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Kimi ga Nozomu Eien ~Next Season~ – 01


On the day that Haruka leaves the hospital, Takayuki, Shinji, and her father come to pick her up. As their car is pulling out away, Haruka notices someone on the rooftop of the hospital, so she stops the car and gets out. Shinji, who had been on his phone moments earlier, tells Takayuki to turn on his cell phone, and Takayuki realizes that he has a message from Mitsuki. She is leaving this town, and in the message, she says that she’ll keep her promise some day and asks him to let her have the ring for a little longer. Even without hearing the message, Haruka senses that Mitsuki was on the rooftop of the hospital, and she comforts Takayuki by talking about how Mitsuki is their most cherished friend. Two weeks later, Haruka wakes up after having a nightmare about the day of her accident, and she finds that Takayuki is already at her home to pick her up for a date. In her rush to get downstairs, she trips and falls, but fortunately he catches her. As the couple watch Akane leave for swim club activities, Haruka worries because she feels at fault for Akane not devoting herself to her practicing. Takayuki, however, disagrees and tells her to trust in Akane.

In town, Haruka is still sensitive to the sound of cars, so Takayuki reassures her that it’s okay and helps her when it’s time to cross the street. As they walk past a storefront display of appliances, Takayuki momentarily stops because he sees a particular microwave, but when Haruka asks him if there’s something he wants, he claims it’s nothing and the two move on. The pair then head to the bookstore where Haruka gets a study guide, and Takayuki recalls how they had met here once before in the past. Back then, Haruka had run away from him, and she admits now that she was really surprised at the time. She tries to say that she’s liked him since then, however Haruka unintentionally raises her voice and embarrasses herself by letting everyone around them hear her. Afterwards, the two visit the aquarium, but when they get inside, Takayuki suddenly gets a flashback of Mitsuki. Because of this, he hugs Haruka and tells her all about how he came with Mitsuki, how he felt after the accident, and how Mitsuki had supported him, giving up her own dreams in the process.

When they get back to Takayuki’s apartment, Haruka asks him if he loves Mitsuki. He admits that he does, and Haruka feels that she does too. Before the two can have an intimate moment together though, Takayuki’s phone rings with a call from his boss asking him to come in to work early. Instead of agreeing to go right away, Takayuki says he needs an hour, and he tells Haruka that she’s most important to him right now. He then walks her home and runs off to work. Later that night, as she’s studying, Haruka remembers all the fun times she had together with her friends back before the accident. Akane then comes in to check on her and reveals that she saw Takayuki while he was working. Haruka feels bad that Takayuki spent the day with her despite having to work afterwards because he knew that she still has trouble going out into the city by herself. When Akane comments on how Takayuki has changed for the better since Haruka was released from the hospital, Haruka zones out thinking about him. Takayuki then calls Haruka, so Akane leaves her sister alone.

Takayuki and Haruka go on many more dates in the days to come, including one at the amusement park. Takayuki even stays over at the Suzumiya house for dinner afterwards, and it’s clear that Haruka’s parents enjoy having him around. When they go on a movie date, Takayuki ends up sleeping through it, but once it’s over, he invites Haruka to go out with him the following day too. Haruka is reluctant because she has to go to the hospital for a checkup, however she agrees to go out with him after the visit. Takayuki insists on coming with her to the hospital too, and he accompanies her there the next day. The doctor ends up telling Haruka that everything is fine, and when she asks about Haruka’s personal life, Haruka explains how Takayuki came because he was worried about her even though she told him he didn’t need to come. When Haruka emerges from the doctor’s office, Takayuki is relieved to learn that she is fine, and for their subsequent date, he buys them train tickets to Shiratsuka Station. Haruka nearly dozes off on the ride there, so Takayuki gives her a shoulder to lean on.

Upon arriving at the station, Takayuki brings out the meat pie that he made for her, and Haruka realizes that this was the reason Takayuki had been looking at that microwave in that store window. He calls this an anniversary of the meat pie she made for him, and he’s relieved that she finds his pie delicious. The two stay at the station reminiscing about their past, and the conversation soon turns to Haruka’s trying to go to college and becoming a picture book author. In talking about his own dreams, Takayuki says that he wants to find proper employment and support Haruka. He wants to be with her and doesn’t want to let her go anymore, and when he sees the sad look on her face, he hugs her. As the two are about to board the train home, Haruka suddenly lets go of Takayuki’s hand, lets him get on the train by himself, and suggests that they say goodbye to each other. Before Takayuki can respond, the door closes between then, and the train leaves without Haruka.


