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In the aftermath of Noe’s fall, Shinichirou meets Jun at the hospital and repeatedly apologizes because he wasn’t able to stop her. Jun doesn’t appear angry and instead comments on how the snow isn’t bad – he attributes Noe ending up with just a broken bone on the snow. He also finds the snow pretty, just like he finds Noe pretty. Jun then asks Shinichirou about Noe not being able to cry, and when Shinichirou puts forth the idea of autosuggestion, Jun wonders if that’s all. He ends up telling Shinichirou to go home and claims that he can’t forgive him, so Shinichirou bows and leaves. Returning to Noe’s hospital room, Jun finds her awake, and she immediately apologizes to him. Noe explains that after seeing Shinichirou’s dance, she had wondered if she could do it too, and she feels bad about making Jun worry. Jun doesn’t blame her though and instead blames himself for deciding things on his own without telling her. Noe, however, feels that not knowing anything is bad and believes that she hurt him because she didn’t know anything.

The next day, Jun happens to run into Hiromi, and the two head to the nearby shrine to talk. When Hiromi also blames herself for what happened, Jun tells her that it’s okay and that it didn’t have to do with her. The two then chat about the festival that Jun wasn’t able to see, and it culminates in Jun confessing that he didn’t have feelings for Hiromi. Shinichirou meanwhile has become really popular in school thanks to the dance, but Hiromi is unaffected by this and tells him to come by her apartment after school. He does just that, and Hiromi ends up serving him cake and coffee, but because she claims to have only one cup, she uses the chance to drink out of the same cup as him, while it’s still in his hands. This causes him to blush, but he gets even more embarrassed when Hiromi consents to something, and he questions what she’s talking about. After a period of silence between them, he makes her realize that she’s acting weird, and this leads to a quick exchange where she asks him not to hate her, he denies that he would, and she accuses him of lying. This surprises Shinichirou, and when Hiromi realizes what she just said, she apologizes and asks him to go home. After he leaves, Hiromi tells herself that what Noe said about her tears being pretty was a lie, and she feels that she’s rapidly becoming an awful girl.

Sometime later, Shinichirou gets a phone call from the publishing company telling him to submit again. Afterwards, he questions his father about when people are supposed to cry, and his surprised father answers that it’s when their hearts quake. As Shinichirou is thinking about what this means, he overhears his mother greeting Hiromi who had just come by to see him. Hiromi admits to him that she had behaved disgracefully and that she doesn’t like it when she acts that way, and she attributes it to how she’s always loved him. She hadn’t wanted to give up, though at the same time, she was against getting in his way because she wanted him to properly face her and Noe. Hearing that Hiromi was ready to accept his answer, Shinichirou tells her that she wasn’t behaving uglily and compliments her instead. He then takes his picture book and decides to go see Noe, though he first talks to Hiromi about dinner and asks her to wait for him. At the hospital, Noe refuses to look at Shinichirou’s picture book and cites how he’s fine drawing without her. Shinichirou threatens to throw it away if she doesn’t want to see it, and as he gets up to go do so, Noe asks him where. When he responds by referring to the breakwater site as the place where Jibeta chose not to fly, Noe realizes that he had seen her there that time.

Shinichirou ends up making paper airplanes out of each page of his picture book and tosses them all towards the sea, but he eventually notices Noe approaching and attempting to pick up the pages that landed on the beach despite of her crutches. Hiromi meanwhile is surprised when Shinichirou’s mother pays her a visit with some food, and Shinichirou’s mother comments on how waiting requires energy. Back at the beach, Noe reads all the pages that they could gather, and she discovers afterwards that they’re missing the final one. She doesn’t mind though because she can think up herself what happened to Raigomaru after the chicken was able to fly. Shinichirou uses this opportunity to declare that he loves Hiromi, but he credits his being able to draw and dance to Noe, and he confesses that his heart quakes when he sees her. In response, Noe cites him believing that she can fly as her wings, and because of that, she refuses his offer to escort her back to the hospital. She feels that since she can’t fly yet, she’ll walk. As he watches Noe struggle down the road with her crutches while singing the cockroach song, Shinichirou starts crying and singing it too.

