「だけどいい、それでいい」 (Dakedo ii, Sore de ii)
“But It’s Okay, That’s Enough”

I got to say, that escalated fast. Deliciously fast. Kisara quickly proving why she’s best girl sort of fast. And no, I’m not referring to Shanon getting in the robot tentacle equipped demonic exosuit (though that was splendid in its own right) and getting naturally beat into screenshot worthy submission. Nawh, it’s all about those innuendos and phrasing because nothing says good time like descriptions gone wrong. What can I say, I like my comedy fresh and ribald.

Although Shanon was largely the girl/character of the moment this week for pretty obvious reasons (heh), in a way it was once again all about Kisara. Much as expected for example, Shuu’s little betrayal cliffhanger last episode was anything but, since he (as could be anticipated) was using Shanon and Celestial Abbey to get a hold of Kisara for revenge-based purposes. Among other things; I think we can safely say all that womanizing isn’t entirely for the sake of vengeance. In Kisara’s case though it is all about finding love: the girl does know she’s being used, she does know Shuu doesn’t actually love her, but those remarks about Shuu accepting her purely because of who she is – i.e. a demon unique among demons – is all she needs to be happy with her situation. Kisara knows full well she’ll never have what Ayano had, but what she gets right now is enough to keep on going even while hating just what she’s doing to Shuu (albeit mostly – she’s definitely having regrets now). I got to say, I’m starting to really pity the poor girl because a lot of what’s happening isn’t even her fault.

Kisara’s situation is also tied to what Shuu is up to because, surprise surprise, the kid’s mission isn’t one where survival is intended. While easy to appreciate Shuu sacrificing memories all over to avenge his family, that alone doesn’t mesh with someone determined to use themselves up. There’s something else at play regarding Shuu’s family and what happened to them that we don’t yet know about, something Shuu likely is aware of driving him to such suicidal extremes. My personal bet is him being aware his sister is alive and possibly converted to demonic form (the recurring dream is enough to hint towards it), but honestly it could be anything at the moment. We need more information to start properly assembling these pieces together, something which should at least become easier now that Engage Kiss’ is seemingly set on driving full throttle up to its climactic peak.

After all, anytime you’re teasing a threat to end all threats, best be sure that event is going to have direct ties to one (or more) of the main cast. Something tells me the upcoming Demonic Hazard has more familiarity with Shuu and Kisara than they think.

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  1. Does Shu really think that Sharon only came to the city because of a mission?

    Considering the fact that she spends a lot of time pestering Shu about their relationship till Shu admits he doesn’t know her or how she just getting into the girls’ heads shows that maybe Sharon was personally hurt that Shu betrayed her.

    While Ayano comment about the irony about Sharon’s Caste title is funny but it just shows that Sharon did love Shu to the point she’s willing to give up her virginity to him. Considering that she resorted to use a knife to kill her when she already has monstrous strength to do the deed shows that she might have been trying to stall the inevitable.

    Atomic Beast
    1. I don’t see any love there, to be honest ^_^; … she was about to kill him while doing the deed. Shuu used Sharon to enlist her help in freeing/contracting Kisara, and Sharon allowed this to happen in exchange for some snu snu and probably something else which we don’t know for sure yet. You don’t knife someone you really love.

      We should also keep in mind that this was three years in the past, so Sharon didn’t come to the city just to carry out revenge against Shuu – why wait so long? Methinks this is rather an “oh, while I am at it, I could even the score, too” afterthought.

    2. To quote Ayano: “What part of Sharon is chaste?” XD
      We really don’t know anything else about her. She could just be like a black widow spider. Any guy that knows she’s not chaste would’ve been dead.

    3. Agreed with Mentar on this one, nothing from Shanon yet which indicates anything else outside of temporary fling for the hell of it. Heck her title of chaste is basically the comedic confirmation of it since the irony is overwhelming lol.

  2. Based on Shuu’s weird dream at the beginning of the episode, which saw Kanna pierced by this weird spear, and Kisara and Kanna dissolving into blackness, I’m somehow beginning to suspect that the big Demon Hazard threat either will be Kanna herself, or at least in some way related to her. And another pure gut feeling suspicion is that their father is actually the one who intentionally brought this to pass in some way. So, there will be no big family redemption.

