“What’s done is done”

Episode 09 of Lycoris Recoil begs to question exactly what kind of reaction Chisato should have about having her already short life span reduced to an even shorter period. While she’s currently being spared no expense as far as what kind of accommodations the DA is willing to give her and Takina, there is still concern about how exactly she’ll be able to deal with leaving behind everyone who has gotten too attached to her, especially Takina.


A faulty charger and a low battery. For any other group, it would be a massive failure and oversight. But for the Alan Institute, that baby’s a feature, especially if a girl with one of them doesn’t wind up being a mind-reader and/or a sociopath. I suppose I can’t fault the company if the most they can do to make sure Chisato can stay alive is to be on the most cutting-edge artificial heart they could find. At the same time,

One odd thing I found about this episode was how they never really gave Takina time to vent or let out all of her thoughts and feelings about losing Chisato very soon. All of it is boiling at the surface, but nobody gives her the floor to do anything aside from making sure her last days with Takina are fond.

It does fit her character for her to be so caught up in suppressing her thoughts and feelings for others that she wouldn’t know how to express herself before all of her feelings start to boil over. But it feels messed up that she keeps getting interrupted from her grief by everyone telling her not to worry or to focus on more important matters.

At the same time, I can’t help but feel that this should be the point where Chisato lets her guard down and opens up to Takina about how she feels about all of this. She’s gotten so used to dancing around her feelings that it never feels right when Chisato says everything’s good. Is everything REALLY good, or are you saying that so we won’t have to worry?


It’s frankly bullshit that Yoshi had his nurse partner try to kill Chisato because she didn’t get the memo that she needed to gather blood for the Blood God instead of seeing her second lease at life as an opportunity to save lives. Funny enough, all of the problems in this show stem from nobody getting the memo. Everyone speaks so cryptically about important information that it’s practically a blessing when Mika finally sits Kurumi down and explains why Chisato has been living on borrowed time for a while.

It’s also why the streams keep on crossing with everyone double-crossing everyone on the antagonists’ side of the story. Yoshi’s got all his fingers in every pie, so it was hard to tell who is and isn’t in on what he has in mind. The fact that Majima wasn’t aware that he was on Yoshi’s radar shows that his efforts are being astroturfed by anything Yoshi was orchestrating from behind the scenes. I wouldn’t be surprised if Yoshi was working with the DA as well considering how they’re choosing now of all times to give Chisato the camera she had when she was younger.

I’d be embarrassed if Yoshi’s end goal was to secretly give Majima all of the resources he’d need to wreak enough havoc to force Chisato to kill him and many others in the process. Imagine if someone committed multiple acts of terrorism just to give one secret agent their first taste of murder. I know The Joker does that to get Barman to break his no-kill rule, but even those stories are supposed to show how silly it is to think Batman’s moral compass could be shaken because he’s having a bad day.


    1. You can’t hack something that can’t be connected to. That’s the problem. It’s like physically breaking the WiFi card on a computer or pulling the plug on an Ethernet cable.

      What I see is that Yoshi was planning to blackmail Chisato with a new artificial heart. She goes and kills someone, Yoshi gives her a new transplant, everyone wins, at least in Yoshi’s mind.

      Too bad he doesn’t see the irony that he’s the one who got Chisato to take on a no-kill mantra

          1. Well, that’s true up to a point, depending on what sort of time and budget your hackers have, but in this case at least there’s physical access to Chisato’s heart (well, sort of) so I’m still hopeful!


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