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You ever get completely out of your normal sleep cycle because you’ve spent one too many nights up late working? That’s where I’m at right now after having spent the past 3 straight days working on a paper. Ugh. In any case, it’s done and final exams are finally over, so I hopefully I can get quickly caught back up with all the stuff here that I’m behind on (and also return to my normal sleep cycle). On a side note, I found the above image on Danbooru and thought it was way too cute not to include here since I was already talking about sleep.

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Special A – 04

「兄弟・先生」 (Kyoudai / Sensei)
“Siblings / Teacher”

Episode at a Glance:
At the request of Kei’s father, Hikari visits his house so that the two of them can talk about some pro wrestling. At the Takashima house, Hikari is surprised to find out that Kei has a younger brother named Sui, who is just in the process of chasing out his tutor.

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Vampire Knight – 04

Having smelt blood, Kaname rushes from the chairman’s office to the stairwell where Zero and Yuuki are, and he accuses Zero of having been reduced to being a bloodthirsty beat.

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Wagaya no Oinari-sama. – 04

「お稲荷さま。収穫する」 (Oinari-sama. Shuukaku Suru)
“Oinari-sama. Harvests”

Episode at a Glance:
Trying to be more helpful around the house, Kou insists on cooking for everyone; however, her failure to do so in a timely manner leads to a very frustrated and hungry Kuugen.

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Soul wakes up one morning to find Blair on top of him, and unfortunately, Maka walks in right as Blair is smothering him with her chest.

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Nabari no Ou – 04

「任務言渡」 (Ninmu Iiwatashi)
“Mission Orders”

With the sudden arrival of Kotarou and other Fuuma ninjas, Yoite decides to take the kinjutsusho (禁術書) and retreat. In the infirmary, Miharu gets his right eye bandaged by Minami Juuji, who informs him that he won’t have to worry about any scarring, but his eyesight is uncertain for now. As for Thobari…

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In the past, Rolo had assassinated many powerful figures using his Geass power, and when he was given his current role, he had accepted Lelouch as his older brother.

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Kyouran Kazoku Nikki – 03

Yuuka gets roughed up again on the way back from school one afternoon and ends up crying to Ginka when she gets home.

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Kanokon – 04

「脱げなくなっちゃった?」 (Nugenaku Nacchatta?)
“Can’t Take It Off Anymore?”

Episode at a Glance:
In an ongoing competition with Nozomu to win Kouta’s affection, Chizuru goes through a bunch of sealed items and puts on a bunny girl suit, only to find out that she can’t take it off because it’s cursed.

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Da Capo II SS – 04

The morning of the Christmas Party, Yoshiyuki notices Yume pacing around outside his house and wonders what she’s doing.

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Allison & Lillia – 04

「二人のいる世界」 (Futari no Iru Sekai)
“The World with the Two of Them”

After escaping from the Sou Beil military base, Allison and Wil head off to the twin peak mountains in search of the treasure that can stop the war.

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To LOVE-Ru – 04

「宇宙のLOVEエプロン」 (Uchuu no LOVE Epuron)
“The Universe’s Apron of Love”

Episode at a Glance:
In the morning, Rito’s dream about Haruna gets interrupted and he wakes up to find a naked Lala sleeping in his bed again.

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The Tower of Druaga ~the Aegis of Uruk~ – 04

Inside the Tower of Druaga, both Neeba’s group and Jil’s group are up against some spider monsters.

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kurenai – 04

「才物」 (Saibutsu)
“Talented Person”

Leaving his apartment in the middle of the night, Shinkurou goes to the headquarters of the yakuza wakagashira Kunou Tadashi for Ginko’s job.

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Wagaya no Oinari-sama. – 03

「お稲荷さま。登校する」 (Oinari-sama. Toukou Suru)
“Oinari-sama. Attends School”

Episode at a Glance:
Curious about what “school” is, Kuugen decides to pay a visit to Noboru’s school.

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