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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 10

「無限の残骸 アンリミテッド/レイズ・デッド」 (Mugen no Zangai -Anrimiteddo / Reizu Deddo-)
“Infinite Remains -Unlimited/Raise Dead-”

‘Many that live deserve death. And some that die deserve life. Can you give it to them?’

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Fate EXTRA Last Encore – 09

「招き蕩う黄金劇場 アエストゥス・ドムス・アウレア」 (Manekitou Kogane Gekijou -Aesutousu Domusu Aurea-)
“Golden Theatre of the Deranged -Aestus Domus Aurea-”

Actually, being undead seems great, what’s the big deal?

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 08

「无二打 デッド・エンド」 (Wú Èr Dǎ -Deddo Endo-)
“No Second Strike -Dead End-”

I really want to see Nasu write a musical; this would be the part where the characters break into song.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 07

「誰かの為の物語 ナーサリー・ライム」 (Dareka no Tame no Monogatari -Naasarii Raimu-)
“A Story for Someone -Nursery Rhyme-”

The Nasu-SHAFT tag-team is very unhealthy for magical girls.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 06

「永久機関・少女帝国 -クイーンズ・グラスゲーム-」 (Towakikan Shoujoteikoku -Kuiinzu Gurasugeemu-)
“A Girl’s Perpetual Empire -Queen’s Glass Game-”

As the brothers Grimm would tell you, fairy tales are nasty business.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 05

「祈りの弓 イー・バウ」 (Inori no Yumi -Ii Bau-)
“Bow of Prayer -Yew Bow-”

Wow, there’s nothing that the power of hate can’t do.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 04

「顔の無い王 -ノーフェイス・メイキング-」 (Kao no Nai-Oh -Noufeisu Meikingu-)
“Faceless King -No-Face May-King-”

In real life, is poison ever actually purple?

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 03

「黄金鹿と嵐の夜 ゴールデン・ワイルドハント」 (Kogane Shika to Arashi no Yoru -Gouruden Wairudohanto-)
“The Golden Hind and a Stormy Night -Golden Wild Hunt-”

I guess she tried flying upwards before and, what, crashed into the ceiling?

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 02

「死相 -デッドフェイス-」 (Shisou -Deddofeisu-)
“Dead Face”

Somehow, Face/Extra Last Encore is both 100% Nasu and 100% SHAFT.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 01

「今は旧き辺獄の底 -プレテリトゥス・リンブス・ヴォラーゴ-」 (Ima wa Furuki Hengoku no Soko -Pureteritusu Rinbusu Voraago-)
“The Present Lies in the Depths of the Past -Praeteritus Limbus Vorago-”

When the familiar meets the surreal it becomes the uncanny.

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January 28, 2018 at 11:19 am Comments (39)