Episode 15

Episode 16

「勇者の力 / 覚醒の真実」 (Yuusha no Chikara / Kakusei no Shinjitsu)
“The Power of Heroes / The Truth Behind Awakening”

Another two weeks down and, oh boy, another two weeks into Helck laying bare everything it’s been teasing to date. Make no mistake, there’s still a few twists yet to play out and characters to properly reveal (ahem), but for the moment it’s easy seeing where the true conflict lies. Just a matter of seeing how matters play out from here.

Although, spoiler alert, I knew what the twist was for humanity’s heroic ascendance and how that wound up (or will wind up) playing out, it’s still a tad funny looking back in hindsight. It’s basically the Fullmetal Alchemist story, where greedy leadership decides they need everything and thus want to convert the populace towards achieving those ends. The big thing of course is the real reason behind it: much like FMA this isn’t some spur of the moment power grab, there’s most definitely a Father-esque figure with ulterior motives yet to be revealed, and a purpose to wielding that power beyond happy nobility noises. Obvious focus is on the king given his role and, shall we say, unique power, but figuring out the truth will be its own experience given no one shown to date has seen the guy’s face. Place your bets now just how human said king winds up being.

The reveal regarding collective human ascendancy too gets into the role the demon world plays, and by extension Helck and friends. No shocker for example that the demons are wholly innocent (as already shown early on), but much as very loud Zero musings indicate there’s nothing saying all demons are innocent. Much like humanity there’s likely a few bad peas in the pod, and just like Mikaros someone out for their own maniacal ends. Cless and Helck after all apparently both won the superpower lottery and lucked out into crowd determined to make use of said power; nothing says there also isn’t a demon or two who in turn are manipulating humanity for their own ends.

Up in the air how this situation all plays out, but we’re definitely going to find out a bit more after seeing how Helck survives his latest predicament.

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