Introduction-In the Name of the Moon I Will Write for You!

Hello! I am Princess Usagi! While my name is lunar in origin, being a combination of Princess Kaguya, the legend of the rabbit on the moon, and Usagi Tsukino (aka Sailor Moon), I am not actually writing to you from the moon. However, I am over the moon with excitement to be one of the new members of the Random Curiosity team!

Like Sailor Moon, I am a bubbly daydreamer who loves anime, manga, and video games. RC is the “moon prism power makeup!” transformation that will allow me to funnel my love for anime into a power used for the good of others – i.e., the reading enjoyment of the RC readers. I enjoy writing and am passionate about anime, so I couldn’t believe it when I found out that I would be able to have an amazing gattai combination of the two!