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You can do this my way, or the wrong way. Mio-sama doesn’t like it when you do it the wrong way.

Another week, another new type of post in the Stilts Out Loud arsenal! Seems like I’m saying that every week, eh? I swear, I’ll start reusing them eventually. And probably soon, because this one is perhaps my favorite of them all.

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Emerging Trends – The Absurdly Competent Loli

This time we have hotdogs for you. Wait…that doesn’t sound right.

Another week, another new type of post added to the Stilts Out Loud arsenal! Last week was the first in the Branching Out series, where we’ll explore various genres in attempt to convince those of you who don’t like them to give them a shot. This week the first in the Emerging Trends series, where we’ll tackle various topics, tropes, and trends with an eye towards exploration rather than advocacy. Let’s get started, shall we?

So, I noticed something this last season. I was sitting there watching a few of my favorite shows…

Possible spoilers in this post: Rinne no Lagrange. More after the jump…

Branching Out, or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love…

Don’t try this at home.

Before I begin in earnest, all of you should stop and click on the picture to the left. See that glorious, full-sized image there? That was drawn by our very own Stereoman as a special treat for this post. Why? Well, because I’m a massive nerd who thought a Dr. Strangelove reference would be hilarious, provided the boisterous Texan was replaced by a cute anime girl. The unfortunate implications of her riding on a missile-shaped bomb only became obvious later on. So, an added bonus!

Now, I’m sure you all have a few genres you really love, right? I know I do. My absolute favorite is definitely fantasy, as I’ll watch or read almost anything that involves swords, magic, quests, and maybe a good old war or two. Sci-fi is also really high up there, especially when it’s detailed and thought-provoking, as are romantic comedies for the funny things they do to my insides (because of the laughter, you perverts). And speaking of funny things, yes, I do enjoy a good ecchi show…but I’m not the ecchi writer, I swear! *tsun tsun*

So, does this mean that I only watch shows that fit into those genres?

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Stilts Out Loud – Ruminations From a Randomc Writer

You should read this post. We have ice cream!

Welcome, one and all! Thank you for joining me on this illustrious completely random and otherwise unimportant Tuesday evening. Today, I would like to announce the launch of something a little new here at Random Curiosity. And by new, I mean we’ve done it before, just not in a few years.