Fall calls for comfy trips into the great beyond

Surprise surprise: another wild podcast makes an appearance! Although as much an act of spontaneity as planning, I cannot say a few of us finding the time to sit down and chat over literally a day (timezones are funny like that) was a serious problem in the slightest, particularly given it’s been a few years since our last.

Main kudos definitely must go to Cybersteel for organizing this one alongside Guardian Enzo and Princess Usagi for having the time to chat on the medium bringing us together. Considering how ridiculous this season is in particular it’s a very fitting roundtable, with our topics ranging from Fall 2023’s good, bad, and overall place within this year’s anime rankings. Hopefully our banter can both provide some additional insights on what we’re digging (and not so much) this season and give some decent distraction from what the world seems determined to keep throwing our way.

Oh and don’t think this podcast is a one-off; we have scheming in store…

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