    An important revelation of this episode is that Kisara’s “eating memories” ability is not perfect. Even though she removed memories of Sharon, Shuu remembered some afterimages (“how did I know that this was not Sharon’s style when I never met her before?”).

    And to top things off in purely speculation mode – I get the inkling feeling that Kisara is consciously trying to railroad Shuu’s motivation. The way I see it, Kisara might have manipulated Shuu’s memory so that he thinks that Kanna might still be alive/rescuable while he actually saw her die/turn into a demon in the past – and Kisara “ate” this memory, but the afterimage of it broke through in Shuu’s dream. This would also explain her frantic questioning of Shuu in the middle of the fight:

    “What’s the reason behind you wanting me? Revenge against demons? Regaining a good name for your family? Or is it to save your little sister?”

    At the same time, I don’t have the feeling that she is doing all this for purely selfish reasons. It _is_ important to her, yes, but I feel that Kisara is _genuinely_ trying to help Shuu. How could this fit?

    Let’s think back to Shuu’s dream: “Kisara! Save Kanna! That’s why I liberated you!” I am pretty sure that this dream actually happened in one way or the other – this is Shuu’s raw motivation which got him to free and contract Kisara, BEFORE memory manipulation. Save from who, though? My call: From his father with his demon experiments. Shuu was absolutely frantic in his dream. My speculation: Kisara was removing the “my father did that” memory and keeps Shuu going to save Kanna, even though it is futile.

    All of that is based on the assumption, of course, that the story is inherently logical. Then again, Fumiaki Maruto has a good track record for that.

    1. Oh yeah the demon hazard is definitely related back to Shuu and his family in some capacity. There’s been too much foreshadowing and teasing to simply have it be a monster of the moment, this one links back in some capacity.

      Unless of course it is a monster of the moment because there’s a surprise second season in the works. That is also a possibility given the multimedia aspect of this series and how well things have been paced thus far.

  3. Strips off to get in the demonsuit but leaves her wimple on. Nuns, eh?

    I’m pretty sure this is the first time I’ve seen an anime where someone has poison administered intravaginally. Assuming he’d coated the condom with it, though, would that give him much protection against it? And a neurotoxin powerful enough to paralyse her would kill her because she would stop breathing too. Ain’t suspension of disbelief a wonderful thing?

    1. Well condoms are designed to prevent fluids from passing through. If the dose is not enough to kill her, then he should be safe.

      From what I’ve read so far, very few venomous snakes kill their prey. A lot of them just paralyses it and eats it alive. The one that suffocate their pray are constrictors.

    2. As theirs said, a condom (at least a well-manufactured one) will keep out such compounds given how impermeable latex is in general. I wouldn’t bet my life on it personally (wear it wrong and you’re screwed lol), but it’s perfectly reasonable to assume it could.

  4. “What part of her is making her Sharon the Chaste?”
    Me: Indeed…
    Kisara retelling the story behind her capture was simply hilarious.
    Anyway, we might be on the road to finallt confronting the greater demon behind all the demonic hazards so far…. The one which Sharon came to defeat, but got tangled up with Kisara and Shu instead.
    Kisara got many best girl points this episode, she is basically willing to even be used just tomake Shu happy.
    As for Shu, he might be having mighty troubles keeping his priorities…

  5. The banter between Shuu’s “girls” is really fun. Don’t think there’s any real deceit there, even with the creative wording. Even Sharon, as crazy as she sounds seem to be stating facts. The last part of the episode she was totally correct, logical and crazy at the same time.

    Shuu is currently hard to read, partly I think because of Kisara. Memories and experience makes a person after all. If it gets repeatedly erased, what happens? Though apparently his subconscious is hardly tampered with. So perhaps we can still piece together some things from Kisara’s revelations.

    Still have to wonder how many girls Shuu has actually slept with. Looks like Kisara’s keeping all those memories inside her. Poor girl.

    1. That’s what makes their relationship work so well, it’s completely honest. Barring Sharon all have regrets and secrets, but outside of comedic one upping they’re all acting in logical and understandable ways. It makes for some really organic developments, especially with Kisara who most clearly shows off the inner turmoil.

  6. If Sharon is gonna be sticking around for a bit, it’s best that she set aside some funds for Shuu’s smoking habit. The last thing Sharon needs is to mimic Kisara and end but penniless living with Shuu.


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