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Arslan Senki – 18

「ふたたび河をこえて」 (Futatabi Kawa o Koete)
“Once Again Across the River”

And so the Sindhuran campaign comes to a close.

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Arslan Senki – 17

「神前決闘」 (Shinzen Kettou)
“The Duel Before the Gods”

What a tense battle. For once, you don’t know whether Daryun was going to make it out alive.

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Arslan Senki – 16

「落日悲歌」 (Rakujitsu Hika)
“Elegy for the Setting Sun”

The bigger they are, the larger the countermeasure.

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Arslan Senki – 15

「シンドゥラの黒豹」 (Shindoura no Kurohyou)
“The Black Leopard of Sindhura”

Can Arslan continue to do what Andragoras could not?

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Arslan Senki – 14

「異国の王子」 (Ikoku no Ouji)
“The Foreign Prince”

Ignore the principles of war at your own peril. Assume you know what Arslan’s group will do at your misfortune. But most of all, try to out-drink Farangis at your doom. Poor one out for Gieve, gents.

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Arslan Senki – 13

「王子二人」 (Oujifutari)
“Two Princes”

The truth is revealed: There are two princes, and one has a better claim to the throne than the other.

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Arslan Senki – 12

「騎士の忠義」 (Kishi no Chuugi)
“A Knight’s Loyalty”

A solid episode of three parts, underscored by one theme: Recognizing the rulers who are worth fighting for.

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Arslan Senki – 11

「ペシャワールへの道」 (Peshawaaru e no Michi)
“The Road to Peshawar”

Guiscard vs Bodin, Daryun vs Xandes, and Arslan vs the selfish concept of contemporary nobles. There are a lot of interesting conflicts going on this week.

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Arslan Senki – 10

「カシャーン城塞の主」 (Kashaan Jousai no Omo)
“The Lord and Master of Kashan Fortress”

I was worried this would be a detour from the main story, but it was nothing of the sort. Arslan learned some difficult lessons today.

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Arslan Senki – 09

「仮面の下」 (Kamen no Shita)
“Beneath the Mask”

The face behind the silver mask is revealed.

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Arslan Senki – 08

「裏切りの英雄」 (Uragiri no Eiyuu)
“The Treasonous Hero”

The treasonous hero faces Arslan’s party. If only he were a little smarter—or a little dumber—perhaps he would have won.

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Arslan Senki – 07

「美女たちと野獣たち」 (Bijo-tachi to Yajuu-tachi)
“The Beauties and the Beasts”

It took me only slightly longer than Gieve to fall in love with Farangis['s character]. And when she shot him down, it only made her better.

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Arslan Senki – 06

「王都炎上~後編~」 (Ou Toenjou ~ Kouhen ~)
“The Royal Capital Burns ~Part Two~”

And thus, Ecbatana falls.

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Arslan Senki – 05

「王都炎上~前編~」 (Ou Toenjou ~ Zenpen ~)
“The Royal Capital Burns ~Part One~”

Strategy is how the weak defeat the strong, and the invincible falls.

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Arslan Senki – 04

「厭世の軍師」 (Ensei no Gunshi)
“The World-Weary Strategist”

Narsus may know the minds of men, but it’s Arslan who knows their hearts.

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