Once he gathers himself back together, Shinichirou heads to Hiromi’s apartment. When he realizes that she’s not there, he rushes out and is able to find her in the bamboo forest. Surprised to see him, Hiromi reveals that she wanted to see the picture book too, and she initially refuses when he asks her to go out with him. Shinichirou doesn’t give up though and tells her that she can see it at any time because he’ll always be by her side from now on. This causes Hiromi to comment on how it’s like he’s proposing, and she starts crying as she points out that she hasn’t even said okay to going out with him yet. Her tears cause Shinichirou to remember what he wrote about wanting to wipe them away, and since he feels that he can do it now, he hugs her. While in this embrace, Hiromi notices that it has started snowing. Sometime later in the spring, Shinichirou is walking to school and sees Noe with her friends. He thinks about how people can get tears from those they cherish, and he feels that this is what Noe’s grandmother was talking about. Shinichirou believes that thinking about a precious someone can cause tears to overflow on their own, and he thinks about being able to know these true tears. Noe meanwhile heads to the chicken coop and sees the remnants of the rocks that Shinichirou had arranged as a confession to her. After staring into the distance for a while, she starts crying.


And so, true tears ends about how I thought it’d end, though as I’ve said before, they kept us guessing just enough to make this interesting. In a way, this ending felt like a results show where we finally get to see who wins, and unlike some other series, this one ended largely without another plot twist. Mind you, I don’t mean that in a bad way. There’s something to be said for a show that builds up so well to the conclusion and doesn’t try to pull the rug out from under you at the very end. The writers have largely been developing Hiromi as the romantic interest and Noe as the intellectual interest (that’s the best way I can describe it), and so when you look at the bigger picture, this was the ending they were going for. I view all the stuff that happened in episodes 11 and 12 that made us doubt Shinichirou choosing Hiromi as showing the vulnerabilities of their relationship and how things aren’t always picture-perfect. I’m still not entirely convinced that Hiromi can inspire him as well as Noe could, but as far as who he had deeper feelings for, it was Hiromi. Ultimately, my point is that I felt the ending was a very good way to cap off what’s been a topsy-turvy series, and so I enjoyed it.

Final Thoughts: While it’s easy to call true tears a great series now that it’s complete (and I do think that it is), it wasn’t always that way, especially in the beginning. If not for the third episode completely changing my mind about it, I almost dropped this show because nothing in the story really stood out to me in the first two episodes. But from that third episode on, the writers did a masterful job of weaving in the plot twists at key moments – mostly at the end of episodes to guarantee that we’d eagerly anticipate the following week. And as a friend pointed out to me, true tears proves that it’s possible to do a romance series with multiple girls without the need for supernatural occurrences or murderous intent. On the other hand, the one thing I have been impressed about from the very beginning though is how consistently good the animation quality has been and how incredible the soundtrack is. I’ve had the soundtrack on my playlist for the past month (unheard of for me), and it’s going to be hard for another series to top it by the time I consider the bests of the year. In any case, this production quality combines with the great writing to make a series that has been a joy to watch, and true tears ends up as probably my favorite of the shows that aired this past winter season.

March 29, 2008 at 2:53 pm
  • August 5, 2008 at 2:58 ammaiku

    (= no baka
    i first watched true tears and then tale of memories
    screw this ending since the first time i saw it
    i have watched a lot of animes with fuking bad endings
    like.. this one, the one that mustnt be mentioned “school days”
    and other twist really goods in amimes like
    shuffle !!!!
    in the end
    im really starting to hate harem anime xD
    is nothing that can really happend..
    and the ones that have their chances …
    are really stupid and arrogant people
    like the men in japan =O
    about ef-a tale of memories
    renji-kun rules !!!