Okay, so let me get this straight. It’s been a long time since I watched KimiNozo, but I remember that reliable was not how you’d describe Takayuki. Now that he has become reliable though, Haruka feels either suffocated by it, or she’s uncomfortable with how deeply he’s devoting his life to her, so she breaks up with him. Is this where I say he should have stayed with Mitsuki?

All things considered, this was a rather uneventful episode. The animation wasn’t bad, and I loved the music, but I was definitely expecting/hoping for more drama. In that regard, unfortunately, Mitsuki was more or less taken out of the picture from the beginning, and Haruka and Takayuki ended up getting along so well together until the end. That made this episode feel like an extended epilogue of the main story (that’s already over) with a couple of minor areas of conflict to get ironed out before the final end. And that might be exactly what the producers were going for, but I can’t help but think that there’s potential for so much more. Of course, I’ll still watch the rest of the episodes, the second of which is due out in February, and hope they can surprise me in a good way (maybe Haruka won’t end up with Takayuki).

December 20, 2007 at 4:15 pm
  • December 23, 2007 at 10:35 amKaiZX


    In the original TV series, Takayuki did end up with Mitsuki. They moved away from the town and lived together somewhere else.


    If you don’t like the show, then why bother commenting on it?

    wow… seriously, wtf…

  • December 23, 2007 at 12:54 pmFly


  • December 23, 2007 at 1:19 pmSora no Kaze


    Why did you even fucking bother to rant out crap. I’m tempted to say that you must be on crack, or even crap.

    The animators could actually fricking redeem themselves. I’ve seen it happen with ACE the game, (although they screwed themselves over with the third series). Hope this is actually better then Akanes last story. That was actually horrible. Now this one has potential.

  • December 23, 2007 at 3:07 pmD-Knight

    Personally, I welcomed this OVA from the days it was announced because it gives ‘an alternate view’ of KGNE story. I’m happy with the ending from the TV series but seeing it again from another ‘alternate universe’ is not a bad thing.

    For the story itself, as OMNI mentioned Takayuki has definitely become more ‘reliable’. I wished he was like that during the TV series. The writer sure picked a great cliffhanger to end the first episode

    I hoped that by the end of episode 3, we’ll see a worthy ending or this OVA will be meaningless (I personally vouched for TakayukixHaruka ending ^_^)

  • December 23, 2007 at 7:06 pmGP

    Yeah it’s nice to have/see an alternate ending/after story. But really, when you think about it, Takayuki x haruka wouldn’t work. It’s the fairytail ending, and not realistic.

  • December 23, 2007 at 8:20 pmSkyfall

    @ GP

    Play the game this is based upon and watch it work. After all, this is what the thing is based upon – it is a continuation of Haruka’s ending of the game. This OVA is not connected to the KGNE anime.

  • December 23, 2007 at 8:29 pmGP


    Did you read any of the other posts I said? I already know this isn’t connected to the TV Series and I’ve said so often. Yeah it “works” in the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the “perfect fairytail” ending and not the realistic one. Takayuki ending up with Mitsuki is more realistic and works out better. That’s why when you sit back and think about it clearlly (putting any Haruka fanboy feelings away), the Takayuki x Mitsuki ending works for the best.

  • December 24, 2007 at 3:56 amSkyfall

    @ GP
    Yes, i actually did read them. And this line
    This Haruka OVA fallows an alternate TV Series ending made me believe you are firstly relating this to the TV series. This isn’t a “Alternate TV series ending” primarily – it is a continuation of the game story first and foremost.

    As for whether it works – i believe all of them do in their respective storylines … after all that is the point of the game – to explore the various relationships and interactions between the characters. Though i well realize that trying to prove to Mitsuki fans that this OVA is not the cancer of earth and actually makes sense is an exercise in futility for the most part.

  • December 24, 2007 at 6:18 amNiou

    Did you read any of the other posts I said? I already know this isn’t connected to the TV Series and I’ve said so often. Yeah it “works” in the game, but that doesn’t change the fact that it’s the “perfect fairytail” ending and not the realistic one. Takayuki ending up with Mitsuki is more realistic and works out better. That’s why when you sit back and think about it clearlly (putting any Haruka fanboy feelings away), the Takayuki x Mitsuki ending works for the best.

    That’s just bias. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

  • December 24, 2007 at 7:05 amunknown

    @ kaiZX
    Even though i did not particularly enjoy this anime i still believe i have every right to post my opinion. frankly i don’t usually post comments about anime series that i don’t like, but i had to make an exception for this. It just caught me so off gaurd to the fact that there would be any continuation of this series even if it’s AU.

