A Part

「合コン狂騒曲」 (Gōkon Kyōsō Kyoku)
“The Roaring Mixer”

B Part

「暴走ポリス」 (Bōsō Porisu)
“Runaway Police”

I quite liked this episode, the first half showing how hard it is to date while on the force and the second showing how competitive those inside the force can be when it comes to an emergency. The episode had such a funny bone attached to it that I couldn’t help but smile through most of it. I would really like more scenes where the main characters go out on mixers and do normal stuff, it really helped me ground them as realistic people, not that they weren’t already.

During the mixer both Mai and Seiko mentioned how brutal it is to work in a male-centric driven environment, with inflated egos and complicated emotions flying around, it is really hard to work sometimes. But most of the time it can be quite troublesome and fulfilling to work there. It’s nothing we already didn’t know, as it has been made clear in past episodes how heavy the work environment can become, it’s almost borderline toxic. But fragile egos make it hard to overcome such strife.

Unintentionally Takeshi and Seiji were in their own mixer just next door, Seiko and Seiji have this from rival’s to lovers situation going on, even though I’m only getting those vibes from Seiji, usually repressed emotions come out in the form of anger or disgust, and such I think is the case for Seiji, he’s repressing something that he doesn’t want to admit, but for the part of Seiko, I think it’s causing her more problems. I bet if Seiji were to confess his feelings Seiko would just call him one big dumb baka. And probably distance herself since she’s only been playing along with him so far, mirroring what he gives her. They’re actually far from compatible as well. She’s grounded, while he lets himself be swayed by emotions.

During the second part of the episode, the station gets a call from a town that’s half an hour away. Seiji takes it up as some type of competition even though a reminder on the radio asked them to follow traffic rules and drive safely. But Seiji has some weird complex where he must be first to the scene even though Miwa and her police partner were already heading to the scene, so it would have been useless for him to drive so fast and so recklessly. Taking the road not taken and scratching up the car to no avail. I mean he’s just plain stupid, he wasn’t thinking and was only following his feelings, wanting to be the first on the scene. Even though Miwa was already en route.

Furthermore, Seiji got all of them in trouble for no reason, his hot-boiled thinking made them all suffer in the end, I just hope he has some type of remorse in the future, and I do hope all of this gets settled and no one loses their job. Because in the end there was no real emergency as the man with the scythe got called in because he was misinterpreted as being a bad guy, but his dialect and the way he spoke was the only cause for concern, in the end, he found his wife and talked to the police and cooperated with them. So Seiji got excited over nothing and wrecked the car over frivolity.

I’m being so harsh on Seiji because this is the type of hot-blooded behavior that is not acceptable, taking advantage of police resources to fill some type of wish fulfillment is exactly the thing that shouldn’t be done. It’s taking advantage of the power given by the force and should not be acceptable. Furthermore getting everyone else in trouble is not acceptable either.

The thing, I quite liked Seiji, he’s cute, tall, and has that je ne se quoi, his constant bickering with Seiko was fun at first, but after this week’s episode, well now it’s just annoying. This episode dumbed him down for me, and quite a lot. One childish mistake will make you fall from grace and bring down everyone with you. He has to do something big next episode for me to redeem him.

I can see why the chief would think everyone is incompetent, but further analysis is needed, during the chaos created by the call-in, Seiko was the one who maintained her composure the most, she drove safely and kept the car immaculate, furthermore, Seiko and Takeshi arrived almost at the same time Seiji and Mai did. So there really was no point for Seiji to do all the things he did and get so over his head all for nothing. Such is the life of a police person.

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  1. Dude you were harsh on Seiji. I mean yeah he let his emotions go too far but at least he shows emotions unless cold Seiko. Besides the point of having flaws is to recognise them and learn.

    1. I don’t think so, it was childish of him to allow his emotions to get the better of his reasoning, it’s unprofessional and speaks poorly of someone in a position of power such as a policeman. Because, in the end, that’s what he did, he abused his power with little to no second thought. Yep, and we saw little remorse from him. And also she’s not being cold, she’s being grounded, professional, and is able to keep herself in check, even in a crisis. It’s the whole point of the series, women don’t have to mold to fit your biases.

  2. I enjoyed the first half of the episode and while every episode showed the human side of police in Japan. The question I wanted to know about is how cops balance their work and their personal life. To my surprise a cop’s work life balance is no different in Anime as it is IRL, when your phone rings you answer the call of duty as if you’re still on the clock.

    I was hoping to pick up on some tips from Hakozume – Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu since my day job pretty much has me on call even though it’s not my turn to be on call. (It sucks.)

    But I wonder if Hakozume – Kouban Joshi no Gyakushuu will illustrate the life of a cop having to walk amongst cop killers that they have yet to meet or worse encounter criminals with personal vendetta that would go after their loved ones.


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