Random Curiosity

Macross Frontier – 03

To prevent the Vajra from hitting the colony ship, Ozma engages it in battle with his VF-25 and gets Mikhail and Luca as backup.

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Special A – 02

“Pride Pro Wrestling”

The S.A class goes over the test results from their recent exam and unsurprisingly find themselves in the same ranking order.

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Nabari no Ou – 02

「雷鳴、来る」 (Raimei, Kitaru)
“Raimei, Arrives”

Shimizu Raimei, our blonde pigtailed “samurai”, finally makes her appearance in this episode.

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Special A – 01

“Hikari / Kei”

The first episode introduces us to the heroine of the series, Hanazono Hikari, who has been trying to beat Takashima Kei in almost anything since their childhood, but has never been able to.

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