“Opposites attract”

Episode 06 of Lycoris Recoil brings the fight back home with Majima being directed towards targeting Chisato if he has any chance of toppling the DA. But as Robota fights for his life to shift his focus on Chisato, LycoReco has to handle the obstacles from Majima’s terrorist attacks on Lycoris agents.


One neat way that this episode moves the needle for Chisato and Takina’s relationship is having them live with each other in the meantime. Majima’s murder spree brought them closer in the craziest way by having Takina deal with adjusting to Chisato’s daily routine.

Takina might not have marathoned all of Chisato’s action movies just yet, but she definitely learned the hard way not to play Rock, Paper, Scissors with her. It was pretty funny to see how she tried to consult with the rest of LycoReco on how to beat her only to boil it down to a science as they build a diagram around the probability of tripping Chisato up enough that she can’t read her hands. It even had some adorable payoff as Takina is highly proud of herself when she finally beats her using her peers’ advice.


I was a little surprised to see everyone getting personally offended that Kurumi was paid to hack during the job that got Takina demoted. They already picked Kurumi up while she was a freelance hacker, so it would’ve been a given that she’d hack against them at one point or another.

I think Takina understood that when she forgave her since Kurumi’s been devoted to LycoReco since coming here, and by this point, it would make little sense for Kurumi to stay or backstab unless she was aiming to redeem herself for the guilt she has over hacking against the DA and getting Takina demoted.


For the most part, this episode served to dive further into the story with Majima begrudgingly using Robota’s intel until he realized who the hacker kept directing him towards. It also gave us another neat, intense fight scene where Chisato is placed at a major disadvantage with her eyesight obscured. The only thing that threw me off about it was how Majima wasn’t killed in the blast.

His car was hit by a rocket launcher right when he was standing next to it. The missile is already blasting the car to smithereens, but Majima getting launched into the bay from where he was standing would’ve been far less likely than also being caught in the blast. To be fair, I watched a couple of videos where people shot cars with RPG’s to confirm and the blast is smaller than I thought.

But I still find it hard to believe that he could shrug it off easy unless he had some kind of powers or Alan Institute training. I don’t have much of an impression on what kind of person Majima is, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he had an owl emblem of his own or if he had a deeper past event happen to him to make him want to topple the DA.

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