Shadowverse Flame
10:00 TV TOKYO (04/02)

Love All Play
17:30 Yomiuri TV (04/02)

18:25 NHK-E (04/09)

Love Live! Nijigasaki Gakuen School Idol Doukoukai (2022)
22:00 TOKYO MX (04/02)

Spy x Family
23:00 TV TOKYO (04/09)

Gunjou no Fanfare
23:30 TOKYO MX (04/02)

Kingdom (2022)
24:00 NHK (04/09)

Kunoichi Tsubaki no Mune no Uchi
24:00 TOKYO MX (04/09)

Build Divide: Code White
24:30 TOKYO MX (04/02)

Kakkou no Iinazuke
25:30 TV Asahi (04/23)

Kawaii Dake ja Nai Shikimori-san
26:00 ABC (04/09)


Now that every show has had a few episodes to make its case, it’s time to tell you what we’ll be blogging this season. This is Random Curiosity’s Spring 2022 blogging schedule.

As per illustrious tradition, this is a tentative overview of our plans for the new season . . . or would be, but with multiple episodes under our belts, we’re pretty confident in our picks. Will some of them fall flat in the home stretch? Probably. This is what we’ll stick with for now, barring any unforeseen changes in the near future.

With spring in full gear and shows having settled into the groove, this season is certainly lacking on total coverage. This unfortunately comes down to real-life responsibilities; some of us have taken up new jobs, others like me are actively seeking one, and those with hectic workloads have chosen to rest for a season to avoid all the fun of burnout. Don’t think this means RC is going anywhere though! Summer promises a return to normal for us, in addition to some more, shall we say, radical adjustments. Won’t spoil anything just yet (that’ll be in a couple weeks), but let’s just say Random Curiosity is in for a bit of change. Major change 😉

Before I leave off too I’ll sum it all up as usual with another big thank you to all. Random Curiosity wouldn’t be the same without you reading and commenting, so make sure you stay safe, stay healthy, and get ready to kick back to another season of anime. Spring isn’t always the most lively of seasons, but it always serves as a good tease for summer!


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