  • August 14, 2008 at 4:03 pmAnna-chan


    thank you !!! writers!!


  • August 18, 2008 at 1:09 amRincewind

    I loved this anime, until the last episode. I absolutly hated the ending.
    All give the impression that shin loved Noe but feel the obligation to stay with Hiromi… weird, and feels too forced. It make me feel bad, like the ending of Kiminozo.

    I would have prefer even a School Days ending.

    I guess that this series must como with two final episodes. At least with Kiminozo I could play and make justice.

  • August 29, 2008 at 1:50 pmJ

    This series is great! You know how? I am not really a big fan of things of this genre. But this anime kept me coming for more like a drug addict on weed!

    As for the ending, all I can say is that it very well constructed and at the same time, very very…..ugh what’s the word I’m looking for…..dang it! Maybe what i meant to say was that it made me feel like I’m on cold turkey. I love the fact that Shinichiro chose Hiromi* (Hiromi FTW!), but I resent (maybe even rue) the fact that it did not show anything that would have happened between them; and it’s driving me crazy! Oh well..it is with this that I clap my hands in applause while banging my head on the table asking for more.

    * I don’t know about what you think but maybe Noe’s role is to attract some audiences to like her more and more as the series progressed, only to have her fans be taken by surprise when Shinichiro chose to be with Hiromi. We’ll never know for sure….and this is why it’s driving me nuts!

  • October 7, 2008 at 8:13 pmDarkEmperor

    I really love this show. The ending wasn’t bad at all. Regardless of who they ended up with, everyone was able to move forward. Everyone was able to fly and grow with their experiences. Noe probably gained the most out of all of them. She was finally able to do something she hasn’t been able to for a long time, to shed her tears, True Tears.

  • January 5, 2009 at 9:05 pmAzure

    I just watched this after all the positive things you said about it in the best of 2008 post. It was beautiful! I would have voted this best of 2008 if I got to vote again. Of course this is well after the fact, but thank you for a good recommendation. =)

  • January 8, 2009 at 9:31 pmjofori89

    I hate that ending. Noe-chan alonely, she cry and Hiromi & Shinichirou together.

  • January 10, 2009 at 6:17 pmDove

    Thank you for the caps and review.

    Word of God (the staff of True Tears) said Shin NEVER LOVED NOE IN A ROMANTIC WAY. He felt compromised to help her and felt sorry about her situation. His romantic feelings were always about Hiromi.

    Noe is my favorite but I never saw any possible “romance” between them when her goal was to get her tears back (and Shin wanted to wipe away Hiromi’s). Both got what they wanted. Perfect ending.

  • February 24, 2009 at 2:41 pmseung

    Ahh! I feel bad for Noe she is pretty much all alone!

  • March 8, 2009 at 6:45 amkribrigdefoo


    i actually think that Aiko is better than the other two….

    Aiko is HOT!!!
    LOVE YOU!!

  • March 9, 2009 at 11:41 pmdszx

    Just finished watching this in a time span of 10 hours. Here’s a couple thoughts from me:

    Yes! Good ending! Hiromi didn’t “win” (Well, she did over Ai-chan, it’s Noe was more Shin’s intellectual (Need a better word) guidance while Hiromi was his love.

    Overall, I enjoyed watching this very much, but I gotta say it shouldn’t have ended with Noe crying, she should have “regained her tears” in another scene, as it left me with a kind of bittersweet feeling.

    Ugh, I hate ending anime series; it gets hard to move on to another one.
    Anyone else recommend anything? I haven’t watched Air yet, so I might go there.

  • March 29, 2009 at 6:09 pmreaper_unique

    Air is just as sad and ends weird O_o

    And why does it always have to end with the ship I don’t support.
    This is just Kimi ga Nozomu Eien all over again, but there I had an OVA with the good ending and more.

