Ozuma – 01

「砂のクジラ」 (Suna no Kujira)
“A Whale of Sand”

It’s been a long wait, but Spring’s finally here, as well as the new anime season. And so, to start things off, we have the Sci-Fi series, “Ozuma.” The first episode comes out a bit generic and has some cliches, but there’s definitely some potential here.

**The Season Preview should be out around the end of the week.

Introduction – “The net is vast and infinite.”



To say the least, I’ve been dreaming of this moment for years. But now that I’m actually here, I can’t remember what I was going to say at all! I suppose it’s true what people say: “There just ain’t nothing like the real thing.” Still, if there are some things I know for sure, it’s how grateful I am to Divine for giving me this opportunity and how I look forward to interacting with all you readers out there, whose expectations I hope to both meet and ultimately exceed.

My anime background, I reckon, probably started similar to a lot of you guys out there, especially if you were born and raised in the states. Saturday morning cartoons (Pokemon, Digimon) and Toonami over on Cartoon Network (Mobile Suit Gundam, Ronin Warriors) were my only source for a long while, and heck, the latter was only available when I’d sneak over to my parents’ office to leech the cable TV! As such, I didn’t get into anime until the late 90’s, when I finally could afford cable TV at home and had an internet connection other than AOL and NetZero. Ah… the good times where a call would disconnect my internet, the sweet sound of the connection and the “You’ve got mail!”… Ahem* Anyway, I eventually caught a peek of Gundam Wing, which was the first anime I watched in its entirety, binging all 50 or so episodes in the span of 2 days. Looking back, it probably wasn’t the greatest idea though, as I got quite the migraine afterwards.

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