「水族館から逃げられない」 (Suizokukan kara Nigerarenai)
“You Can’t Run from the Aquarium”

Right? So this show is on crack, just had to put that out there. But in the best way possible. I’m really connecting with the comedy side of things, but I don’t know if this show wants me to take it seriously, or laugh out loud with it, most of the time I’m laughing at it though. More on that at the end.

This week our three girls, take a solo mission, because the furry was DOA for wanting to cross a railroad track that separates the two sides of Ikebukuro, one side deals with capitalism and progress, meanwhile, the other side is communist. That’s right, communist penguins for everyone. This premise along had me almost crying hysterically. Something about the cute aesthetic of the penguins with such a hard political topic as communism really put a smile on my face. More than that, with the current things going on with Ukraine it was a bold choice to actually air this episode because the communist side of Ikebukuro was really made to mirror Russia. Even using bits and pieces of what I’m assuming is gibberish Russian to give that otherworldly feel, basically, they tried to get away with it being like a fantasy language. To truly show that this part of town is just a little different from the rest.

Meanwhile, the train tracks that separate the east from the west, have a crossing that opens for a few seconds each day at some unbeknownst time. But hey! Apparently, Equa is the next wielder of the Monado because she can ~ see the future ~  and that’s what manages to save the 18 penguins. Plus their blond hair’d coach. But I’m getting off track here.

After receiving their next job Equa Ferres and Martese head over to the communist building where they meet a penguin communist cop that will become relevant to the plot later on. They are there to meet with another penguin, the coach penguin. He is scaling a staging of his troupe, but because of the communist censors, he is unable to achieve his great dream of becoming the most ambitious synchronized swimming show to have ever been produced! He has a dream and is willing to polish any and all kinks that come with the production. He works his actors to the bone!

Equa and troop arrive at one of his practices, when the not communist penguin asks them to come outside, because they are being watched, openly with drones.

blablabla some stuff happens

penguin lovers

Equa have plan B (hehehe JK!)

Equa kidnapped! 

sexy fanservice communist time! 

Communist penguin fights with the progressive penguin.


The team rescues Equa


Then, this is where the episode got good for me, I was genuinely waiting for another big action sequence and it certainly delivered, this time around we got a car chase scene with the penguins on board.

After their jail escape, Equa decides it’s time to go full throttle towards the train tracks, the penguin decides to trust her and they just go for it. Of course, the gates open conveniently at just the right time so that they could get through, then they drift in a really cool manner and evade the incoming train at just the right second. Remember Equa can see into the future, like Shulk from Xenoblade. What can I say convenient much?

Final Verdict

All jokes aside, I did have fun watching this, but not enough to review it full time, there are other prospect’s this season I’m more excited for and will be reviewing here on RC. Shows that I will be taking more seriously. And that’s, I think, what it all boils down to. There are moments that make me laugh, not because the show intended them to, but because they are so wacky and out there that you can’t help but do so. Someone else, someone who’s less edgy, and isn’t rilled up with constant anxiety, might be able to cover this show in a manner that’s prolific and actually serves to add to the discourse Not me though.

I’m the type of person who finds comedy in making jabs at other things, that’s how I work. And should be noticeable clear by today’s post. It’s hard to take the show seriously when it’s giving communist penguins and then wants us to feel something when they talk seriously about losing a friendship over betraying the communist regime.

Like okay?!

I’m over here having a great time because its plot is firing happy neurons in my brain, but only because it’s trying to be so different and unique that it might be failing to grasp the basic structure of storytelling. I’m making fun of the show in my brain, and that to me signals Estab-Life is not allowing me to take it seriously. I’m having fun but only at the expense of the show. Not with it.

It’s hard to explain, especially on a platform like this that asks reviewers to be logical and look at things with an objective eye. I want that for Estab-Life. But it’s clear that my coverage of a show I don’t enjoy or can’t take seriously, deviates into an edgy teenage (cringy) edge lord (Sasaki to Miyano, Tokyo-25 ku (before revision)).

And frankly, I don’t want that for this because I love Polygon Pictures too much, so quit while you’re ahead, why dont’cha.

Estab-Life is the perfect show to turn your brain off, grab a drink, puff up a cigar, or just get high on life and relax. It has enough substance to sustain itself weekly and be interesting enough to keep the plot moving. After the experience is over update your MAL and call it a day!

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  1. I’d really have to question your statement that the show somehow didn’t expect nor want you to laugh during most of those moments.

    In a few words, it’s quite clear to me the show knows these penguins are funny, both in general and specifically in terms of the events of this episode.

    Yes, the penguins themselves take everything seriously from their perspective as characters, but that’s part of the bit. I think the very last scene of the episode, of all things, is practically spelling it out for you: the scenario was silly to begin with.

    That said, yes, if you find yourself being too cynical about a series like this which is, in my opinion, very transparent about its own wackiness and silliness, then yeah… it probably would benefit from a more relaxed and carefree approach.

    1. How do you mean? I never put the blame on the show, but on me as a watcher. I laughed at times that I think you weren’t supposed to laugh at, and when a translucent moment was showing as part of a bit, my face was all but poker. Maybe the comedy is just not clicking for me, even though I do find it very entertaining because of that transparentness in its approach to wacky storytelling, where apparently anything goes as long as Equa and the gang are extracting someone to another district. It was in fact very funny, however, I can already feel myself developing into a grinch and loosing objectivity of a show that is otherwise very happy go lucky.

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