    Damn childhood friends crap, I had a lot of childhood friends but after I changed school I forgot about them.

    O well they at least could have made it better for Noe she ended all alone.

    The only harem anime that ends perfect is Shuffle! Da Capo is second.

  • April 27, 2009 at 11:16 amVi

    Sigh. I saw this ending coming a mile of (more accurately i saw it as soon as the flash back). If child hood memories, especially suppressed memories are mentioned at any point anywhere in the plot then you can give up on your expectations and go along for the ride. (If there are more than one set of flashback’s then it’s the girl/boy with the largest amount of flashback screen time. Example, Kanon. QED).

    The annoying thing about this series and frankly every harem amine is that a lot of character development is pored into the rival characters that dont end up with the guy/girl yet the one who does end up with him/her always seem to be less developed than the rivals. Note the difference between series’ which end with the choice or series’ that have the choice before the last episode and you will see what i mean.

    Hiromi was the obvious end yet compared to Noe she seemed less developed. By that i mean change in character. Not maturity or depth. She had plenty of depth (read generic depression and self doubt). She just didnt change much. She basically had two states. Pre declare and post declare (love that is) and the difference between the two was that she smiled a bit more.

    Noe on the other hand showed much more of her personality and her screen time contained much more… insight.

    Akio, who was cut out of the match quite early by the way… why did they put her so much in the opening and the ending when she played a relatively minor role… Anyway, Akio few scene’s had much more powerful scenes compared to Hiromi.

    I guess i am just annoyed that the writers relied so much on child hood memories for the choice. I dont mind that it was her who was chosen (Noe fan if you haven’t noticed) but just the way that the choice was reached.

    Noe i would say was not the best match to Shinichirō’s personality. He is nothing like her except when he is around her. At all other times he is more like Hiromi (who is like his mother shock and awe. If he was given more time then Shinichirō would probably turn out to be the spitting image of his father). Noe is, and i am stealing this from some one else as i am struggling for a word here, Shinichirō’s inspiration. I guess they were aiming for the ‘magical period of my life’ senario. After the book was finished then what would have happend… a much better ending thats what (Noe fan remember) but you get what i am talking about… probably.

    Anyway to sum up, I found True Tears to be a refreshingly serious. Much more emphasis on the characters themselves (i may complain but Hiromi was great character… Noe is just better… screw neutrality). It doesn’t use HUGE amounts humor, horror, sub-character arcs, ultra cuteness, magic, war, magic and war, gender confusion etc etc as most harem amine do (not complaining about those by the way) and instead focuses almost solely on the relationship. Which is some what of a rarity. Especially as they pulled it of brilliantly. Nothing but praise for the artwork and i had the OST on download before i had even finished the series (opening theme still wedged in head). The plot is, well if your honest, predictable. There are no plot huge plot twists that aren’t explained or for foreseeable (i was getting suicide vibes from Noe episodes before the tree). But it keeps you guessing right up until the last episode. Which is no easy feat. One complaint though, WHY HIROMI DAMMIT… ok fan boy moment over, i’m done.

  • August 6, 2009 at 11:38 amJester Void

    Noe! Why??? ;_;
    I hate this series cause Noe lose

  • August 8, 2009 at 5:19 amAnon

    seriously? Hiromi????????????????????????????????????????? WTF man i just watched this whole thing and it seemed like NOE had it in a bag. Her character’s much more suitable, all i saw in Hiromi was her being a bitch.
    Damn this was such a shitty ending. Well off to japan…Fuck i spent all day on this anime, time for 4 hours of sleep :( thanks for the shitty ending True Tears EHHHHHHH

  • August 15, 2009 at 3:03 pmelderich

    There’s a lot of Noe and Hiromi supporters here lol. I think that the show was always going to be heading towards Hiromi. In my opinion, Hiromi really wasn’t a great character despite it honestly and I felt that the only thing that she had going for her was that she was the childhood friend. Noe although had more to her, but i can see why it would not be a love interest as the reviewer said. She seemed more like the intellectual, or inspiration that he had to get himself going. I would find it quite hard personally to be able to share such a close relationship without it becoming more than just that. Although that dude was really setting his heart into one girl against all odds.

