「神の授業」 (Kami no Jugyou)
“A Lesson by God”

Ahh Maou Gakuin, to say I’m a fan of this series would be a bit of an understatement as between deadpan comedy, solid characters, and half-decent story we got a first season adaptation which went above and beyond the usual light novel fantasy shtick. So how well does the dark horse of resurrection do a few years down the line? Pretty much as expected.

Given this is a sequel to the first Maou Gakuin recap and filler should not be expected and indeed that is what we got with this opener. In spades. You want an idea what this series is about, preview and the first season are there for all the information needed because I’m not going to spend much time on refreshers since this opener doesn’t either. Pretty much Anoth (Umehara Yuuichirou) is the demon king resurrected, a guy who proved himself through good old fashioned ass kicking and manly charm, and a man who thanks to the passage of time has learned to temper the more explosive parts of his nature as two cutie pies can more than attest. It’s not to say Anoth has completely forgotten who he is at heart, but there’s more than demonic shenanigans now at play under the surface of the overpowered super serious mystery man.

Of course for all Maou Gakuin remains the same it also, well, remains the same. While sequels of this sort always require a level of familiarity before viewing (thus the reason for lack of overview) this one admittedly took that to heart as we jumped straight into the latest arc involving children of gods, recalcitrant demon middle managers, and teachers again being more than they appear at first glance – all with the dual features of source material rushing and chopping that ubiquitously plague these sorts of adaptations. Even for me it was troublesome following along to the rapid pace of events and new/old character introductions here, showing unfortunately that this season will again be as much about marketing the source material as much as continuing the series for already loyal fans. Not to say it’s going to run off the rails right away obviously, but keeping expectations in check is definitely advised until a few more episodes are under our belts.

And as for more personal matters – i.e. the change in Anoth’s voice actor – so far there’s not much problem on that front. While Umehara Yuuichirou is no Suzuki Tatsuhisa, he certainly has the demeanor needed for the likes of Anoth, and at least in the serious moments thus far slots in nicely for viewer expectations. Given this VA switcheroo was always the main concern of this sequel the acting stability here is nice relief, and though we have yet to see how the more comedic moments play out with this change, so far I’m not seeing many problems when those bits come around. Considering how much this episode rushed through things I’ll take that as a win all things considered.

Overall while mostly in line with expectations, I cannot deny that Maou Gakuin’s second showing so far leaves a little to be desired. For all the fun of seeing its cast back on screen again, for all the satisfaction of knowing Anoth is set for another bout of deadpan hilarity, the pacing already present invites some concern that the fun of the first season may be lost in the chase for source material marketing and reaching a pre-defined cutoff. We’ll just have to see what the next few episodes bring to the table.




  1. I know Anos is the king of deadpan deliveries as well as demons, but the new VA doesn’t quite hit the spot as far as I’m concerned. And why do the character names in the subs disagree majorly with those in the LN, despite the latter having been officially approved by the author? As for the actual content of the episode, there was just far, far too much. Was there really a need to pack so much in, especially when it seems like this season will be split-cours?

    If it carries on like this, I’ll be playing the Darker than Black “shame there was no S2” game.

  2. The new voice actor for Anos is definitely something that I will need to get used to, but it’s not a dealbreaker.

    I’m more worried about the pacing, as you say. Cramming a lot of events and developments nonstop isn’t new for the Misfit Demon Lord, but this was brisk even for its standards. I don’t know if it’s due to the original source material or the adaptation (or perhaps both; it’s not unusual for anime adaptations to decide on a rule of thumb of “X episodes per novel”, but some novels are more meaty than others), but without having watched the first season, I know I’d be lost.

    Nevertheless, it’s nice to have the crew back.

    1. Most likely it’s the adaptation rather than the source. From my experience it seems to be the case production committees decide on a desired endpoint or arc they want to feature for a given season, so rushing and chopping becomes mandatory if that point cannot be reach in the usual 3-4 episodes per volume/novel. We”ll just have to see if this episode is a one-off or the unfortunate start of a trend this season.

      1. The source is fine so far. It’s the start of a major arc so of course there are new characters and plots afoot, but at least when you’re reading you can take things at your own pace. This episode just seemed to frenetic.

  3. That went by real fast. The new teacher for example. Just like everyone in class, I have trouble processing how that guy can continue teaching after all that happened. All in half an episode.

    Glad to see more of Amos’ previous companions. But considering what everyone is looking for in the second half, did they actually manage to do her or her descendants, or are they looking for an inferior product?

  4. Even for me it was troublesome following along…

    Yeah, me too.

    What I liked was that in the conflict scene with the “god” (I think) he used the
    same spells as in the first season — but I don’t remember their exact nature!
    I guess, it’s almost best to rewatch the 1st season so that these things are fresh
    in the mind.

    Looks like the same studio and animators (along with the cast), so it looks to
    be as good as the first (which I thought wrapped things up nicely), so definitely


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