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First Impressions: Futakoi Alternative – 08

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New Ending!:

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Short Summary:
Rentarou finds out who the twins really are from a visitor, Mitsugi Kimihiko, who is somehow related to Sara and Souju (I didn’t really catch his introduction…he’s their guardian or caretaker or something) – the one seen at the end of episode 4 looking out the window. They celebrate Sara and Souju’s 16th birthday but something goes wrong (Got lost here too >_< ). Sara and Souju run away, but Sara ends up abandoning Souju at the bus station. All three are split now...
This episode developed a bit more of Sara and Souju’s past, more specifically where they came from. And now they’ve run away again. I expected Sara and Souju to leave at some point, but I didn’t think that Sara would leave Souju. Next episode preview showed Souju running into Rentarou’s arms crying and Sara sitting alone.
The next episode, titled “フタコイ”(Futakoi), is spoken this week by only Sara (as opposed to only Rentarou last week). If I didn’t know better I’d think it’s the end of the series (but I do know better).
Wow, new ending and I really like it. Piano version of Bokura no Jikan with a new sequence. It sounds very sad and sort of bittersweet. Really hope it’s on the OST.

May 25, 2005 at 5:40 pm
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