Episode 11

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“A Knight Who Defends an Empty Throne”

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Episode 12

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Okay so the final episode has come and gone, what are your overall thoughts of the series and how do you think it stacks up as an adaptation?!

Honestly, for me it’s kinda mid – I believe an RC reader described it as soul food and that might just be the case, the season overall wasn’t spectacular or out of this world, however, these last two episodes certainly went above and beyond, and left me wondering why couldn’t the rest of the season be like this? I do not know. But these last two episodes were very good don’t get me wrong!

There’s not much else to say other than Solo Leveling was one of the many anime that was sought after and highly anticipated by fans this season and with delays and everything, A-1 did manage to deliver a sounding product but at the same time maybe left a lot to be desired. Honestly, I blame the source material – because in the manwha – the story and world are one of the many aspects that keep it interesting in the beginning chapters of the story Seeing Sung get his bearings and slowly creep up the power scaling system that has been given to him is interesting, however, thats reading it. A way that lets you consume the story in whatever way you want. And skim over the bits you find boring. Watching it is a whole nother story. I honestly felt like the pacing was off for some reason at times I would be hooked and wanting to know more – but those were the times they went into the dungeon. Its whole political landscape might be interesting but at the same time, it’s overdone and boring as hell.

I feel like reading those parts is easy to just gloss over them – meanwhile, here we are forced to sit down with those elements and consume them, and well let’s just say we have enough Gundams and Galactic Heroes to keep us busy for a while with the political drama’s. I think Solo Leveling should have set a precedent and instead, it sort of fumbled its way into the victory lap. Even though the political intrigue between the guilds is interesting it was never or should have never been such a focal point as they made it out to be. Yes the story of Jin-Ho and his company with his brother and father who expects nothing of him because he sees him as the failure of the family and his redemption story with them is important – however not the focal point of this season. But I think it was fine those moments with them set the scene for future more impactful moments. But then again it has me shrugging.

Overall the political scenes felt like padding to a much more important story.

Then again, for the first time in the whole series, this episode felt like the political intrigue of this episode was mirroring what was happening to Jinwhoo – like foreshadowing something greater. Too bad it had to happen in the last couple of episodes. But rejoice! S2 has already been announced.

Anyway – I always felt the manhwa did a great job at introducing the guilds because you learn through them organically – here it was more in you’re face like you’re gonna learn the names of the guild and you’re gonna like it. Pushing something down the viewer’s throat is never a great way of having them learn that bit of lore you want them to learn – at least in my opinion of course. If your story is good they’ll want to learn more and eventually, context clues will suffice. I don’t know – more than likely once again it’s a hot take from yours truly but hey every other post it seems like I get into some type of controversy here on RC! So leave your controversy down below and I’ll make sure not to read it!

Jokes aside – this is just my opinion – it’s always just my opinion. We are here to celebrate anime and participate in a hobby we enjoy so bear that in mind that I am also a human who has emotions and is sometimes affected by the comments here on RC.

So yeah apart from these last two episodes being great – what else did you think of the rest of the season, I’ll be more than happy to hear from you, and let’s have a healthy discussion about it!

Nevertheless what spring shows are you looking forward to?

Full-length images: 36.


  1. So basically Jinwhoo has no choice except to go where the system sends him, do what it tells him, and take what it gives him? When he tries refusing his class change he gets a “Wrong answer, try again.” message. If he’s about to die he gets a free save. His alter ego illusion is correct, he may be leveling up but he’s not truely growing.


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