「加虐への報酬」 (Kagyaku e no Houshuu)
“Sadism’s Rewards”

While I suspect it may grow tiresome later on how much Eminence in Shadow is treading the predictability line, I got to admit I’m liking just where this show is going. For all the knowing what’s coming next there’s still a good deal of fun to be had, and with the main story now properly getting started, I think we’re about to see some of that fun in action.

With how last episode left off I dare say few will be surprised how this one went, though the manner of it definitely was in the mood for flipping the script. Cid after all was always going to get out from the accusation of kidnapping Alexia – but getting legitimately tortured in the process and having the kid enjoy the backseat B-grade experience? I got to admit I laughed at that one. Hell even the other half of the experience with Alexia’s predicament was worth a few chuckles, as crazed mad scientist emulating the best of first year nursing students and deadpan princess resigned to the insanity more than made up for any ubiquitous fantasy storyboarding at work. Eminence in Shadow leans quite hard on the tropes at times, but it doesn’t let them go waste.

Part of the predictability inevitably stems to Alexia’s intended betrothed in Zenon, because I seriously doubt anyone did not see that coming. Perfect teacher with nary a flaw? Oh you knew something was up with that, and something was indeed. Although I’m starting to raise an eyebrow at the increasing void of information over why these various characters are interested in the Cult of Diabolos (Zenon was the first to give a tangible one), I suspect we will see more on that very shortly considering Cid’s compatriots have now returned and will inevitably have a lot to fill him in on. Among other things, heh.

First however must come epic beatdowns, and with Zenon set to face off against the shadowy Eminence himself, best be sure it’s going to be an entertaining one. After all, with how much Cid has been holding himself back to date, something tells me he’s ready to finally let loose for a bit.


  1. The director might have problem with comedy, but he is great in character development aside from expanding plot and world building.

    The double entendre and innuendo from Alexia scene, though…. i think i know what director and producer tries to imply, and their kinks and fetishm… especially after Nishimura Akane’s flashback. I am not complaining, instead applaud it and hope future episode we will have more.

    The way they introduce Rose within Claire reaction was very nice and more believable than what happen in both manga and novel. Such novel idea that expand both their characters (though i question did Claire tries to negotiate with brandished sword in hand?). As her introduction as pesky pampering onee-sama who will monopolize her lil bro attention felt stronger compared to what happen in skipped scene of manga post her kidnapping. It is small scene but bolster her character as onee-sama.

    What best here is how Alfa is being expanded and developed as character frame by frame in her scene and appearance with the golden rule of “show, not tell”. In both manga and novel, it is hard to imagine alfa as nothing but a stoic mere loyal strictly to business character archetype (orin simple term “boring”). It is really delightful to see through her innocuous act, the director used each scene to imply her attempt to seduce Cid. She wear schoolgirl uniform as if to imply her being jealous and resent not able to stand by side with him like normal classmate and enjoy daily life of osananajimi character like romcom (in novel and manga, she came to Cid with her normal Shadow Garden outfit).

    I mean imagine, her waiting in some seducing pose with one lifted foot until Cid open the door ( you tell me it is not on purpose while novel and manga only show the scene as normal ninja subordinate appear before his master), her doing on four atop table as if to accentuate her body posture and shape to flirt and make Cid notice her … and her taking care of cid doing sloppy things in his own mess… she doesn’t need to do it so close … it is as if she is being possessive of her master, trying to assert her position as number one in rank and the first of Cid’s posse. We get glimpse of her assertiveness in her dialogue of wanting to be trusted, also when she suggest punishment for those wronging Cid. I’m glad the anime doing more for her than what manga, author and novel did for her.

    But here is my big gripe. Tuna is great for Sandwich but, only beef for burger! Ok, well Bacon wrapped beef patty might be exception but…. McTunaLD sounds like dumb concept

    The Beta scene works in both manga and anime, imo. Both have their strength. In manga, beta explain through inner thought. Here, in anime i’m glad the director choose to show by using admiring sigh and curious glance to each trinket and decoration Cid set up. The comedic where moved to when Cid carefully set the stage while in manga, the comedy was when Beta started to make fuzz on Cid doing his farce. But…. you know, i am not familiar with interior or art-deco… but for sure i would not put that much luxurious trinket knowingly my room is very small. Instead of looking cool, it felt cringe and try hard. In manga the room is spacious but, thinking about it… it is impossible for someone with Cid’s family financial condition to afford wide room…. as in manga, i was under impression it was school mandated dormitory (hence, it is plausible for it to be spacious even with Cid’s financial condition)

  2. Cid seeing those official interrogator being corny evil make him think that they are outmobbing him so he ramp up his performance to not be outdone XD. The moment Cid (spanish for Lord) Kagenou become Lord Shadow make me felt almost like Beta.

  3. The torture scenes at the start were strangely amusing. Hardly flinched at all even though they were rather graphic. Usually not my cup of tea, but i could watch it all over again and still crack a smile.

    The episode really runs on voice acting. From the Princess’ deadpan voice to Beta’s fangirling. I feel a lot of the entertainment was auditory. I’m still wondering what happened to Claire with all that shouting in the background. I somehow think it’s something amusing too.


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