「蜘蛛のトラップは反則でした」 (Kumo no Torappu wa Hansoku Deshita)
“The Trap of Trap Spiders”

I had a lot of fun with this episode, learning about the different types of skills and magic was really interesting, and the way it was juxtaposed in between killing the lesser mob enemies, kept the pacing of the episode up and allowed for things to feel fast throughout the whole bout. I wonder if they expect us to forget the names because text boxes with their Adventure Rank name kept popping up. I mean do we really need a reminder of who everyone is, maybe for the guys from the lesser guilds, The Eyes of Forest, and umm… The Other One. But for Amanda as well? She really is an important character that has already made an impression. So I don’t know why the need for reminders. Even though I do like that not a lot of time was spent doing so, instead the episode just continued expecting you to keep along, I really appreciate that.

Anyway, I’m grasping at straws here, as the whole episode felt more of a sociable introduction to the dungeon and the history and lore behind it. Amanda does mention that she did come here once, but that’s the little seeds that plant an important part, as later when they reach the dungeon core, which is apparently a sakura tree, an evolved version of the mob monster they’ve been killing appears seemingly out of nowhere! They mention it as weird as this type of monster shouldn’t spawn in an already cleared dungeon, and instead theorize that it came to be into existence by their own violation. AKA they evolved on their own. Maybe fighting each other or holding spider tournaments or something. This causes two of the party members to be inflicted with Frenzy poison, making their eyes glow red in the process like they just blazed some fat grass. In this state, they accidentally go into a room that has a teleporter on the floor. Pushing Fran in as well.

Because of this Fran and the two-party members get transported to the final boss room, thankfully Fran learned thunder before, but only through skill share, so she will be unable to cast it unless Shishou finds her location.

This final dungeon seems all but a distraction, however, we have yet not forgotten that this is actually an exam for Fran and the other’s to get promoted to a higher rank, as previously discussed, it’s impossible for Fran to just skip levels like it’s nobody’s business. However, it does seem like they are throwing more at her than she can handle and not giving her enough recompense. So instead they force her into this exam, thinking it’s all fun and games until it’s actually not, and things go south. In this case, she gets separated from Shishou and things are not looking good for her as she has been reliant on him for so long. So we’ll have to wait and see how she gets out of this one for sure!

Another question is why did Amanda not hear Shishou when she picked him up after Fran got teleported, it’s a minor question, but it makes me think that maybe Shishou only shares telepathy with those he deems. However in this same vein, what if he just used telepathy to communicate with Fran? But because he says he’s unable to find her through all of the mediums he tried, maybe telepathy was also one of them. He tried echolocation among many other skills and non of them seem to be working. So Fran and the other two might be stuck somewhere in an unreachable place.

So – things are looking dire right now for Fran, but the next episode title is Summoning the Demon Wolf which also now properly appears in the OP, so I’m sure something is going to happen with that and she might be able to get out of this predicament she is in with little to no trouble. Here’s rooting for Fran and everyone else to be able to get out of the dungeon with little preamble except maybe just making sure this spider-looking Quelaag monster goes down easily.

Let’s wait for next week and see what happens!

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  1. 80% of this episode was absolutely filler, were 10 episodes in, two to go, and now they decide to start explaining basic JRPG rules? You either start it from first episode or cut it all together. I don’t know if it’s the same in light novel, but i think director does not realize it does not translate well into adaptation.

    And to be honest, some people in charge need to face the fact that other people who watch anime have basic concept of RPG video games.

    1. Most light novels isekai nowadays tend to over-explain basic concepts that are familiar to anyone who has ever played DQ or FF. In my humble opinion, explaining the magic system is also part of the lore, however, that doesn’t mean illustrating basic concepts like chi (xhi) and mana over and over again, without adding anything new, is creative (Spoiler Warning: It’s not) Yet provides that familiarity with fantasy works. I agree that this episode felt like filler, but it’s the padding around the edges for Fran to be able to pull a super Deux Ex on us and come out winning on top. Imo magic systems are best when left to the viewer to figure out. Like Howl’s Moving Castle (sorry it’s my fav). The Magic system in that film is never actually explained right in your face, instead left for you to figure out. I personally think that’s a lot better storytelling wise. It’s the idea that most of this stories will be consumed by first-timers who know nothing about fantasy, however, in this day and age, it’s hard for someone not to have preconceived notions of what fantasy as a genre is. 🙂

  2. The one thing I found a bit cliche was that the dungeon environment felt like a copy of Danmachi dungeons.

    There are weak monsters at the beginning levels and as the Adventurers progress through the labyrinth by exhausting themselves. The monsters slowly become less mindless and more sentient. Before the Adventurers know it their brigade is spent and right when a disaster ensues. The only thing the show is missing is Fran repeatedly saying “Firebolt, Firebolt, Firebolt”

    Fran losing her WMD feels like a midterm for students, Fran is being tested to see what she learned so far…no calculator. (Sensei is the calculator.)

    Though seeing Fran worry because she doesn’t have any spells peaks my interest, I would like to see what Fran will do. Start fires with a bow drill, build a lean-to for shelter, collect morning dew for hydration, and cook up a mean curry.

      1. Give her enough time with thunder magic and she will be like: lightning bolt! lightning bolt!…
        Fran is resourceful gal, and I think she will come up with some kind of strategy to survive boss spider, at least long enough to give main party time to find and reach her
        Shishou will have interesting time here as well, he will have to be carried by someone else than Fran – or risk getting exposed as intelligent weapon, able to use levitation and other magic on his own…
        Two things piscked my interest in this episode, one being who exactly was that cloaked figure who apaprently tampered with the dungeon before our party arrived. The other is, will we eventually run into the necromancer guy Amanda mentioned, such foreshadowing reminds me of how in Made in Abyss , Ozen did warn Riko and Reg about Bonedrewd being scum amongst the scum…


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