「奇貨おくべし」 (Kika Okubeshi)
“Strike While the Iron Is Hot”

I must admit, for a veritable filler episode this week wasn’t all that bad. Maybe it’s the science focus, potentially could be Genia just being that big a cutie pie (seriously), or just that inner engineer rushing forward to enjoy all the fun of inventing, who knows. I do know though that Genjitsu tickled the fancy in the all the right ways this week and I couldn’t be more satisfied.

While there’s increasingly plenty to be said about how this season is beating around the bush instead of indulging in geopolitical fun and games, I cannot deny the fun I had this week. A big part of it inevitably stems from the sheer objectiveness on the part of Genia and the role of magic: something doesn’t work and we don’t know why? Well that simply means more research is required. It’s the true scientist in action and coincidentally the counterpoint to the ubiquitous quote of magic being the answer for sufficiently advanced technology; if you want to know what really drives something, blood, sweat, tears, and time – not assumptions – are often the price required to determine the exact cause. Having this point come up in a true swords & magic story is a nice surprise, especially when paired with some nifty ramjet-esque engineering. Want to truly advance society? Then figure out a way to take advantage of the laws governing the principles of daily living.

Of course the more immediate benefit to introducing Genia and teasing yet another marriage is the key advantage Elfrieden now possesses: energy. For all intents and purposes curse ore is basically oil: it’s energy dense (and renewable!), easy to harvest, and has a wide array of applications certain to make its suppliers rich and powerful. Kazuya implicitly understands this which is why Genia’s betrothal is such a big deal, because without the girl to pass on her knowledge on the matter Elfrieden loses what is arguably its biggest advantage discovered to date. Figure out a way to efficiently harness curse ore, determine how to use it in weapons, and watch as everyone friend and foe falls over backward to stay on your good side; it’s true game changer and the sort of advantage you do not let go to waste.

Mind you how Kazuya would even make use of such a thing given that new alliance with the Empire is anyone’s guess, but I imagine the kid has greater plans than peace in mind. After all, peace is simply a stepping stone to outright domination.


  1. While it was fun and games to see “science side” of the magical fantasy land, and applied phlebotinium solutions to anything from driving ships to maybe trains acars and planes in the future, I am more concerned about what Prime Minister mentioned: things going too well as if separate will was involved…
    I think Roroa is acting in the shadows and whatever cunning plan she has will eventually surprise Souma…

  2. Another thing, could it be that magic crystals are in fact computers of sorts designed to run entire dungeon, and are being used in degraded form as communication devices – think of smartphone being used only with one application for video calls?

    1. I I think you are right Roroa is acting from the shadows in a plan that will involve the kingdom of Elfrieden and the empire of chaos to unbalance his brother Julius from the throne. The most interesting and exciting part will be in the sig. episode 20. When Roroa meets Souma and explains her reasons for marrying him politically

  3. Finally, implications of the cursed ore are much more than new technology as itself.
    They allow common muggle to acces magical power so far enjoyed only by mages….
    Consider the societal implications in feudal settings.
    Gunpowder and steam. Anyoine read 163X series?

    1. I for one have read it, or at least most of it (far too many books in the franchise to keep track at this point 😛 ). There’s a lot of good stories exploring this aspect with one of my favourites being S.M. Stirling’s Island in the Sea of Time.

  4. Wait, what-wait-WHAT! This is filler?! You can’t be serious! This episode felt like it moved the story forward.

    Just like how steel helped engineers industrialize our world, these curse ores and natural law (sounds like physics.) will allow Kazuya to commission new tech that will drive the Economy the likes humans in the current world have never seen.

    Kazuya will be viewwd as a visionary, the Steve Jobs of this world he is in. The idea of summoning a hero to save the world and fight demons will be a thing of the past.(Kazuya will be the last summoned savior.)

    With the understanding and use of natural law plus curse ores; Kazuya can better living standards with new tech, advance military might with high tech, drive back demons or negotiate terms for peaceful coexistence.

    1. Haha nawh not serious, I made the comment in jest 😛

      The problem Kazuya faces is one any true innovator does in that once revealed there will be lots vying to take control of his newfound power. As he mentions here once the word is out opportunistic countries will look to claim Elfrieden because it both has the knowledge and resources required to implement cursed ore technology. He might be able to completely overhaul this world with its assistance, but first he has to ensure both he and Elfrieden survive the process.

      1. The difference will be between becoming protagonist of the industrial revolution like Victorian UK, or becoming colonised for resources….
        As he himself put it, high risk high reward!


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