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“Let’s See How Far I Can Go”

I don’t know how I feel about Solo Leveling – having had 7 episodes the plot seems pretty on par with the manhwa, and yet somehow it manages to be kinda stale? I don’t know you tell me. This time around we see Sung try and outlimit the limit of the system by doing 200 push-ups and 20 km of running. By doing so the system rewards him with a loot box, this time he gets a key to the palace of hell- where he meets a puppy called Cerberus. It’s kinda tough but he manages because he is the Solo Leveler! Of course, he was gonna win there was no doubt about it. Even though it was a pretty good fight – I feel like it was nothing out of the ordinary. I seriously can’t believe this series I was hyped for is kinda letting me down. It’s weird because I keep comparing Solo Leveling to JJK in the type of animation they should be having – but then there’s this other series I’m enamored with right now. Shangri-la Frontier which for me is sort of the surprise of last season with 25 episodes I could have still easily been reviewing that and just the last episode was so great with so powerful animation that I’m over here watching Solo being like this animation kinda mid.

Sigh – well, what can you do but ramble about it on the internet I guess? Not like the Japanese directors are looking at MAL and being like what do Westerners think of this? Even though this series was sort of made with the idea that anime is a global medium, that’s why all of the system text boxes are in English. That’s why a super popular K-pop group does the intro and so on and so forth. I seriously hope Solo Leveling finds a second wind in something like Toonami when it gets a proper dub.

Something I did forget to mention last week is that the VA for Sung is carrying this show! He is doing a superb job at conveying the more emotional and nuanced moments of the show, congrats to him, it’s seriously throwing it out of the park. And like a proper match of league where your team is bad – he is pushing that bot lane and missing out on all the team fights because he is what – solo leveling, lol.

I have very little to say about this episode so short review this week – the Cerberus animation was okay I guess – nothing to write on RC about. For now that’s it hope you have a nice day.

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  1. This series is exactly like the light novels. I think pacing of each arc is kind of feeling rushed. They need the right amount of slice of life and action sequences to mesh with each action so it doesn’t feel so jarring to go from normal to sudden hell scape. Like, where is the security guard inspecting the suspicious person hanging near the office building and hand waving out of nowhere etc etc. That kind of normal to abnormal transitions will elevate the series quite a bit.

    Is the reviewer some 12year old or chunibyou personality seems such a random review perhaps someone else should review this series like the old bleach or naruto shippuden reviewers 😀

    1. yes, and?
      The way i see it I’m fulfilling my dream of writing for a blog I admired since I was in high school – what are you doing? writing a troll comment? wanting to rile me up? here you go – have you’re little party. Now like our mother queen and absolute slayer bayonneta would say. FLOCK OFF.

  2. Solo leveling is objectively filled with flaws in its writing and animation. A ton of over explaining every last detail absurdly OP conditions a store you can use in combat, you can store full recoveries for use later, scale of characters to background sometimes goes completely out of wack. The sound design and music are lackluster.


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