「悪魔殺しの第三者」 (Akuma-goroshi no Daisansha)
“Third-Party Demon Killer”

So we’ve had demon girls pick fights with ex-girlfriends who’ve found ways of getting what they want on the sly – but what about battle nuns exorcising demons and winding up playing the square to the original love triangle? That’s right, didn’t think so, yet Engage Kiss isn’t one to leave the audience wanting apparently, because if there’s one place this series is heading it’s straight into the land of chaos. Romantic chaos.

If there was a way of topping Ayano’s taking of initiative last week, I definitely didn’t have potential side fling (albeit with a purpose) Sharon being it. Unknown third party proving to be the actual enemy sure, an individual with ties to both sides and potentially Kisara to boot maybe, but full-on ubiquitous demon exorcising order masquerading as a philanthropic organization coming out to claim the jealous pink haired memory eater? Now that’s making some waves. For all the whiplash of the moment though Sharon’s appearance does help answer some questions and give an idea on a few more; Kisara for one is effectively confirmed to be separate from the fate of Shuu’s family (as in the sister isn’t Kisara), Shuu himself didn’t learn of or contract Kisara all by his lonesome, and Kisara is definitely going to be the key to solving the problems at hand. There’s a few more moving pieces at play to reveal, but for the moment everything plot-wise comes down to Kisara – and not just because the inevitable romantic free for all will be a sight to behold.

One of these moving pieces in particular is Shuu’s unknown information source because oh boy that’s going to be a reveal and a half when he (or she) is finally outed. After all Kisara herself basically gives it away: the only one who could be so fast is someone high up the political food chain, those that high up were once involved with Shuu’s parents in their exploratory work, and such individuals are not immune from feelings of regret over what transpired. Now this doesn’t mean any of the currently introduced characters are the mysterious person of the moment (it could be someone yet to be introduced), but there’s increasingly little chance that they are not involved with Bayron’s governance in some capacity. It’s going to be very interesting seeing this play out, because besides the fun of reveals having our totally not working for the enemy cop using Shuu to also attempt catching them means we likewise get all the fun of finding out just what the enemy is after.

One way or another, I like where this show is going.




  1. Honestly, I am beginning to really feel sorry for Kisara. As expected, this episode started the Kisara backstory and indicated that the contract was initiated by Shuu (just before she was literally backstabbed by Sharon and shot in the back by Shuu – though the lattter likely was rather to prevent Kisara from killing Sharon). For a moment, I even thought that they might have switched the order around (Sharon/Shuu impaling her first, and then Shuu returning to contract her afterwards), but they didn’t – first, Kisara was impaled from the front, and then afterwards from the back. Life’s tough for a demon. I wonder how the backstory transitions from Sharon/Shuu approaching Kisara to Shuu completing the contract with Kisara without Sharon knowing. We’ll find out next ep, I guess…

    About the identity of “the source”: Based on the characters introduced so far, and assuming that it won’t be a completely new one (which would still be possible), there’s three options:

    1) Ayano’s mom (Yuugiri Akeno)
    2) The mayor’s aide (Hachisuka Linhua)
    3) The annoying blonde playboy (Hachisuka Mikhail)

    It’s definitely neither the young inspector (Mikami Tetsuya) nor our coloured guy (Morgan Miles), since they were shown surveying the scene. Personally, I think 2) or 3) are more likely.

    If I was in Kisara’s shoes, I would probably shishkebob everyone in this show. She was contracted on the initiative of someone else and was forced to save her contractor and her love rival multiple times already without even a smidgen of genuine appreciation from her _or_ Shuu at the same time,

    1. It might be mayor’s aide -who is also his daughter. Unless her blonde half-brother is fully on Obfuscating Stupidity….
      I doubt Sharon has any romantic feelings for Shu. Being nun and all that aside, her obvious goal is catching and probably killing Kisara.
      She is one mean fighting machine, easily dispatching anyone in her way.
      This makes total engaged agencies pretty overwhelming.
      We have:
      -government and assorted “conventional” demonhunters – goal: keep city safe
      -Kisara and Shu – goal – finding next item on the list and saving Shu’s sister
      -mysterious demon enemy (Maou?) – goals – unknown, but probably death and chaos
      -mysterious informant who probably is part of government – goals unknown
      -“totally unsuspicious detective guy” who might be working for aforementioned demon kingpin – or not , again, goals unknown
      -and finally our Blonde Beast in Habit – goal – to kill or seal Kisara. (if killing proves impossible)
      This will be glorious multi-sided-melee…

    2. Doubt it’s Mikhail given his personality, but can definitely see it being Ayano’s mom or Linhua. Both have shown the spunk needed for such a thing, and in Akeno’s case especially a lack of ability thanks to only seeing her in terms of CEO. Plus the whole accepting Shuu as employee given his origins sort of thing 😛

  2. This, Sharon Holygrail, blond babe with a nun get-up and a short fuse that rivals Ayano’s. Throw an analog alarm clock with a rope attached to it on Sharon and you have Rosetta from Chrono Crusade…only less bubbly…less reckless.

    Sharon’s personality seems like the kind that 007 is attracted to. Prickly and Ice Cold till she warms up to the MC. With that said, is Sharon back because she misses Shu or did she get word that Kisara is being mistreated by Shu? (JK)

    I am rooting for Sharon in Shu’s harem, Sharon just got to water board Shu with Holy Water when he bums money off of her—or cigarettes.


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