    Btw, I also raged on the ending. So hard. Personally I didn’t want the ending to be like that but it’s the most probably ending and it was a great series.

  • August 20, 2009 at 8:56 pmfuck

    man this isnt fucking right i dont see why he didnt love noe i hate that bitch hiromi

  • September 19, 2009 at 11:53 pmKeiraneesan

    I was so upset by this ending. I never liked Hiromi because of the way that she acted through out the whole show! And then when she went and told Aiko that she was Shin’s girlfriend when they didn’t even establish a relationship like that! Man i was so pissed. And poor Noe she was so much sweeter and sincere with her feelings. It would have been such a good show if he chose Noe because they look so much better together and i think they fit better together personality wise!

    They shouldn’t have put Hiromi with Shin she’s so pathetic throughout the whole show! Don’t you all agree? Like yeah she did have her own hardships but to act so selfishly like she did, i thought it was just another mark against her!

    Just gotta say that this was good up until the last two episodes! I was always thinking that ‘this is the point when he tells hiromi that he doesn’t really like her it was just a childhood crush’ but that hope withered away! Oh wells it’s wasn’t such a waste of my time just needed to vent this horrible ending so a good show!

  • October 30, 2009 at 6:05 amTrinergy

    Wow, I have to say that this show is so damn good! I really appreciate the cinematography and storyline. The writers did a great job. I hope that others noticed this as well, but don’t u think the love triangle of noe/shin/hiromi just mirror the relationship of what shin’s parents probably went through? That scene where the mom waits with hiromi was a big hint.

    I have to be perfectly honest though, I really thought Noe should have been the one but I understand why it’s Hiromi. Like you can’t blame hiromi for not being as… supportive or etc. because her character has been mindfucked by the mom and also she’s just naturally scared and shy because of all this family stuff that went on. But then again Noe was clearly the much more (as Omni have said) intellectual decision since she was way more compatible. It REALLY breaks my heart the fact that throughout all of this drama that he was still officially dating Noe and completely screwed with her feelings despite all of that innocence. People can be so selfish at times and just can not realize the consequences of their blinded actions.

    Watching this anime made me analyze it so much and feel so satisfied yet so uneasy. I just can not describe how this anime ended so well but still makes me think there should be some other sort of closure.

  • January 31, 2010 at 3:49 amKisa

    G’ah, well I really liked this anime a lot, although I was disappointed at the end. [Noe fan] Oh well, I guess for this story it just worked out that he ended up with Hiromi. I will just make my own characters because it seems the only way the couples I like ever end up XDD I really like the opening! <3 and the art work was beautiful all the way through! I also really like Ai!

  • June 11, 2010 at 9:41 amexia

    Oh man I loved this series. I knew it was hiromi from the beggining but I couldnt stop second guessing if he would go for Noe. Probably the best normal Romance/Drama Anime I have seen. PSTTT OP was Kickass.

  • October 6, 2010 at 11:25 amScience

    Good show. The only bad character was Shin- Indecisive, oblivious to the feelings of those who loved him, and to be honest he didn’t really seem to care that he was that way. Basically, he was one of those male leads that I absolutely despise, in a similar sense to Makoto from school days, although shin wasn’t THAT much of a twat.

  • December 21, 2010 at 5:31 amPera

    I hated the ending, Shinichirou should have picked Noe rather than hiromi. And I felt so sorry for Noe that I could have cried. But I must admit that this series was very good, but i feel that Noe needed Shinichirou more than Hiromi. Because of her loses, and that she suffered more than Hiromi did. So the last episode was disappointing in my point of view.

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