「地球の魔女」 (Chikyuu no Majo)
“The Witches from Earth”

Ahh have to love Christmas weekends, besides all the fun of alcohol-fuelled family time (the best of times I tell ya) it’s also a time of remembering oh yeah, anime still is airing and you best not forget that fact. The good news at least is that Witch from Mercury didn’t really show off its hand this time – and saving me being sad I missed watching it yesterday – because outside of the usual teasing and hinting, we’re simply gearing up for that season finale next week. And what a finale it’s shaping up to be.

Given where things last left off a few weeks back the main reveal of the moment is that Delling and Prospera can be considered in league with each other. Not necessarily partners in crime mind you; while Delling is clearly up to his own perfected Gundam schemes, he’s doing it for his own interests first and foremost and only using Prospera when required. This was the sort of development I expected: it explains why Delling was willing to relent with Miorine why his rule of Benerit has found ways of keeping both Aerial and other Gundam competitors floating around, and, more importantly, why those inklings he’s not the actual antagonist are probably correct. Just like Shaddiq and Guel’s father Delling are playing the long game, Delling too is doing so in the name of keeping a grip on his power.

Such a discovery is the groundwork for what’s to come, because one way or another someone amongst Suletta, Miorine, and the adult class is going to experience some fun times shortly. Guel for example, if not bound to pilot a Gundam at this point, is likely to rescue one of the girls – with my bet being on Miorine – while Suletta is almost guaranteed destined for a date with the new and improved Aerial and one passionate fangirl. The interesting bit is Delling’s (and Prospera’s) little Gundam experiment, you wouldn’t a picture of that already if someone in the current crop of characters wasn’t meant to get behind the controls. The one assured outcome though is that Miorine and Suletta will be separated for a bit; with making up complete and flags raised all over, there’s not much chance of a return to normal for either when other matters are heating up apace.

We’ll just have to find out how bad the cliffhanger and season wait for round two is going to be next episode.




  1. Hey, Suletta got a fan! Good for her! A pity they’re probably going to try to kill each other in the next episode.

    Honestly, for me the scene between Delling and Prospera was a shock. I might have expected hints in one way or another (Delling not being so anti-Gundam as he appears in public, or his suspecting Prospera’s real identity), but the reveal was bigger and more non-chalant than I could imagine: Delling has known who Prospera really is and the two of them have been in cahoots for a long while.

    While I’m sure each of them has their own personal agenda, I can’t help but wonder how this unlikely alliance came to be.

    1. Forgot to praise the animation of the chase. It was very fluid and made creative uses of the zero gravity environment. Of course the anime crew knew that Miorine’s and Suletta’s making up was the main course of the episode.

    2. Bet for me is Delling having regrets about the past or actually wanting to pursue some form of ‘ethical’ Gundam, but getting held back by his fellow corporate partners. There’s definitely some interplay we’re missing and it’s likely to come out once Delling’s little project gets officially revealed.

  2. Suletta’s not speaking up when there were no more box lunch and waiting for others to take first reminds me of me. Often times this means one goes to an hour lunch with no food which Suletta did, or one gets stuck doing things that are beyond their expertise.

    Regardless of how useless Suletta feels, it’s important that she speaks up since she is also part of the crew.

    Now that the Earthian mercenaries have showed up with their Gundam and are hostile, the Gund-Arm corp will face a real challenge of proving Gundams are not dangerous.

    1. Heh I also had some middle/high school memories come flooding back with those scenes, it shows that Suletta still has a ways to go. Miorine’s actions are the first step to getting her out of her shell, and what comes next should also help in that regard,

  3. Good news: Miorine and Suletta ship is sailing again
    Bad news: fireworks are about to start and someone is going to die, All bets are off, maybe save Miorine and Suletta…
    Ugly news: Prospera and Delling are allies, probably only for now and until one will not betray other… but allies. “Shady” Shaddiq is perfectly fine with betraying his own ally , Guel’s father.

  4. Quiet Zero? Please no more hax zany scheme like Eva’s Instrumentality Project or Brain Powerd’s Orphan, Recent Mecha’s half baked philosophical battle was so bad that Crux Dogatie’s plan in sending Nuke with Divinidad or Carozzo Ronah creating the Killing Machine ‘Bug & Rafflessia’ because he is cuckolded is so much sensible. Kinda annoy me especially with Anno pretentious message in Eva movie to lay off anime yet expect us to buy more Eva’s merch…. just because some woman reject you both (Tomino and Anno) no need to lash out to your viewer…

    I expect by the end of 1st season or at least after the attack on Quetta and Astacissia ended, Jeturk is no more… but i hope they don’t make Bob as patsy due to coincidence among coincidence. I stil clinging on the hope that he will be cool, donning a mask and riding super mobile armor or fast melee mobile suit…. i mean we had Schwarzsette…. who deserve it if not him? That hot sitting gyaru?

    Suletta really need some Bright’s slap or Wong’s punch. Getting angsty and sulking on her own, suspecting friends whom she befriended not just for one or two days, complaining to her mom for nothingburger…. what a bad friend. Even Loran Cehack was not this annoying to watch. This is not like when she was bullied in previous episode, making drama on her own and blowing things out of proportion and worst of all… a 240 bills of dollariodoos company can’t have surplus rationing…. what kind of budgetting they are doing? Not even Scrooge McDuck was this stingy.


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