「グエルのプライド」 (Gueru no Puraido>)
“Guel’s Pride”

Geeze just when you think you have an idea of where things are going, here comes episode three to truly start in on actuality. Seemingly not content in leaving matters on simmer, Witch from Mercury has decided to go full boil as mysteries are solved, pairings are firmly established, and even more gristle for the drama mill makes its presence felt. We still may lack a tangible idea of the actual story at play – but at least we know it’s going to be very dramatic.

With how often Gundam likes to tease its masked characters, play to their mystery and outward personality only to pull the rug out later on, I’m very surprised we learned immediately that Prospera is indeed Suletta’s mother. To be fair this was a near certainty when Prospera was introduced last week (though I had a little hope she was a different person), but damn, ditching the mask already? That’s some measure of speed, particularly when paired with the knowledge she’s a mother with some serious covert connections. It leads me to wonder just what the twist is here regarding Prospera, because while we know her past courtesy of prologue episode, we don’t know what she’s specifically after right now or how different Aerial is from the GUND technology forcing her current persona. On the plus side that is something likely to be dealt with sooner rather than later, because if Prospera’s family history is already public knowledge, it won’t be long before some of Benerit Group’s more prominent members decide to investigate the weak link.

In terms of Suletta as well, matters are set to get interesting, and not just due to who her mother is. Besides the girl firmly proving she’s not to be trifled with piloting, she’s also established both that Miorine is set to be the fiery foil to her (admittedly quite cute at times) introversion and that this pairing won’t be without its competition. Maybe it’s Gundam no longer being content with the melodramatic shenanigans dropping midseason (Kudelia and Mikazuki say hello), could simply be Witch from Mercury’s writers wanting to lock viewers in faster, but having Guel immediately follow up Suletta’s honest recognition of his strength (thus assuaging his pride) with a marriage offer barely three episodes in? You fully know there’s only one place this development leads. With Suletta fielding praise and suitors both left and right, it’s simply a matter of time before the competition yields friendship and close relationships, the sort of thing ripe for serious drama and destruction later on.

After all, Guel is the heir to a major mobile suit manufacturer and Miorine herself is the daughter of Benerit Group’s head. Once it comes out who Suletta actually is and what her mother is after, some hard choices will have to be made on the part of those considering her their friend and/or potential partner.

It’s only a question of what will finally throw back the veil on this little sci-fi school-life affair.




    1. At this point, Suletta is going to become the new Bakarina. People thought Elan would be the other romantic lead (and he is the first to get her phone number and congratulate her), but here comes Guel with a marriage proposal XD

      I liked that the reveal of Prospera’s identity was casual and nonchalant. It was so obvious in the previous episode that pretending it was a mystery would feel forced. She joins the list of Char Clones whose identity is only mysterious for other characters, not audiences. Or not mysterious at all. While not a majority across Sunrise’s history, they seem to be more common in later entries, like Gundam 00 and Iron-Blooded Orphans. Also, Code Geass.

      Given what it was shown in The Cradle World, I think the real mystery about Prospera is her plans of vengeance and how far she will take them. What will happen when she has to choose between revenge and her daughter, hmm?

      1. Introverted Bakarina maybe, she’s too timid to be going down that route anytime soon XD

        Agreed about Prospera also, I was personally hoping for a more Char-esque character with her, but it’s very clear the intent is to leave the extent of her plans in the air and what she’s prepared to do when others interfere with them. It’ll certainly fit the melodramatic approach this series is apparently aiming for at least.

  1. Prospera’s identity is similar to what the Limited Liability Corporations are like.

    They are dummy corporations created with dummy people and can disappear on the fly in case of a crackdown.

    Prospera is certainly rich and only the rich can use Limited Liability Corporation to do underhanded tactics.

    I like how Lady Secera called themselves as ‘stocks’, for indeed these children are.

    Not KoG
  2. The Gundam franchise has used children as pilots many times. Whether it be for peace of their times. But this Gundam series is so different I can’t help being interested. Seeing how government politics are no longer the narrative, and it’s more big corporations maintaining a positive reputation in the public eye. (Transparency is like fame, can be a real b****)

    Guel asking Suletta for her hand in marriage properly is something I saw coming. Now all we need is to see Suletta crack a whip on Guel to assert dominance.

    Can we ship Guel × Suletta already?

    1. The focus on megacorps is a suitable fit given how Gundam usually treats geopolitics, though I’m interested seeing what Earth is like in this universe. There’s a major undercurrent of resentment which wouldn’t keep getting highlighted if there weren’t plans to have Earth-space politics feature prominently in the story.

  3. The audacity on that man! After being a dick to both Suletta and Miorine and boasting nonstop about his abilities, he has the gall to ask for Suletta’s hand in marriage lol

    They made a lot of effort trying to show this episode that there’s more to Guel than meets the eye, but I feel after the way he was portrayed in episode 1 and 2, it was way too fast for him to suddenly not be a dick. This plot of a victim of his circumstances needed more time to cook in the oven.

    1. Agreed, I’m fine with Guel’s sudden interest in Suletta due to how he’s been treated, but it’s something which could’ve used another episode to build up a bit. It’s the sort of personality which needs time to explore before you break out the base jumping (and why I highlighted Kudelia and Mikazuki, their development never happened overnight).

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