    @ sora no kaze
    once again while you have your opinion, I have mine, but you don’t hear me b*tching you out for it. I am just simply stating my opinion and disagree with the fact that the continuation of the series was made. I was fine with the original ending and i wish that that series would just be left as is.

    For me Kimi ga Nozom Eien was as enjoyable as watching school days…*shudders* but at least school days didn’t have another season.. thank god (not that it would have been possible but seeing as another season of this was made i wouldn’t be surprised)

    Since i do take a mild interest in watching trainwrecks, I might watch this, there’s only 3 episodes, although i don’t know how much of the plot will really develop in 90 minutes.

  • December 24, 2007 at 9:56 amGP


    I’m not trying to deny anyone there own opinion. And it’s not bias because I don’t hate Haruka or this new alternate OVA. I’m being realistic and objective when I say that the ending in the TV series works out better. While the Haruka ending is something right outta hollywood more or less. The perfect happy ending, those just don’t happen in the real world.


    It seems we’re saying the samething but using different words. Lots of people are relating this OVA to the TV series and asking what’s going on? So to put it simply, it’s an alternate sequel to the TV series ending. How is that not wrong the way I word it? I’ve said these are after stories that fallow the game and are new. But it’s easy to understand when you say that this OVA is in an alternate universe and thus not related to the TV series. I never once said in any of my posts that this is a direct sequel to the original series.

    And i’ve pretty much said why I don’t see it working, it’s not realistic. Yeah in the game it’s “made” to work. But we’re talking fiction. Take the realistic drama and everything that’s happend and the more realistic ending/pair is with Mitsuki. But I, as you’ve said, well realize that getting haruka fans to understand that a Mitsuki ending makes more realistic sense is an exercise in futility for the most part.

  • December 24, 2007 at 3:37 pmNiou

    I’m being realistic and objective when I say that the ending in the TV series works out better. While the Haruka ending is something right outta hollywood more or less. The perfect happy ending, those just don’t happen in the real world.

    That’s also an opinion though. It’s not the absolute truth, like you seem to believe.

  • December 24, 2007 at 5:24 pmKaiZX


    That’s fine. You’re perfectly entitled to your opinion. But just because you’re entitled to your opinion, that doesn’t automatically mean that I have to accept your opinion valid or relevant.

    And in fact, I don’t. Why? Because it’s just a rant that brings nothing new to the discussion. And I find it incredibly hypocritical of you to say that you “hate this series” and yet admit that “you’ll watch it.” I didn’t like School Days, its story, and its characters, and so I stopped watching it, regardless of whether or not I have an interest in watching shows about relationship trainwrecks.

    Just as you are entitled to your opinion, so similarly I’m entitled to my own personal feelings regarding your opinions. And my feelings are this: “If you got nothing good to say, don’t say anything.” Your original message is just a rant, with very little intelligence or thought behind it, so why I do have respect it as though it’s equivalent to things that, for example, GP or Skyfail says?

  • December 24, 2007 at 7:16 pmGP


    No, it’s not the absolute truth, but then neither is saying the Haruka ending is better also the absolute truth. I’m at a bit of a loss here, are you disagreeing with my opinion about why I think the Mitsuki ending works better? Or are you just disagreeing with my opinion because you think i’m somehow trying to pass it off as fact?

    Note that I did say i’m being realistic and objective, and my objective opinion while still an opinion isn’t the same as a pure “bias” fanboys subjective one.

    It’s easy to just post and try to write off my comments as being that of some “Mitsuki fanboy” but you’re not helping much. If you dissagree and think the Haruka x Takayuki pair is the better ending, please feel free to give me your objective reasons as to why. I’ve more than given enough for why I see the Mitsuki x Takayuki pair as being the better one.

    If all you can do though is sit and post about how what i’m saying is just my opinion and nothing more, well then, I can’t actually debate you there can I?

  • December 24, 2007 at 7:29 pmNiou

    I don’t really care to debate about which ending is more realistic. I don’t even have an opinion on that, since I don’t think it’s an important matter and not something I analyze when watching shows. I much rather take an in-universe view and try to see what’s more consistent or better, than compare it to what would happen in real life, because almost no fiction characters can even come close to how complex a real person is. Not to mention that everyone has different views on reality depending on what they experienced, the kind of persons they are, and where they live, among other things, so I think it’s a little silly to look at it from that angle. But that’s just me, and I’ll admit I’m guilty of what I’m denouncing right here sometimes.

