「守護術師フィッツ」 (Shugo-jutsu-shi Fittsu)
“Guardian Fitz”

First Impressions

I have to say it – there’s something going on with the animation in the beginning of the episode – however it soon picks back up and excels at the attention to detail Mushoku Tensei is known for. The dichotomy between making sure the anime has that excellent pacing it’s known for. While at the same time having bombastic animation – is present in this zero episode to the start of Mushoku Tensei long awaited season 2.

It keeps up with the quality, and hand delivers an important detail anime watchers have been long waiting to understand. Let’s talk about it. Ariel comes back with both her bodyguards, but in tandem explains what happened to someone we haven’t really seen or heard about. Sylphiette makes an appearance as she assumingely just got teleported due to the transportation incident. And is now making her way through the sky trying to land correctly. In her wake she manages to defeat a boar that was making an attempt on Ariel’s life. In the process becoming her body guard and taking a new name. “Silent Fritz.” 

Immediately my empathy bells started ringing for Sylphiette – in essence she’s forced to take on a new name – forced to take on a new identity. Her elf heritage left by the wayside. On top of that she’s dealing with hard emotions. Ariel breaks the news – her home country has vanished and she’s the only one left. The teleportation incident left her with nothing but herself. So it’s hard not feel for her. 

Wouldn’t it be safe to assume it’s something akin to an immigrant displaced from their homeland after a natural disaster? 

Her emotions come breaking down in the later half of the episode zero prologue – when she accidentally bumps into one of the nobles at the party – and makes him throw a cup to the floor. In any other anime it would be cause for concern and the noble would probable go off on her. But thanks to Ariel’s quick thinking, following a request to sing. She distract the crowd and Sylphiette is able to get off with nothing more than a slap on the wrist. 

(Not) Boring Politics

During the party, some of the noble’s take to gossip about Ariel – and this could easily be brushed off as just more politics talk in any other anime – but in Mushoku Tensei it feels like every word counts. There’s a saying in writing circles – it doesn’t matter what you’re genre or subject is, it’s important for a reader to at least feel like every single line in the text matters. And that’s a sentiment that has always been present in Mushoku Tensei wether it’s character banter or politics discussion the show does everything to pull you in – and immerse you it does.  

Mushoku Tensei has felt like a cultural landmark – a show that presents itself with a mature story unlike anything there is. Or ever was. 

Let’s just say I’m waiting with bated breath for more episodes. 

Final Thoughts

I am afraid to admit it – but I must if we’re going to continue forward. I must say it. 

I haven’t read the LN, nor can I even dare to compare myself to strive towards the poignant commentary Zaiden provided for this series. I’m aware how much you loved him. However I hope to at least strive to reach that bar. I’m an anime only watcher and I intend to keep it that way. Perchance there might be some fun in exploring this excellent series for a different point of view every week. I certainly hope so! Mushoku Tensei is one of the few shows that keep me on my toes, and even in it’s weakest arc it manages to jump ship into something more exciting. 

Let’s continue onward and I certainly hope that you enjoy this excellent show with some fool’s commentary. 

Coming right out of the floodgates, episode zero of Season 02, starts off with a bang. We see a character who’ve we haven’t heard from in a really long time. And some parts of the story are starting to come together in a big way. Now we only wait with avid anticipation to know how all of this is going to come together and how will Rudeus will react once the story reaches this inevitable crossroad. There are questions lingering in the air we can only hope get answered soon. Mushoku Tensei continues to be a powerhouse in the anime industry – this reviewer can only hope you enjoy the unhinged commentary.




  1. The main thing that I’ve seen noted vs the LN, is how, in the LN, they kept the question of who Fitz was for some time, and then explained how Sylphie became Fitz (this episode’s story) after.
    As others have pointed out though, the reason why this was possible in the LN was because it is mostly text with intermittent images. In the anime however, it would’ve been very obvious in a short time who this new character was, so they despited to forfeit the mystery and just get it out of the way early. Of course, Rudeus will still have to figure it out, but the audience will not.
    I think that they made the right choice

    1. That’s a neat detail, and it sounds like the quintessential example of what makes a good adaptation: knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each medium.

      What works in a novel doesn’t necessarily work in a film or a TV series, and the other way round. Trying to be too faithful to the original can be as bad as taking too many liberties if someone doesn’t pay attention to that.

  2. Why did her hair turn beige? She didn’t seem to think anything of it, but nothing was done to inform the audience about that.

    Also the review is a bit messy. Used the wrong “you’re” at least once and word use of periods as if they were commas.

  3. Hands up everybody who is here not for that boring pervert MC, but for the awesome and badass haremettes?
    I was a bit concerned the princess will turn evil and abuse Sylphie , but, thankfully she is a bit flirty and dirty minded, but wont abuse her position.

  4. So that’s where Sylphiette went…

    Good to see Princess Ariel doesn’t have any prejudices against her (though the latter saving the former from a giant wild boar may have helped). Also, one of Princess Ariel’s retainers is a Greyrat? (Though I can’t recall if he appeared in the previous season–or met a younger Rudeus, for that matter.) Let’s hope he can help Rudeus (or his other allies) in the future.

    My memory of the previous season is a bit rusty, but onwards!


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