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OP: 「DAY1」by AUO feat. Win Morisaki

「英雄王イングリス、転生す」 (Eiyuuou Ingurisu, Tensei Su)
“Return of the Hero-King, Inglis”

Work and numerous new fantasy make for tough Pancakes introductory choices these days, but out of everything magical and otherworldly premiering this season the one I couldn’t pass up was Eiyuuou, Bu wo Kiwameru Tame Tenseisu (or as shall be known Eiyuuou, because ridiculous light novel names). Maybe it’s the fun and lighthearted nature of its story, could be the cutesy artwork. Or maybe I’m just a sucker for Monday show with a little wah in the production credits, who can say!

Much as elaborated in the RC Preview, Eiyuuou is the latest series using reincarnation as its shtick. This isn’t isekai as you might be led to believe, it’s actual reincarnation in line with the likes of fellow season mate Maou Gakuin, however unlike that series Eiyuuou takes a more good-natured approach. The old king Inglis (Kitou Akari) you see lived the good life, but he always wanted a life as a veritable warrior more than one as a king. Bring in his patron goddess willing to reward his life of service with one wish – a wish Inglis naturally uses to request a second shot of that sword wielding dream. Simple premise right? Well, except said reincarnation winds up creating a baby Inglis who just so happens to be a girl. Oh yes, forgot to mention this one is a gender bender as well.

Tongue in cheek musings aside, Eiyuuou’s setup is handled quite well so far in this opener. Comedy for example is the name of the game, as female Inglis engages in all manner of OP shenanigans while trying hard to hide them from everyone else. Big giant dragons crashing the party? Nothing the toddler cannot solve. Uppity sons of merchants acting above their station? Let the tomboy take care of the problem. It’s your quintessential wish fulfillment archetype, yet given how Inglis acts and chooses to leverage her considerable power – not to mention Eiyuuyou’s decently laid out magic system at work – it doesn’t feels particularly stale or boring. Heck tack on a clear head for bashing the nearest monster over all else (quite literally) and I dare say there’s a lot of room for fun and games as things heat up. Of course, don’t think this means totally unique plot and story incoming, but as far as entertainment goes, we’re certainly off on the right foot.

While Eiyuuou is unlikely to yield many surprises as continues down the tracks, with a spunky lead, good art and animation, and a nice and cheery laid back premise, this is one show I fully intend on paying some attention to. Mondays after all can use a bit of lighthearted relaxation, and this one has it in spades.


ED Sequence

ED: 「セルフハグ・ビッグラヴ」 (Self-Hug Big Love) by Yui Nishio

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  1. Is this one cel-shaded CGI? If so, it’s not too bad at all. Production techniques notwithstanding, I really liked it so it’s going straight on my watchlist (even without knowing how strong the yuri vibes will get).


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