「うたかたの爪痕」 (Utakata no Tsumeato)
“Fleeting Scars”

Never once thought Engage Kiss would be joining the illustrious company of non-hentai series showing off sexy times – but here we are, there Ayano goes, and obviously only half the pairing remembers the finer details. Had no idea what this week would entail, but I dare say I’m liking how this story is progressing. And not only for the visuals at hand. Mostly.

Considering how Ayano’s understanding of Shuu’s condition and determination has played out, having her decide to jump his bones and go for broke is only shocking in how quickly it transpired. We knew full well the girl still loved (and loves) the guy after all, but even for the tempered development (lack of misunderstandings for the win!) having Ayano take the initiative was never seemingly in the cards. It does, however, reinforce just how complex her relationship with Kisara is, because taking Shuu for a ride was as much done for Ayano’s sake as it was to effectively put Kisara in her place. Little demon girl might have Shuu right now, but no guarantee that’ll hold into the future, and definitely no guarantee Shuu will even come to like Ayano beyond her living weapon status. Thus no surprise Kisara let jealousy get the better of her and chose to take Shuu’s most recent memory as payment for the latest demon takedown. Kisara may profess her satisfaction in a fake relationship, yet deep down everyone knows that’s a lie.

As for actual plot progression, we also weren’t without as the details come out and the stakes are set. Much as known earlier on, Shuu’s sister is most definitely alive in some capacity, and similarly his family’s demise wasn’t some freak happenstance. Bayron City’s material claim to fame? Simply the catalyst for all the fun with demons the city is currently experiencing and the reason the demonic presence is never officially announced. The interesting bit here is how Kisara factors into this premise and just where Shuu met her and contracted with her: it was obviously before leaving Ayano’s company (and her), but was it sheer luck of the draw, or through a middleman as every demon has been shown to date? And if it was a middleman, exactly who – because it sure as hell wasn’t the one he and everyone else is currently chasing after.

Best be sure a twist or three are yet to reveal themselves in this show, since if there’s ever a constant in these sorts of stories it’s someone turning out not to be entirely who you expect. And considering one recently introduced cop is oh so suddenly trying his hardest to help Shuu discover the truth, I know where my bets on the matter now lie.




  1. As expected with the author, the main plot lies in the triangle, and it is oh so well-written. I absolutely love it, and it managed to get me deeply emotionally invested in both girls. Heck, it even made me tolerate Shuu over time.

    Ayano’s backstory should be completed now, and it was pretty compelling. I didn’t really expect her to go on the offensive like this, and her end dialogue with Kisara even indicated that she was counting on Kisara to extract the recent memory (though tbh she was looking a bit too surprised when she heard Shuu’s “that recent thing?” for that to be true, so in my opinion she was adlibbing to get yet another shot in against Kisara). Now I really want to know how Kisara’s linkup with Shuu came to be. Should be next on the menu.

    With the author, anything from bitter to bittersweet to sweet is possible. At the moment, I am hoping for a “constant struggle” triangle ending with a growing acceptance for each other. We’ll see if this is too much to wish for.

    My predictions: Yes, Kanna is still alive in some way (though it’s far from sure that she can be really “saved”), and the youthful inspector is working for the “other side”, going to betray Shuu and trying to identify who is leaking. And PLEASE write something for Ayano to help Kisara, too. If anything, I tended to be in the Ayano camp, but Kisara REALLY got the short end of the stick a bit too much recently.

    The show had an okay-to-solid start. Then it got better. Episode 5 ensured that I will watch till the end right after the episodes becoming available.

    1. Ayano suspecting her memory would be taken away threw me as a bit of convenience, but I could see her believing it would happen since the act was as much for her satisfaction as it was to rub it in Kisara’s face. Just another aspect which shows a good chunk of thought went into their rivalry.

      Personal bet from me is on an “everyone wins” ending since it’s hard to see a way of generating a winner without screwing hard with the setup. Unless of course the ending involves Kisara disappearing due to her being a demon which is definitely in the cards.

      1. Rewatch the scene when she learned that Shuu had forgotten her “this is the last time, then I’ll dump you” ploy. This was no satisfied “keikaku doori” face. This was a “WTF” face. She was clearly surprised.

        Therefore, I would rather conclude that this was no premeditated plan of hers, but that at the end she chose to _act_ like it was one to one-up Kisara yet again.

  2. It’s been sometime since I’ve seen such fun love rivals. Those two are in that fine line of trying to kill each other and keeping the other alive. From what we’ve seen so far, it certainly is a complex rivalry.

    Kisara is certainly the one to look out for. That tooth like projectile is certainly from her, so capability wise I think we’ve got the gist of it. already But her background with Shuu is still up in the air.

    About what happened in the safe house. Even though only one half of the pair remembers, it’s still two people that has a memory of the incident. XD

    1. Oh yeah she’s providing Shuu with the tooth/claw, which funnily enough probably is Shuu’s missing memory materialized. Really curious finding out the details of their contract because for everyone we know there’s still a good chunk of information missing,

  3. I watch the show now only for Kisara and Ayano trying to get into Shuu’s pants.
    There is more serious plot to come considering at least one character has to show up yet… but all-out kissing sessions are better.


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