「ゴブリンスタンピードはオオゴトでした」 (Goburin Sutanpīdo wa Ōgoto Deshita)
“The Terrifying Goblin Stampede”

Woah! Tons of lore in this episode! The whole exposition with the gods leading up to the explanation of the god of chaos was just *chef’s kiss.* Even though the exposition was dulled out rather quickly, it wasn’t the hardest to keep up with. First, there were the gods of elemental prouesse, that from there created 72 gods of different stature. From there 10 gods arose as the strongest of them all. However, the goddess of chaos remained as one of the original 10. She is responsible for creating dungeons as a sort of balancing act for humanity. However, there was also another important fact. Sorry to do this comparison again but I’ve been sort of obsessed with Rings of Power so it’s fresh on my mind.

Think about Sauron, (sorry I haven’t read the books) at least in the movies and this new series, he’s sort of known as this Lovecraftian entity; a god that sweeps through darkness and invades the heart of men, sooner rather than later when the time is ripe taking a body and manifesting himself in mortal flesh. I won’t spoil TROP in case you haven’t watched it, but the gist of it stands tall. Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita also has a big baddie, but is no longer here. And the explanation they gave was quite satisfying. So unlike Sauron, this war god has clearly died and left his influence across the land. His body and spirit were fractured into a million pieces, and from there, goblins and orcs were born, aka all the evil in the world. Which is a satisfactory conclusion but clearly lets out the part where you get to foreshadow his return in a big way.

So yeah I don’t know if this is an apt comparison, but it’s something along those lines for sure, Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita for sure takes inspiration from Buddhist mythology, whereas TLORD takes inspiration from Mythology, Christianity, and Philology. Tolkien was not interested in mirroring any other works of fantasy fiction, but instead creating his own world. At least from how I see it. So his inspirations are not other books, but poetry and Christian theology. The ten main gods *opens the episode, skims to exposition, checks notes*

The gods of the sun, moon, sea, land, fire, storm, forest, and beasts. Sort of remind me of the ten great buddhas, however, it might be a stretch. The god of the underworld created the Cycle of Samsara, which is a direct reference to the cycle of birth and rebirth in Hinduism. Which also shares the same name. Everything after that I’ve already covered somewhere up top.

So yeah that’s the lore Tensei Shitara Ken Deshita is building and so far it’s been fascinating to watch, and a breath of fresh air I so desperately needed. Okay, enough lore talk let’s get to the episode proper. Fran being a badass is really doing it for me she’s just hauling those goblins left and right, it’s quite satisfying to see, literally cutting them in half. However is it weird that Fran is taking Shishou to the bath now, especially since the sword is implied to be a boy! However my triggers aside I was searching for reference clues about the lore and found things I should not have read, aka spoilers regarding some of the systems of this word. That’s not the important part, I read that some fans say Fran and Shishou’s relationship is more akin to that of father and daughter and given Fran is canonically 12-13 years old, I guess it’s okay. However, she’s rubbing his back instead of the other way around. We must remember Japan’s sensibilities to this kind of stuff are very different from ours, and maybe the author just tried to imbue a wholesome moment for their relationship. Maybe it’s nothing more than a disciple and master situation. I want to believe. That sword has hands though!

Let’s not think about that too hard and just accept it for face value. Right before the episode ends we get a big reveal that the goblin DM has actually summoned a super powerful monster because he lucked out in the gacha, more and more I start to think that this is a sort of f2p MMO but that is neither here nor there. Let’s just pretend it’s not. Well, Fran walks in head first not before using her flying skill that lets her hope through the air and use a fire elemental skill that exploded all the goblins at the entrance and allowed her to enter through.

What sort of power-up will she have after defeating the big baddie inside the dungeon, I for one cannot wait and hold the pause with bated breath, until next week my little cat friend!

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    1. I’ll assume you stopped reading the post at some point just to write your comment. I mentioned the original trilogy in there somewhere. And of course, The Hobbit is quite lovely. NO Rings of Power is not my first foray into Tolkien. The original trilogy is actually one of the reasons why I have a sane relationship with my dad.

      I remember spending some time with the MMO on our old family computer, which was the catalyst that made me addicted to WoW for a whole year. I have yet to play Shadow of Mordor and Shadow of War, but those games look amazing and I definitely want to try them out.

      And even if TROP was my first approximation, at Tolkien, what’s the big deal?! Why the need to gatekeep? I personally think newbies who did start with ROP should be encouraged to go back to the original trilogy, or read the books, heck play the games idk.

      Those movies are classics, and the miniature sets and matte paintings still stand up today VFX-wise. We shouldn’t be shaming them out of the fandom just because you didn’t like the series, and they did. There are those who liked it like me and want to see this new direction go forward. Because I like the cast and have fallen in love with the characters. Especially Galadriel, Elrond and Durin. I like how some men can now show vulnerability and how some women are full fledge warriors. So what if it’s filled with PC BS, it made me feel like I could belong in Middle Earth for the first time. And that’s good enough for me.

  1. What sa If you are going to reference the rings of power, let’s call Fran’s teacher (The Sword) Goblin Cleaver. Then when fighting other enemies the Glam meaning Foe and during meaning Hammer (Glamdring) in Tolkien’s The Hobbit.

    Having gods that developed the world in which Fran resides reminds me of the world of Danmachi where dungeons were created by a higher power. Plus it’s a better explanation than the lack of info we got about the world of Goblin Slayer.


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