    In any case, I was disagreeing not with your opinion but with the way you were phrasing it. Saying that you think MitsukixTakayuki is more realistic is perfectly fine and a valid opinion. Just as valid as believing HarukaxTakayuki is the better/more realistic ending.

    What I disagreed with is how I thought you were implying that everyone who thinks the other ending is more realistic or better, or even thinks that works out fine, is a fanboy, and “should put their feelings away and accept it/accept the truth”, isn’t fine in my eyes.

    I got “I’m right everyone else is wrong” vibes from your post, and that’s the part I disagreed with. That’s all. But do correct me if I got the wrong impression.

  • December 24, 2007 at 8:59 pmGP


    No, as i’ve said, I don’t mind this OVA with it’s different view. I’ve said before that i’m not stating my opinion as fact. But pointing out why I beleave the Mitsuki pair works out for the best. Yeah I said it’s the more realistic outcome, but even in-universe as you put it, for the reasons i’ve said before, if Haruka fans “put their feelings aside” for a bit and look at it form both sides, they’ll see how it fits and works better.

    That’s where my comment was directed. Yes the show is fiction, but the material isn’t out there like other shows. The story is pretty close to realistic as you can get in a show, it’s like a soap opera but animated. But even though we’re looking at 2D characters, you can still use real world thinking. With everything that happend in the story and how Mitsuki gives up so much while Haruka on the other hand doesn’t lose her dream even with or without Takayuki, the pairing of Mitsuki x Takayuki seems more, lets use another word here, natural? normal? Or just plane makes more sense?

    Yes in the end it’s an opinion, but looking at it from both sides, and not just from a one sided “fanboy” view like most do, that’s what i’ve come to conclude. Maybe I can’t put it into words right is the problem.

  • December 24, 2007 at 11:01 pmunknown

    I never said you had to accept my opinion, I just said that I have every right to have one. When I posted my first comment, I wasn’t looking for a heated debate nor was I looking for any further discussion of this topic.

    It’s a shame that you seem to argue and disagree with my opinion and seem to think it shouldn’t be stated at all, though you’re entitled to think whatever you want just as much as I am. Since this is not a topic that I seem to take interest in, of course my comment isn’t going to be as passionate or in depth as some of the others such as GP or skyfail.

    Just because my comment opposes what others might think or say, I’m still going to post what I think regardless of how others might feel about it. So what may seem like a piece of garbage to you may mean something different for other people. Obviously everyone doesn’t have the same opinion on such subjects otherwise we wouldn’t be having this conversation.

    I don’t expect anyone to respect or even acknowledge my opinion, which is why I’m surprised you seem to take the effort to reply to my comment, when most people would have ignored it. But I was only writing that comment for my own benefit just to state my opinion.

    And as I’ve stated before I have a mild interest in trainwrecks so I MIGHT watch this. But watching these episodes would be much different now, then when I watched KGNE for the first time. When I watched KGNE I held high expectations was quite disappointed with the overall series but with watching this I have such small expectations so I can’t be disappointed. The only expectation I have is that these episodes will be worst than the original.

  • December 24, 2007 at 11:04 pmunknown

    my apologies to *skyfall* spelled your name wrong…

  • December 25, 2007 at 6:13 pmKai


    You don’t get it, do you?

    My comments have absolutely nothing to do with whether I am agreeing or disagreeing with your viewpoints of the show. My comments have to do with what you wrote in that post, and ONLY IN THAT POST.

    You seem to think that I’m some sort of censor police, that I’m telling you to shut up because you don’t like the show. In fact, I don’t care about that. If you don’t like the show much, that’s fine. I see other people who have posted messages saying that this remake of KGNE simply doesn’t live up to expectations and is overhyped. Those are perfectly valid opionions. Again, I don’t mind if you express an opinion that the show sucks, and then say why. That’s the kind of post that makes for discussions.

    But I _WAS_ doing was making a very simple observation, and that observation is this: Your ORIGINAL comment (or “opinion” as you want to put it) has no substance, and is just a rant. Here’s what you wrote…

    unknown at 9:00 am on December 23rd, 2007
    “wow…. seriously… wtf.
    who ever decided that it was a good idea to make up more of this bullshit must of been on crack.
    watching the first season was painful enough… but really? more?!
    f*cking unbelievable
    excuse my outburst, but…….. seriously!!!! ”

    It was obvious that you didn’t put much effort into making an intelligent post, and you said that yourself. Ok, that is indeed your perogative. This is a fact. But then it is my perogative to point out and criticize via sarcasm that your post wasn’t much to read about. This is also a fact.

