Random Curiosity’s OP, ED, and OST Favourites!

Music makes the world go round

New season, new anime – and also new RC Patreon commissions! That’s right, we’re back at it, this time for our amazing subscriber Nicc, and the topic of choice is our favourite anime OPs, EDs, and OSTs. Unlike our earlier top three anime Patreon post this one wound up be being hard for a few of us, because hey, nothing says challenging like picking music. Very challenging indeed. Also as a reminder, if you’d like to get us writing about something like this, consider becoming a Random Curiosity Patreon supporter!

Random Curiosity’s Top Three Anime!

Decisions are hard!

For all we gush about various anime each season – and we gush a lot – there’s still some which stand above the rest for us here at Random Curiosity. And now thanks to the request of our Patreon subscriber Mikhail Klakotskiy we (or at least the most active team members :P) have a reason to get off our lazy behinds and talk about them. That’s right, these are Random Curiosity’s writers’ top three anime of all time!