OP Sequence

OP: 「Silent Majority」by Kashitarou Itou

「俺はこの世界が嫌いだ」 (Ore wa Kono Sekai ga Kirai da)
“I Hate This World”

If there’s one thing you know you’re getting every season now it’s isekai. Sure, the type of isekai might be in question, but it’s going to be isekai nonetheless and there’s no better example of that on display right now than Mobseka. This one after all is isekai, yet what variety it is going to be will, shall we say, be an experience to have.

If the handy dandy RC Preview doesn’t properly describe the adventure that is Mobseka this opener certainly should do the trick. You start off with your initially nameless male protagonist (Ootsuka Takeo), the one content with daily living, who thanks to combination of blackmailing sister and prolonged gaming session gets isekai’d because Truck-kun was busy and needed Stairs-chan to take over the duty. More or less the script we know, right? Well tack on the isekai world being an otome game where matriarchy is the rule of the land and men are little more than decoration and you start getting where Mobseka’s claim to fame will lie. In short we have an alternate Hamefura on our hands, just replacing Bakarina farming shenanigans with the protagonist now named Leon Fou Bartfort who quite literally only wants to farm as the world tells him to shut up, do his duty, and make sure the family’s black sheep gets her deserved pension.

Of course these similarities aren’t really where Mobseka finds its calling card – that is in the ridiculous sci-fi trappings found throughout. I’ll admit, I don’t know whether to be confused or impressed by how blatantly this series is attempting to fuse such discordant concepts together. I mean we had Knights & Magic before, but did it go full pay-to-win spaceship, AI robots, and a world history that Trigger is eagerly taking notes from to use in a future work? That’s right, didn’t think so. Hell for being so wacky it isn’t even that bad; for all Leon is pulled straight from the vanilla vat there’s something fun about snippy robots paired with quintessential rom(com) fantasy school trappings and outbursts pointing towards interesting developments. Plus I’d be remiss to say that OP is catchy as hell and does a fine job shilling this show’s main selling points.

While at least another episode will be needed to get a grasp on where Mobseka is heading – none of the girls, male antagonists, or romance plotlines have noticeably been introduced yet after all – I will say I’m cautiously optimistic at the moment. This one could easily crash and burn, but should it properly leverage its insanity, it could certainly become a good bit of springtime isekai fun.


ED Sequence

ED: 「selfish」by Riko Azuna


  1. The only downside from this anime is it obviously got low budget treatment,
    but the source material is actually one of the popular isekai out there with proper plot to back it up


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