Hyouka – 06

「大罪を犯す」 (Daizai wo Okasu)
“Commiting a Grave Crime”

After last week’s amazing episode that thoroughly blew my mind away with not one but two huge revelations, this week’s step back left me wanting more. Not because the episode was bad, but the lack of substance behind the mystery and a lingering question that kept surfacing had me looking for something that wasn’t necessarily there.

Hyouka – 04

「栄光ある古典部の昔日」 (Eikouaru Kotenbu no Sekijitsu)
“The Antiquity of the Classics Club and Their Glory”

Unlike other mystery shows where there’s only a single person who has the ability to put facts together, I was pleasantly surprised with Chitanda, Satoshi, and Mayaka’s ability to keep up with Houtaro.

Hyouka – 03

「事情ある古典部の末裔」 (Jijyouaru Kotenbu no Batsuei)
“Troubled Descendents of the Classic Literature Club”

For all of the readers out there who dropped this show because they’re not following the golden rule of giving a series at least three episodes before dropping it like a brick, I believe that you’ll be pleasantly surprised should you watch this third episode of Hyouka.

Hyouka – 02

「名誉ある古典部の活動」 (Meiyoaru Kotenbu no Katsudou)
“The Activities of the Classics Club and Its Honor”

If anything, I’d say this week’s episode of Hyouka was a lot more compelling than last weeks. Even though there weren’t any spectacular hair rape scenes, I thought this episode did a better job of telling its story and an even better job of portraying Houtaro’s nature. Now, if only it didn’t end on that damn cliffhanger…

Hyouka – 01

「伝統ある古典部の再生」 (Dentou Aru Koten-bu no Saisei)
“Revival of the Classics Club and its Traditions”

Nearly three weeks into the spring season and one of the hottest shows finally makes its debut. While Hyouka may not have been exactly what you were expecting, its first episode really highlighted the main reason I picked up the show — interesting mysteries that didn’t feel overly dramatic or too unrealistic.