「Gold Opens Any Door」

While just a tad annoying that Revenger’s synopsis wound up becoming obsolete barely one episode in (I like knowing things ok!), it’s quite nice getting a better idea of what this show is actually about the week right after. This one may not ultimately be a show about investigating and taking down the Satsuma clan, yet I dare say there won’t be many complaints on that front. After all, Revenger doesn’t look to be walking the prim and proper path.

Given Raizo’s backstory and tragic happenings came out previously, lo and behold getting the other side of the picture in Yuuen’s little organization this time around. Although we’re still lacking a good bit of information – notably just what the Chapel and its sly priest are all about – we did learn that Yuuen’s true purpose is helping others with vengeance. Think of his motley crew as a more modern and human variety of the Erinyes, where in place of exacting payment for oaths broken it’s all about hired retribution for any perceived slight. Or at least if one is willing to pay the upfront price. It’s a very nice setup all things considered, because what Yuuen is doing isn’t exactly black and white. Sure, some requests are for rightly correcting grievous wrongs, but there’s no guarantee all of them will be so as Raizo noted. You can have some guarantee only those with little to lose and honest reasons would go so far to seek blood payment, and yet still wind up targeting upright individuals who unknowingly committed a terrible mistake. Full bets on this distinction factoring in hard down the line with a later job.

Part of the intrigue here as well is in the Chapel’s purpose and Yuuen’s relationship with it. Fairly clear for example that our local priest considers Yuuen as walking a tightrope as much as he and his flock are in adhering to Catholic stricture, and that there’s something bigger at play underneath all the targeted revenge. What exactly is everyone here after and how is it to be arrived at through killing? Still quite a bit left to learn, and something likely to slowly come out as we work our way through the first likely few ‘episodic’ arcs.

Not that I really have a problem with that either. Between figuring out Nio’s trap status (my trap radar keeps going off), laughing at the sheer ridiculousness of Teppa and his archery chops, and enjoying the willingness of this show to indulge in the bloodshed, I daresay what comes next will prove very entertaining indeed.




  1. Yeah, the archery thing (The Hulk with a compound bow that’s a over a century too early) was so outrageous it sort of worked. It’s going to need something on a similar level each week to keep my attention, though.

  2. Thank you for covering! This is by far my favourite of the new shows this season! A stellar cast of adults, intrigue, and some mystery, as well as a healthy dose of blood and gore – ticks all my boxes. Oh, and the samurai setting is always a win.


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