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Blood Lad – 10 (END)

「ダークヒーロー・ライジング」 (Daaku Hiiroo Raijingu)
“Dark Hero Rising”

A lot of people didn’t seem to realize that this was going to be the last episode of Blood Lad and I hate to break it to you folks, but it is.

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September 9, 2013 at 1:46 pm Comments (39)

Blood Lad – 08, 09

「ふたりはトレジャー/メガネの罪」 (Futari wa Torejaa / Megane no Tsumi)
“Two is a Treasure” / “Sins of the Eye Glasses”

Sunday will be our finale and to be honest, this whole season feels almost like a long teaser trailer to what Blood Lad is about.

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September 5, 2013 at 8:54 am Comments (28)

Blood Lad – 07

「はじめてのリズ」 (Hajimete no Rizu)
“Liz, For The First Time”

Liz is one adorable imouto! I want to nuzzle her in my bosom o_o…

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Blood Lad – 06

「それがダチ」 (Sore ga Dachi)
“That’s Friendship”


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Blood Lad – 05

「未確認魔人物体」 (Mikakunin Majin Buttai)
“Unidentified Demon Object”

There’s nothing like a family reunion.

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Blood Lad – 04

「殿堂魔界へ」 (Dendou Makai e)
“To Demon World Acropolis”

The best part of this week’s episode was seeing Staz eat sushi for the first time. My favorite food in the world indeed.

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Blood Lad – 03

「持ってんじゃん」 (Motten Jan)
“You Had It All Along”

Well the title certainly gives it away, but it doesn’t take away from all the fanservice this episode – for girls and boys alike!

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Blood Lad – 02

「ただいまは言わない」 (Tadaima wa Iwanai)
“Back Home, But Not Really”

Why yes, I would love a pair of demon panties from Uniqlo Oniqlo. Come to me ~

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Blood Lad – 01

「骨でした」 (Hone Deshita)
“She’s a Skeleton Now”

I won’t even lie, I am one of those crazy fan girls that have an obsession with vampires. There’s just something sexy about them…

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