    Again, I’m not criticizing you because of your viewpoint of the show. It’s got NOTHING to do with your viewpoint of the show. I responded because of the writing of your original post, which I find to be silly and unimaginative. Again, it was just a rant. That was what I thought, and I said it out loud.

    As I said in my post last night, you’re free to post whatever messages you want to post. So if you want to say something, go for it. I can’t stop you because, I agree, that is your right.

    But then on the other hand, I am equally entitled to criticize whatever you want to post, because I am just as free as you are to post whatever messages I want.

    Freedom of speech cut both ways.

  • December 25, 2007 at 7:30 pmNiou


    I definitely agree that the MitsukixTakayuki pair was a more realistic, consistent ending for the game.

    But I’m sure in TakayukixHaruka’s route, their ending is the most realistic, consistent one. It all depends on the buildup as I see it. And since the buildup was geared to MitsukixTakayuki in the anime, then their ending was the better, more credible one.

    But had they animated Haruka’s ending instead, I’m sure it’d be their ending that would look like it’d work better. Just my two cents anyway, and thanks for taking your time to explain what you meant.

  • December 25, 2007 at 7:49 pmSkyfall

    I honestly don’t think that arguing which ending is more “realistic” in the game is going to bear any fruit at all. As much as anyone would like to claim objectivity in this case, i don’t think that is possible at all. Like it or not, our opinions are influenced by many factors (preferences between Haruka and Mitsuki not excluded), our personalities and life experiences. Add to the fact that whether something is objective is a subjective conclusion, and it really is a moot point to claim universal objectivity in such a matter … the subject is not as simple as arguing that grass is indeed green.

    Depending on the choices Takayuki (you) make in the game, events unfold in different ways. In such it makes sense for him to end up with Mitsuki in her path, much like it makes sense from him to end up with Haruka on her path, and so forth … claiming otherwise is more likely to be biased in favor of some character. In the game path this OVA continues him ending up with Haruka is the reality. Just because one doesn’t like it because of his preferences doesn’t make it less of a reality. Most of the time these games don’t have some “one and only end” that makes sense above anything else … they are constructed to appeal to various fans with all endings being a realistic possibility. Just because the anime has to follow one (usually the more popular) is no basis to assume that is the most “realistic” path it can take.

  • December 25, 2007 at 8:37 pmNiou

    Yep. That’s exactly what I meant.

    Both endings are consistent/realistic/believable with their respective paths.

  • December 25, 2007 at 8:38 pmNiou

    Ohhh…no wonder.

    What I meant, Skyfall, was “more consistent in the ANIME”.

  • December 26, 2007 at 12:58 amlupanvi

    [quote]maybe Haruka won’t end up with Takayuki[/quote]
    tienes razón, sinceramente eso espero, y que Takayuki se quede con Mitsuki
    You right, I hope so, also, Takayuki y Mitsuki ended up together

  • December 26, 2007 at 3:37 amasdfedc

    Wait, I thought the ending for Kiminozo (at least the anime) was for Mitzuki (She is the girl with the blue hair right? I forget cause it’s been so long). But now they just randomly switch it and for some reason it is going towards Haruka now. That doesn’t make sense.

  • January 4, 2008 at 6:23 amthe real mitsuki


    Mitsuki will be owned!!
    oh no!!

    Season one is already over and I think its the best ending.
    No need to add more episodes…

    Mature people choose Mitsuki for Narumi-san.

  • January 4, 2008 at 7:07 amharuka==pawned

    @the real mitsuki

    I agree with you…^^
    Who the heck makes another ending to Kimi ga?
    Are you nuts??!!
    The next season will suck…
    Poor Hayase….shittttttt!!
    sorry guyz..I just want to express myself…
    Guys who are mature enough should choose Mitsuki over Haruka…
    F*CK the makers of Haruka’s route!!!
    there’s nothing more to add in that anime…
    that was over a long time ago…
    no more heartbreaks…Crying time was over…
    I’ll pity Mitsuki if I watch this…
    Mitsuki fans, let’s boycott this OVA^^

  • February 3, 2008 at 11:44 pmlovely

    After reading the first few sentences of the summary, this OVA does not seem to be an alternate universe ending. There is no proof (picture evidence) of Takayuki and Mitsuki ended up together nor is there evidence of Haruka accepting their relationship. They basically left it to us to come to that conclusion. Thus my confusion. This OVA, in my opinion, give off vibes of a continuation just by reading from the first few sentences. Anyways, where can I get the game and is it in English?

  • March 3, 2009 at 5:51 amanimelover

    no offense but i think the reason why the guy wont like her is cos her tits shrunk after 3 years..poor thing

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