「Fortune is Fickle and Blind」

For all it’s likely to pass by quietly this season, I got to say I’m liking what Revenger is offering up at the moment. Small yet interesting tweaks on the conventional Tokugawa era combine with a deepening mystery which may wind up being more predictable than currently apparent, but still provide plenty to mull over week in and week out. After all, don’t have to look further than the ominous foreshadowing already rolling in hot.

If Revenger’s second episode was all about highlighting Yuuen’s little motley crew of maniacal revenge killers, this one was showing both Raizo’s place in the pecking order and the likely course of his development. Given Raizo’s samurai background it should probably bear no surprise he’s still hesitant about his new ‘opportunity’: killing for profit is anathema to sworn warriors, and having broken that code of honour himself it’s doubly difficult getting over the hump. As Nio correctly points out there’s nothing which guarantees Raizo can break himself from his background or his mindset – which in turn ironically makes him a good fit for this crew. Each of this cast is clearly harbouring a past that makes deliberate murder better than the alternative, backstories we almost certainly will get more detail on as time goes by. The question is whether betrayal is in the cards considering the nature of this setup.

As for the main story of Revenger that too got a bit more detail. It seems like the opium trade will be the link between everything, considering things started with Raizo killing over it and now minor antagonist Sakata using it as a means to secure better positions of power. While unclear just how all this will unfold, I’m starting to think I was too hasty last week in thinking the Satsuma clan won’t wind up enemy number one given how much Yuuen and Teppa are keeping close to their chests and how the likes of Isarizawa are now suddenly out looking for Raizo. Even if the face of the enemy is yet unknown, there’s already too many coincidences, too many unassuming connections for a totally brand new one to appear out the woodwork.

We’ll just have to wait and see who said enemy winds up being – and how Yuuen and his Catholic chapter relate back to them.



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