plan itself is not really complicated: they have to make sure AFO isn’t near AFOmura/TomurAFO, and that the other major players (Dabi, Himiko, Spinner, etc) are also engaged elsewhere. If they all end up together in the same place, they’ll be difficult to defeat. But like in Endgame, even if you have a beautifully laid out plan, with option A and B, there are still too many opportunities for deviants and variants to happen. So it’s safe to say this train will be getting off its rails.
And before anyone asks, I’m hitting hard with the MCU references because I got to watch Spider-Man: No Way Home, not only once, but twice in the cinemas and I absolutely loved it! I got so excited to dive in the MCU again that I finally decided to catch up with everything I was late for (meaning all Disney+ shows, Shang-Chi, Eternals and then I also rewatched the last two Avengers, just because).

A wild Spider-Shinsou appears.

And, if you’ve watched NWH, here are some fun little parallels I found between Deku and Peter!

Click here for Spiderman No Way Home Spoilers

You know that moment when all 3 Peters (bless Tobey and Andrew for making this happen) all turn to one another and say “that’s what we do”? Deku is a friendly neighborhood Deku, you guys. He is Horikoshi’s Peter Parker! Of course I’m not saying they’re exactly the same, but hear me out. Both characters are portrayed as awkward teens who are interested in science (in Deku’s case: he’s obsessed with quirk analysis), and especially when side to side with Holland’s Peter, both Deku and Peter have this endearing impulsive extraverted traits of going on tangents (Deku’s famous muttering and fanboying), and at the same time that their extraverted personalities doesn’t mean they’re friends with everyone nor that they can easily make friends, everyone who does come to know them, ends up liking them a lot.
Both Peter and Deku also had unorthodox mentors, who weren’t really that good at their jobs (Stark x Toshinori). In Deku’s case, Toshinori has been stepping up his game, that’s true, but that’s because Horikoshi has chosen not to sacrifice the mentor (at least yet) and swam against that trope. In Peter’s case, I found that it was in NWH that he went through his real coming of age, through May’s death and personal values “with great power comes great responsibility,” and by meeting Peter 2 and Peter 3 and listening to their personal journeys (it was sooo nice to see actually good male guidance being portrayed in a western film). Another fun little parallel is the absence of a father figure in both their lives: in Peter’s case, he’s raised by May and Deku is raised by Inko, his mother.
And just as fun as these personality and origin parallels, it’s the fact that Peter’s genuine impulse is to help ‘fix’ (save) the villains who have crossed over to his universe rather than just sending them back home to die, in the same way Deku wants more than anything to save Shimura Tenko, and probably Todoroki Touya, Toga Himiko and Spinner, and everyone else. Just like how he extended his hand to Nagant and Aoyama, because “that’s what he does.”

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  1. I just know AFO will have a back up plan. The man gas lived 4 decades so pf course he will have a back plan. That said I am still waiting 4 him to due by Tomura’s hand. Seriously why the fuck did the creator bring back AFO?!


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