Episode 19

Episode 20

「帝国四天王ヴァミリオ / 謎の女性」 (Teikoku Shitennou Vamirio / Nazo no Josei)
“Vamirio of the Four Elite Lords / The Mysterious Woman”

You know you’re reaching the endgame when a series starts busting out the interludes and veritable side-quests. Got to build up that tension and intrigue after all, have to make sure you’re ready and raring for the last big fight to come. Or, you know, in Helck’s case giving reason to bring demon and hero back together to go out in a blaze of glory – or at least having humanity’s angelic monsters perform that duty.

While there will be a few things to say come finale time regarding how Helck has walked through its story (particularly its latter half), the one thing I do appreciate is the predictability of Vamirio and her desires. Although the girl remains a hothead under that pint-sized exterior, her trust, loyalty, and sense of honour effectively predetermined her to siding with Helck once she got the full explanation, and indeed that was the case here. Never underestimate this nugget of character development when it happens; more established characters have taken whiplash swings for the sake of audience shock and awe, so getting Vamirio to fully side with Helck and ensure disaster doesn’t strike the world as a whole is nice thing to see. Especially considering it lets all the cute and enjoyable shenanigans continue apace.

The big thing from these past couple of weeks however lies in awakened humanity’s final objective. Needless to say (as oft mentioned) humanity’s king and his remaining followers aren’t exactly human, and the increasing rate at which it’s being teased is pointing to a fairly hefty twist down the line. Besides Azudra foreshadowing it there’s Asta stumbling across a noticeable oddity in Raphaed’s daughter Sharuami remaining fully human and being locked up apparently for the trouble. Couple it with the knowledge that humanity’s new angelic selves aren’t seemingly powering up to the degree expected (that remark about Cless lacking the strength during his original foray into the demon lands is telling enough) and it’s easy getting the idea that maybe defeating demonkind isn’t what this whole scheme is entirely about.

Remains to be seen just what that could be, but given that preview and the fast approaching onset of finale time, I don’t think we’ll have to wait long to find out.



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