「同じイケメン嫌い」 (Onaji Ikemen-girai)
“We Both Hate Hot Guys”

Ah yeah, now that’s what I call development. Character development at that. Leon being the bad boy all the way through? Please, he’s got a heart under all that madness. A heart some can even recognize for all the effort to the contrary. Am I reaching with such statements? Not in the slightest; after all, even Olivia can see it, and if the cutie pies are already hot on Leon’s tail, rest assured the remaining crowd isn’t far behind.

With Otome Game being first and foremost a comedy series, it’s nice getting episodes like this which reinforce there’s more to the overall story than simply crushing the competition in a blaze of hilarity. Leon’s grand display is obviously case in point, but Angelica and Olivia aren’t far behind: as oh so succinctly put, true friendship isn’t something bartered or bargained for, it simply happens, and anything which gets in the honest way of that for one party is simply confirmation that party wasn’t serious about said friendship in the first place. Angelica after all wouldn’t have lashed out in tight animation budget still-shot glory at antagonist of the moment if she didn’t care deeply for Olivia, just like Olivia wouldn’t have been so riled up by Leon’s deliberate pushing if she didn’t like Angelica for who she is. Regardless of social differences both girls have already forged a bond and it’ll take more than some angry words to ever eliminate it.

As for the real man of the moment, yeah, not much to say except being a dick is a full-time job and Luxion is too damn perfect of a sidekick. Leon though has proven himself to be more than a one trick pony thanks to his choice of reward and that aforementioned Olivia pep talk, showing that, if only in part, he’s not always going to be about himself at the expense of everyone else. His taking up of Carla’s request is a major case in point, since doing so is entirely for the sake of Olivia over any reinforcement of his own position. We might still have no idea just what mysterious new girl is after, but between AI-enhanced performances and gambling luck I don’t imagine Leon will have too many troubles dealing with whatever comes his way next.

And hey, we might just even find out which sister of Leon’s Marie happens to be in the process.


  1. Interesting point that bring cut in Anime

    – Clarice does love Jilk very much, the green bastard used to be sponsored by Clarice family who have the stadium and the top technology for air bike
    – Clarice went full self-harm path with 3 slave who she bought them right after have her heart broken by a Jilk
    – All of the biker under Clarice are scout and sponsored by Clarice and her family so they treat Clarice as their “Idol” not love interest so they got into rage when Jilk pull “engagement cancelation without speak to them even once” on their master.
    – Dan, the senior biker did said in source material that “Leon does make him rich anyways so he won’t feel down by the loss” imply that he and probably several biker bet on Leon victory.
    – Anime just skip all of the other biker existence out of the last scene so basically it not just Clarice and Dan that Leon befriend, the entire bikers under Clarice is now have huge gratitude toward Leon for saving their master

  2. I have doubts about the request at the end of previous episode, due to how the request was made again at the end of this episode. Originally, I thought it could be an opportunity to win over another student but it now stinks to high heaven as a setup against Leon. These students from the noble class are just self-entitled scum. Enjoying every moment that Leon turns the tables on them. You can call him a dick but I fully appreciate that he is doing a major service in cutting them down to nothing.

    1. The ending this week also has me strongly suspecting ulterior motives behind it. Leon may have proven his strength, but his pariah status makes him an easy target for anyone looking to make a name for themselves. Will be very interesting seeing where this leads.

  3. The whole cat fight between Angelica and that other blond chick with the braids…I feel like Angelica’s social standing will continuously be a week point Igor her.

    1. Oh without a doubt, Angelica burned a lot of bridges with her actions towards the prince so plenty of girls will be aiming to use her as a stepping stone towards greater heights. This is just the start, but it’s not Angelica is going to roll over and die. As seen this week using her will prove difficult.

  4. I don’t know, but I feel like the anime is paving the way to troll us with an yuri ending between Ange & Livia or at least make it looks like one to Leon´s eyes to fuel his mob inadequacy, making him misunderstand their relationship XD

  5. Leon doesn’t really gamble, he’s a betting man who gets his super AI (Luxion) to reign in the winnings. The type of guy that gets banned from casinos if they even get a whiff of what he’s doing.

    1. What I particularly like is that Luxion isn’t even really helping him with it, Leon just has a knack for betting on the right person. At least until that person is him, then yeah the shenanigans begin XD

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