Bungou Stray Dogs – 11, 12

「其の一 彼女に向かない/職業 其の二 有頂天探偵社 / たえまなく過去へ押し戻されながら」 (Sono Ichi: Kanojo ni Mukanai Shokugyou / Sono Ni: Uchouten Tanteisha / Taemanaku Kako e Oshimodosare nagara)
“First, an Unsuitable Profession for Her / Second, an Ecstatic Detective Agency” / “Borne Back Ceaselessly into the Past”

Apologies for the delay on Bungou Stray Dogs! I know this post is incredibly late but there’s still a second cour coming this fall! And I really hope it takes advantage of the fact that it spent the last two episodes of this season introducing new gangs and characters.

Bungou Stray Dogs – 02, 03, 04

「或る爆弾 / ヨコハマギャングスタアパラダヰス / 運命論者の悲み」 (Aru Bakudan / Yokohama Gyandasutaa Parudasu / Unmeironsha no Himi)
“A Certain Bomb” / “Yokohama Gangster Paradise ” / “The Tragedy of the Fatalist”

And we’re back! Sorry for the delay folks, but I’ll be taking over for Bungou Stray Dogs this season and I can’t be more excited to be doing so.